Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Asking.

A few months have gone by Everything went back to normal. Eric and Elena’s marriage is wonderful Just like it was before. The dark side of Elena has stayed under control. Eric making sure of it Keeping her happy in the sex department. Making love to her every night And once a month spending the night in bed wearing her out Just in his own way. Where there wasn’t hurting himself. Without her Dark side, things were gentle and loving. Eric was the one to get rough She was way under control. Eric liked that he could do that He could tame her. They had a regular everyday marriage in everything else. Going to work, eating dinner Spending family time together. Connor was going on two Time was passing by. Elena did as Eric said and stayed away from William. Not even bringing him up in conversation. It was like he didn’t exist. William didn’t go near them either. He stayed away Knowing if Eric was good enough to keep her away from Alexie Things were bad. William just knew sooner or later, the dark side would return. Bringing her back to him. He knew Elena better than she knew herself. They shared a lot during their four-year marriage. Things that normal people don’t.

One day when Eric comes home from work. He sees Elena on the computer Doing some shopping.

“Hey, babe. What are you shopping for?” Eric asks.

“Just some things to send Alexie for her 5th birthday. I can’t believe she is turning five already.” Elena says. In a low tone.

“Yes. Time really did go by. Are you giving them to her in person?” Eric asks. Wondering if she is going to go see her. Or keep her promise.

“No, I am having everything shipped to her. She should get it a few days before her birthday. ” Elena replies.

“That’s nice,” Eric responds.

Seeing a sense of sadness in her Knowing that at least on this day they should be together. Just not wanting her to be around William.

The next day at work, Eric sits there and thinks. Feeling that this isn’t right. There needs to be a way At least for the birthday. Eric picks up the phone to give William a call.

“Hello.” William says.

“I need to speak to you.” Eric says

. “What do you need Its been months I haven’t heard from you and now you call. When you want something.” William hisses.

“It’s not for me. It’s for Alexie. Her birthday is coming up. Would you at least let her come to our house for a few hours to be with her mother?“Eric asks.

“Why should I?” William replies.

“Because its the right thing to do for both of them.” Eric states.

“Elena left her for you. She got what she wanted Now the question is. Are you worth it?” William comments.

“Stop the bullshit. Her staying away has a lot to do with me. I know I am stepping up. Why don’t you for once.“Eric snaps.

“For Alexie. I will.” William says

. “Good. I don’t want you near Elena Just Alexie.“Eric remarks.

“You have a lot of nerve with your demands. You are the one calling me! I will drop Alexie off but I am not leaving. I will sit in the car with the driver. She can stay for three hours Then I take her home.” William replies.

“That’s fine. Its better than nothing. Also, Elena is sending her gifts Make sure she gets them. This is between us. Not Alexie.” Eric says.

“Your the one keeping them away from each other.” William answers.

“Your the one that didn’t let her take her,” Eric replies.

“No, I knew if she did. I wouldn’t see her again. I know her games, Eric. You’re new to them I’m not. Did she turn on you yet? Let you see the real her? The one that can bite your head off, but for some reason you like it?” William laughs.

“You’re a very sick man,” Eric replies.

“You just wait She is sicker than us both. You can hide her all you like. What lives in her will return.” William answers.

“What did you do to her, that she hated you so much? That pushed her to this?” Eric asks.

“That’s something you need to ask our wife,” William replies.

“Whatever. ” Eric says and hangs up.

Eric was never letting on that he did see her dark side. That the one night she did turn on him. Using William against him To get what she wanted. That at least he could control it Keeping the dark away to a degree. Not like William. He was scared about what William said. Knowing that when he said things in the past. It was true. Even though Eric hated him. He knew it The part of her wanting them both. William didn’t lie, he just saw it before Eric did. Eric not really wanting to see it Now he did. He knew her dark side craved both of them. He was just trying to see. How long he could control that. Still wondering very much, what William did to her in the past. Knowing it was more than keeping her held up in that Manor. It was a mixture of things. He made her dark side come out. Which Eric wished never would have happened.

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