Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Wanting

After the blowup with Sara William now knew what Sara was really up to. She just wanted to be the Queen, Taking Elena’s place. William was never going to let that happen. He never had any intention of leaving Elena. He didn’t mind spending time with Sara. He had to admit the attention was nice. It was a bit of a change from what he was used to. Then seeing Elena’s reaction to walking in on them Sparked his interest again. Knowing that deep Down Elena still did care. She did want both of them. He was right all along. It was just a matter of time That Eric would get used to the fact Letting things take its course. No matter how long it took. William could wait. He wanted his darling Elena back. She was his Queen, His love, His life. No one could ever take her place.

The fight he had with Sara didn’t stop her from coming around. A few days later she appeared trying to say she was sorry. Working on the good side of William She wasn’t going to stop fighting for what she wanted. She just knew being a bitch to William Wasnt going to help her get what she wanted. She knew Elena didn’t come to the Manor anymore. That Elena was only seeing Alexie on the Saturdays. Doing her best to stay away from William. That gave Sara hope. Figuring that even though she had feelings towards William. Her real true ones Laid with Eric. As much has it discussed her, that a purebred would lay with a hunter. She was glad Eric was around. It would help her cause. She also loved that Eric was so obsessed and possessive of Elean, Not wanting to share her with William. That made it harder for William to have what he wanted. It was right up Sara’s alley. She just had to work on William She wanted him to see that Yuki was never going to go to him the way he wanted her to. That Eric had won.

“William my love. How is your relationship going with Elena?” Sara asks.

“Why are you asking Sara? I think we should keep our private life Just that.“William answers.

“Why do you have to be that way. I want to be close to you. Why can’t you let me in?” Sara asks.

“I already told you I am not looking for that. I have a wife.” William remarks.

“She wants Eric. She isn’t ever going to leave him or hurt him. I can give you everything you want. Be only yours.” Sara admits.

“I think that’s very nice of you But like I already told you. I am not leaving her. I don’t care about Eric. I know, I will have to share her with him. After all this time I have gotten used to it. He will as well.” William states.

“I don’t think the hunter will ever. He isn’t like you Or us. Purebreds are different. We can have anything we want. Anytime we want. Two spouses for us is nature.” Sara replies.

“He loves Elena. To make her happy He is just like me. He will do anything. I really don’t want to discuss this with you. Our time is supposed to be fun. Not talking.“William comments. Grabbing her and making love to her.

It's all William really wanted her for. He couldn’t have Elena at the moment. So he used Sara. Sara knew it. She knew the games, She had played them many times. Just this time she wanted more out of it. Just William was being hard to crack. He didn’t even want to hear anything she had to say about Elena or Eric. He was willing to even stay with Eric. She knew things were bad. William sharing? She knew Elena had a great hold on him. As if this was anyone else He would have killed them. The William she knew would never put up with any of this. It wasn’t his thing either The great lord. King of Kings? Sharing with a level D? With anyone for that matter, would never take place. He would turn them to dust and just take what he wanted. If the person wanted it or not. He didn’t ask questions Just took. Now all of a sudden was willing to do anything. Just to have her. Why her? What was so special about her? It just burned Sara more. The purebred in her unleashing. Knowing she had to take further action. She would get what she wanted. No matter what it took.

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