Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Alexie

A few days later its Alexie’s birthday. Eric didn’t even tell Elena that he talked to William, Or that Alexie was coming over. He wanted it to be a surprise. He has noticed as Alexie’s birthday was getting closer, Elena got sad and upset. She just tried to hide it from him, Keeping up her goodie-goodie act. Doing her best to be everything he wanted. He knew she was trying. He knew she cared. Their marriage was wonderful Everything he could ask for and more. Just one thing missing for her and that was Alexie.

When it was in the afternoon, Eric goes and sits outside on the porch steps. Waiting for William to drop Alexie off. Not wanting Alexie to see him. He was ok with her spending the day or a few hours with Alexie Just not William. That hasn’t changed. He figured He would gather the little girl and bring her in to surprise Elena. Just as he thought William’s car pulls up to the house. William letting the little girl out Telling her he will be parked across the street. Waiting for her Alexie nods and goes over to Eric Who is still waiting on the steps.

“Happy Birthday Alexie,” Eric says.

“Daddy, I missed you,” Alexie says running up to him and giving him a big hug.

Eric’s heart drops. “I missed you to pumpkin. Your mother will be so happy to see you.” Eric says.

Picking up the little girl. Carrying her inside. Elena is in the kitchen straightening through. The thought of Alexie on her mind all day Wishing she could be with her. Just keeping it to herself. When all of a sudden she sees Eric walk in, Holding the little girl in his arms.

“Alexie!“Elena shouts. Running around the island to Eric to grab the little girl Holding her tight and close to her.

“My baby, How are you? Happy Birthday!” Elena says. A tear rolling down her face.

Eric just watches Knowing she was in pain this whole time, Just keeping it in. Knowing he was the cause of it. Yet she let it happen.

“Hi, Mommy. I’m fine. I get to spend some time with you today for my birthday.” Alexie responds.

“Eric, How?” Elena says looking up at Eric.

“It’s alright William knows and agreed. We have three hours.” Eric replies.

“Thank you,” Elena says kissing his cheek.

“How about we take you out for pizza? Me Daddy and Conner. ” Elena says.

“That sounds good mommy,” Alexie responds.

Elena takes her upstairs and dresses her up, Putting on a pretty pink birthday dress. Fixing her hair and making her a pretty for her day. She gets Conner which she hands to Eric, Then they head out to the nearest Pizza joint. Which is only a few blocks away, They lived in the City. Nothing like where the Manor was In the middle of nowhere. Where Eric and Elena lived everything was within walking distance. ElenaCarried Alexie Not letting her go out of her sight. Giving her all the attention Eric now really seeing How this truly affected her.

They sit down at the table near the window, Ordering two pepperoni pizzas and a pitcher of soda. Elena’s family complete. All she needed was at this one table Even though it was only for a short time. It was something she would treasure. They sit there enjoying there time. Eating laughing and being together. When they are done eating A waitress takes out a cake with five candles on it and wishes Alexie a Happy birthday. They sing her the song, and she blows out the candles. Alexie happier then she has been in months. On the way home, she holds Elena’s hand, with one hand and Eric’s in the other. Eric holding Coner. When they get to the house William is waiting in the car Just watching how they are together. Glad he gave this to his child. Then in another way, Wishing it was him there instead of Eric. Feeling it should be him. That Eric was just being an ass, He knows how things where. Then when it came down to it He couldn’t handle it. He was backing out. William just growled to himself Sitting back down in the car seat Waiting for the time to go.

Once back in the house, Elena puts Conner in his high chair and Takes out some cake mix. Where her Eric and Alexie bake cupcakes for the occasion. Letting Alexie decorate them. Conner having fun with the frosting, Which now he is wearing. They all just laugh at him and resume there own decorating. They have a nice family time. Elena putting some of the cupcakes in a container just for Alexie to take home with her. Now that its time for her to leave.

“I want you to know that mommy loves you. I am always thinking about you. Even when I’m not with you. “Elena says.

“I know mommy,” Alexie replies.

“I love you, Alexie.” Elena states.

“I love you too mommy,” Alexie responds.

Elena picks Alexie up and heads outside The car driver getting out of the car Walking over to Elena to get Alexie. He takes her from Elena bringing her back to the car. Where William opens the door to let her in. Elena just looks at William He stares back at her. They haven’t seen each other in a long while. They Just Nod to each other As The car drives off.

Elena stays on the front porch, Sitting down crying into her sleeves. So no one would see or hear. Her heartbroken Like a piece of it is now missing. She hears the door creak in the back of her So she gathers herself together. Doing her best not to show, how she really feels.

Eric comes out and takes a seat next to her Knowing deep down that hurt.

“Hey, babe. You ok?” Eric asks.

“Yes, I’m Fine. I just thought I would get some air. It’s getting late. I better get Conner ready for bed.

“Elena says. Kissing Eric’s cheek.

Getting up and walking into the house. Eric felt the sleeve of her shirt. soaked. He knew she cried into them He feels terrible.

Elena goes into the house, Getting Conner and taking him upstairs for his bath. Holding him so close to her.

“No one will ever take you away from me. I might not have Alexie, but I will never lose you.”

Elena tells the little boy. She gives him, his bath Then Eric and her put him to bed. Elena still not letting onto anything. No sign that she holds this against Eric Nothing.

They Get ready for bed. Yuki still getting close and snuggling up to him. Eric a bit shocked how in control she was. That the dark Elena wasn’t coming out to protect her Or fight for her. Even though he knew it was for his benefit. He felt down. This wasn’t what he wanted. He was keeping her away from her child, Just because of his own jealousy. Because he couldn’t handle things. He just sat there all night thinking I am more terrible then William now.

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