Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Porcelain Doll

Eric just stares at Elana, so far from the person, she use to be. He sees a shell, empty and cold. No life inside. He just thinks about how he is supposed to fix this. Not knowing, if he even could. She wanted to let go. She wanted out of this life, out of the yearning pain. If she felt anything that he felt, during these four years. He could understand why. She did. He had the same pain. Chocking the life out of him, draining him. He just pushed on. Where she gave up. He knew he couldn’t leave her side.

That he needed her to eat. Most of all he needed her to know, He was here. The pain in his heart just grew each moment. Not even knowing how William could let her become this? How could you let someone you love so much turn into nothing? Eric just couldn’t get over it. Seeing the evil he felt for William all those years ago. Return even stronger now, truly knowing now that what he felt for him was true. He was an evil bastard.

Eric picks her up from the chair outside. He carries her back to bed. Sliding her under the covers. He lays on top of the covers. Holding her tight, keeping her close. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t fall asleep. How she looks floods his mind. Taking over his heart. The site of her would truly frighten anyone. It was like looking at a skeleton. Her perky breasts and round bottom was no longer. He just sat there and wondered how long. Has it been that she hasn’t eaten? Even her long hair is now brittle and dull. Not the long flowing beautiful hair she was always so proud of.

In the morning, he calls Berta over, to give Elena a bath.

“Please make sure she is clean. and please dress her for the day. No more nightwear unless its time for bed. I want her up and ready for the day.“Eric asks.

“Yes, Sir,” Berta responds

. Once Berta is done. Eric enters the room again.

“There is my Elena, Nice and clean and dressed. You look very nice. I am going to brush your hair. Like I did when we were kids. You remember that? You always wanted me to brush it before bed. I would sit in your bed and brush your hair for what seemed like hours. Then you would fall asleep. It sure did get longer.” Eric says.

Taking the brush into his hands and slowly going through her hair. Clumps coming out as he brushes. Eric’s eyes just open wide from fright, but he keeps going on as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Just tears full his eyes.

“I still love the smell of your shampoo. I see you still use the same one.” Eric says.

Just for the sake of talking, and to get his mind off of what he is witnessing, hoping she will hear him.

“We are going downstairs today. It’s breakfast time. “Eric states.

Picking her up again and carrying her to the breakfast table. Edward and William both looking at Eric holding her close to him.

“Eric, do you really think this is a good idea?” William asks.

“SHut up. Yes, I do. It’s better than what you did all this time. You spineless bastard.” Eric grunts

. “Edward if it's ok. After breakfast, I would like to talk to you.” Eric asks.

“Of course. I am here for anything you need.” Edward states.

They eat there breakfast, Elena still not moving or even blinking. William feeling very uncomfortable at the site of her. It makes him lose his appetite. He leaves for work early not even touching his breakfast. Once Breakfast is over, Eric heads into the sitting room. Carrying Elena in there as well, placing her on the sofa.

I am right here Elena. I need to ask Edward something.” Eric says to her. Going over to Edward.

“What do you need Eric?” Edward asks.

“I need help. What will make her snap out of this? She is dying. She needs to eat, she needs to know. I’m here.” Eric says.

“Offer her your blood, It should snap her out of it. Smelling your blood should awaken her. I do have to warn you though. It will awaken everything she feels for you. If she comes on to you strongly, don’t be shocked. Once she drinks from you, her whole body will be awake with feelings. You will feel them also, while she is drinking. It will be the first time, it will be very intense for both of you.“Edward admits.

“She is too weak for any of that now. She needs to heal, to gain weight. I can’ take advantage of her in this state. I feel her bones. When I am carrying her.” Eric says Mumbling cruse words under his breath

.” That is your choice. I am just telling you what to expect. Probably why William told you, to do what you need to.” Edward admits. “He is willing for me to sleep with his wife? What the hell has gotten into him?“Eric asks.

“He is desperate Eric. He knows and saw how she was. It was the end. He could of let her go. No one would have ever known the truth. He wouldn’t have to share her with you. Letting you come here and watch, what happens. But he couldn’t let her die. No matter how it kills him to see this. It would kill him more for her to not to be here at all. He wants her to have a relationship with their daughter. Even with him. To be honest, I think he feels if she gets you out of her system she will go back to him. That it was just a teenage crush, a fantasy in her head. “Edward reveals.

“What do you think?” Eric asks.

“I am not so sure, I know she was fighting within herself. Trying to be the person he wanted her to be. Trying to make this marriage work, at the start. Then her feelings ate away at her, and here we are. I believe her feelings for you are real.“Edward comments.

“If we ever make love. It seals the bond correct?” Eric asks.

“Yes, It makes it that no other will be able to break it. You are soul mates The love bond will be complete. That doesn’t mean, once she is better. He will let her go, Eric, this isn’t a regular relationship. He is Lord William, she is Lady Elena. They have appearances to keep up. Divorce wouldn’t be in the cards. Not to mention you’re a Vampire Hunter.“Edward states.

“So she would never be able to be my wife.” No, I doubt William would ever let that happen.“Edward confesses.

“So be it. ITs only a piece of paper anyway. IF when she is out of this. and still feels the same about me. I will take it from there. ” Eric remarks.

“That is your choice. I wish you both good luck. It would be nice to see her happy for once.“Edward states.

“I hope I can make her happy.” Eric answers.

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