Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Thinking.

Sara took Elena as a dumb naive young girl. Never knowing about the dark side of Elena. The one that knew how to play games Better than all of them. The one that would kill you in a heartbeat. Sara took it that William was the one to murder the Mayor. Never in her wildest dreams did she suspect Elena. She saw Elena as no threat Which was her first mistake. William never let on about Elena’s dark side. He never really spoke about her at all to Sara. He kept most things from her As he did from Elena. It was just the way he was But with Sara even more so for other reasons. Not to protect her just because he didn’t want her to know his business. He didn’t trust her. He knew she was a bad seed, And now he even knew what she was after. He also had other suspicions that she had a lot to do with Ren being kidnapped. That the Mayor was just being used by her as well. He figured to keep her close to watch her. What better than having her in his bed. He got to watch and play at the same time. William was no better than Elena. He had his own games he would play To use people for what he wanted was no problem for him. He has done it several times. It didn’t matter who he hurt, as long as he got what he wanted.

Its been over six months that Sara has been playing with William Not seeing anything changes. He was stubborn as ever. Even though Elena stayed away from him He still had hopes. Still didn’t let go. Which drove Sara mad. She knew she had to take action. That to get what she wanted. Elena would have to be out of the picture entirely. She just had to figure out how. Not to mention making it look like she had nothing to do with it. Otherwise, William would kill her Not marry her. She had to plan this out. Take her time. Do it right. It wasn’t something she could just whip up fast.

In the meantime, she would spend as much time with William as she could Not bringing Elena up, Or anything that had to do with marriage or being Queen. Letting it seem she was happy being his mistress. Making him have a lot of fun in bed. Making him want her more and more in that department. Knowing that Elena wasn’t giving that to him or much of anything at the moment. She knew Elena being with Eric wasn’t enough to make William leave or forget her. She now saw his obsession and desire for Elena. That nothing would break this. She also saw that even with Elena out of the picture, she still had to deal with Alexie. No one would take her place. Without Sara being married to William Alexie would be the next Queen in line, If anything happened to Elena. The only thing that could break that was if Sara would give him a son. Which was proving to be harder than she thought? As William made sure every time they had sex to wear protection. No matter how hot the situation was, he always managed to have protection on him. Even if she tried out in public. He was always prepared. That also made her know how he felt about Elena Having a child with her. It was something he must have truly wanted Or it would have never taken place. He wasn’t one to just let go because of the mood. It was because it was something planned and wanted.

Sara figured what made Elena so special to have William’s child? She didn’t want him or the child She left Alexie For Eric. She left William for Eric. What the hell did Elena have over William to make him feel this way? This little twit has him wrapped around her finger. Sara thought. My oh My. She must have something I don’t know about. Just what?

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