Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Opps.

A few months go by and Elena visits with Alexie at least once a week. Things staying calm and under control. She does her best not to even see William When she does they keep things natural. Which is strange to Elena. Why he hasn’t come on to her again Or tried to get her in his bed. She feels something isn’t totally right. That he would never just give up like that. Yet she lets it go Keeping the peace.

Eric is happy that things are going smoothly. It wasn’t what he thought was going to happen. He is glad that Elena gets to see Alexie. They have a relationship its a lot better then what was before. Eric’s and Elena’s relationship is still strong. She hasn’t turned dark. Things still normal. They have a great marriage It's what Eric always wanted.

Elena always lets Eric know when she is going to visit Alexie. So he knows where she is and when she is coming home. She starts out early in the morning so she can spend a few hours with her. Before she has to drive home It’s not the most ideal situation but its better than nothing.

One morning Elena leaves to go see Alexie. It’s a regular day like always. She gets there and walks to William’s office Wanting to ask him if maybe Alexie can go to there house once a week To make it twice a week she can see her.

When she gets to the office, she opens the door, To reveal Purebred Sara sitting half-naked on William’s lap. Kissing him with his hands all over her, And his shirt open, pants were undone. Something in Elena snaps.

“Get off my husband.” Elena Growls.

William just looking at Elena and her reaction With a raised eyebrow.

“Excuse me? I was under the impression Eric was your husband of choice.” Sara Responds.

Elena walking over to her. You can get your sorry ass off of my husband. We are not divorced. He is still mine, In every way.” Elena snaps.

“Not in every.“Sara smirks. Pulling up her dress and walking out of William’s office.

“What was that? Since when do you care who I sleep with?” William states.

“I always cared. So that’s why you don’t ask to screw me anymore. You found someone else. Is it fun to play around?” Elena asks.

“You should know. You were the first one to stray.“William says with a smirk.

The dark Elena not finding anything he says amusing Pinning him to his chair. Sitting on his lap.

“Do you think? I am playing with you?” Elena asks.

“No, I know that the dark side of you Doesn’t play. You do have a lot of nerve though. You cheat on me. Marry and have a child with him and you’re mad at me?” William answers.

“You’re still MY husband And you always will be. You’re my William. I will Not share You!” Elena says.

Kissing him passionately Roaming her hands on his chest.

“My darling Elena. I am yours no matter who I sleep with. I find your reaction surprising. You won’t sleep with me. So no one can? Is that how it is?” William gloats

“Yes. Your body is mine. She says kissing him again, Wanting to make love to him there and then. Taking back what she thought she lost. But the normal Elena is pushing through. Trying her best not to betray Eric Even though she wants them both.

She stops kissing him. fighting within Fighting, she falls to the ground and passes out. Not letting the Dark side of her win. Not betraying Eric. The one she loves deeply and dearly. Just now realizing. She still loves William as well.

“Elena, Damn it. You fought it.” William says.

Carrying her to her room, Laying her down on the bed. Sitting next to her. Rubbing her forehead.

“To protect him You did this to yourself. Is he worth it? Don’t fight the feelings you have for me. Come back to me!” William says.

Covering her and leaving her to get some rest knowing that deep down she still cares. Her reaction was something he would have never thought. He would have seen. She couldn’t bear to see him with someone else. Eric might have had a hold on her, But old feelings were coming back. He wasn’t totally out of her heart.

William goes to his office Picking up the phone.“Eric. You need to come to the manor. Elena passed out.“William says.

“I will be there as soon as I can,” Eric replies

Once Eric gets there he goes to the office to see William To see what happened.

“What happened? Is she ok?” Eric asks.

“She walked in on something she didn’t approve of. Things took a turn. She fought her Dark side to protect you And she was out cold before I knew it.” William says.

“What did she walk in on? What did you do now?” Eric barks.

“I was making love to Sara. I have been with her for a few months now. Elena didn’t like the idea, she told me I was hers and only hers. I wanted me and fought it because of you. Do you think you’re doing her any good with this? You’re making her sick. She is fighting her true feelings. Just to protect you.” William snaps.

“If she wasn’t near you, she would be fine. This type of shit only happens when she is around you. You knew this would happen. Its why you let her come here to see Alexie.” Eric barks.

“I am the one with someone else now. She doesn’t like it. I haven’t bothered her for a long time. Think what you will She wants me as much as I want her. Just the regular side of her. Doesn’t want to hurt you. She will be fine for now. There will be a time she won’t be able to fight it though.“William remarks.

“You knew she was coming here. Did you have to flaunt your new woman In front of her? You did it on purpose!” Eric shouts.

“Actually, no I didn’t. I never thought Her reaction would be like that. I haven’t seen that kind of rise out of her in forever.” William admits.

“You’re fucking sick. Do you know that?” Eric says.

“Maybe in your eyes. Your the one that needs to come to terms with this. Not me. I made peace with sharing her with you. It’s your turn.” William says Walking away.

Eric goes up to see Elena, Who is just laying in bed. Finally coming to.

“Eric your here,” Elea says. Putting her arms around him.

“Are you ok?” Eric asks.

“Yes, I’m fine. I don’t know what came over me But I stopped it. I swear. I did nothing.” Elena says now her self and frightened of Eric’s reaction.

“I know He told me. He also told me You found him with Sara.“Eric says.

“Yes, I wasn’t ready for that. It wasn’t something I thought I would ever see. It hurt.” Elena admits.

“I’m sure it wasn’t a good sight,” Eric replies.

“I want to go home Zero. Please Take me home.” Elena says.

Eric picks her up and carries her to the car Driving her home. She holds his hand and stays close to the whole trip. Just thinking of what she felt. How it hurt. Now knowing what it must have felt like for William to watch her with Eric.

Back at the townhouse, Elena is closer to Eric than ever. Just wanting to be with him. He doesn’t know what to think about her reaction. He knows how she once cared for William. That seeing him with someone else probably hurt her. It was natural. He also knew she didn’t go behind his back and hurt him. She kept her word So much that she hurt herself just not to hurt him. He didn’t know how much longer this could go on. If it wasn’t for Alexie. It would be so much easier to stay away from William. It would be easier for any feelings to stay dead and buried. Even William was trying to move on. Or was he? What was the real deal with him and Sara?

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