Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Phone call.

As the time goes on, William misses Elena, even more, Wanting to see her. Knowing that her feelings were there She was just protecting Eric as always. He knew the one thing he could use to get her to the Manor Alexie. For her, Elena would come. He figured he would make it be that she would want to come to the Manor Just hoping it would work.

One day at the townhouse the phone rings.

“Hello,” Elena says.

“Hello, my love.“William replies.

“What can I do for you, William?” Elena response.

“Its been a while since you been back at the Manor. I was thinking that You, Eric and Conner could come for dinner. Spend some time with Alexie. Have a family dinner together.” William states.

“That would be nice. I need to ask Eric first and I will get back to you.” Elena replies.

" Cant you make your own decisions?” William asks.

“Of course But when it comes to you, I have to tread lightly. You are not one of his favorite people.” Elena states.

“Still letting him run your life. I see. This would be for your daughter, yet he comes first. You do know that bothers me, Elena, Very much. I never thought you would give up Alexie for him.“William huffs.

“I love her, but I can never let him go. How he feels means a lot to me. I don’t want to do what you did to me to him. I am trying to make things work. Trying to give him what he wants and needs.” Elena answers.

“At what cost? Losing your child? Losing who you really are inside? How much longer do you think you can contain her. You know in time she will come back. The last time, You showed how you really feel about me. How long can you stop it?” William states.

“As long as I can. I will do anything for him. I will admit that i do still care for you But he holds my heart.” Elena announces.

“I guess, I should be happy with you still caring about me. It will have to do for now. I still don’t see what makes him so damn special to you. I guess you just like to fix broken wings.“William replies.

“I am just as broken as he is. We fix each other.” Elena states. Hanging up the phone.

When Elena gets off the phone, she doesn’t know how Eric will react to going to this dinner. She knows He wasn’t very happy about what took place the last time she was at the Manor. He saw her feelings were reappearing. Which made him, a bit upset. He was hoping they would go away for good Not grow or reappear. Since then though she kept things calm with staying away from Kaname and the Manor. Yet again doing anything to appease Eric. She knew William was right in a way For how long could this go on? She was always fighting her true nature. Always putting her real wants on the back burner to make Eric happy. In a way, it was just like being with William. They both controlled her Just in a different manner. Just Eric had his hooks into her good. Being able to even control the dark side of her at times. Its what kept things peaceful for this long.

When Eric comes home from work Elena is fixing the dinner table. A little scared to even ask.

“Eric your home,” Elena says kissing him on the cheek.

" Yes, babe I'm home. How was your day?“Eric asks. Sitting down to dinner.

“It was interesting. What about yours?” Elena replies.

“It was good. What do you mean interesting?” Eric asks.

“I got a call from William,” Elena responds.

“Oh, Great. What did he want?” Eric asks.

“He wanted us to go over for a family dinner. So we can spend time with Alexie. I told him I had to ask you first.” Elena says eating her dinner.

“Hmm. Is this something you want to do?” Eric asks.

“I wouldn’t mind. It would be nice to all be together for Alexie, But if you don’t want to. Then I will tell him no.” Elena replies.

Eric just sits quietly for a few minutes. Going over it in his mind. Knowing that even though he truly doesn’t want to go. It’s not fair to her, He is hurting her and Alexie. Plus he would be there so it wouldn’t be so bad.

“I guess it should be fine. Tell him we will be there.” Eric comments.

“Really Eric?” Elena answers happily.

“Yes. I know it would mean a lot to you and Alexie. I think we should be able to have a dinner together Without killing each other.” Eric answers.

“Thank you,” Elena replies. Smiling from ear to ear.

Eric knows he made her happy He hated to take her child away from her. He saw in the past how that hurt. Yet to have him, She would sacrifice. It was the one thing he wished he could change.

The next day Elena calls up William

. “Hello, my love. So what is your answer?” William asks.

“We will be there.” Elena comments.

“That’s great. Eric stopped being an ass for a second. I am glad to see it.” William responds.

“Really? Do you have to? I don’t want you to make a scene when we are there. I want this to be a nice dinner.” Elena states.

“It will be. You do know it’s not fair that he is keeping you away from your child. Because of me Or any reason.“William says bluntly.

“Eric isn’t keeping me away. I am. “Elena answers.

“Keep telling yourself that,” William replies.

“We will see you this weekend,” Elena replies. Hanging up the phone.

Elena didn’t want to give into William. She knew it wasn’t fair. She also knew it wasn’t fair for Eric to live this life. That she threw him into this Not even knowing what he was getting himself into. She was so into having him she would have done anything. Now he is paying for it. She knew what she did was wrong. So to try to fix it. She did this. Just in a way it wasn’t fixing anything. Just making this worse for them all. She knew when her dark side would come out. Truly out. No one would be safe. That sooner or later she wouldn’t be able to rail it in. She was doomed no matter which way she went.

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