Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Dinner.

On Saturday they are getting ready to leave Eric holding in how he really feels. The dread of being with William. Also wondering how they would be around each other now. After the encounter with Sara. Eric knew something changed that day. He just kept it to himself since Elena stayed away.

They get into the car for the long drive to the Manor. Taking Zimma with them to take care of Conner To make sure he would be ok. Elena would guard him with her life. She knew Zimma would also. Not to mention being at the Manor was the safest place to be. No one really would dare go there to hurt any of them. Not in William’s presence. They all knew better.

Once at the Manor they are all greeted by Berta who takes there coats and shows them into the dining room. Where the table is set up Everything looking wonderful. Little Alexie running to her mother and Eric For hugs and kisses. Elena just picks up the little girl and holds her close. Giving her a lot of attention.

William coming out of his office and going into the dining room Looking dashing as always.

“Elena my love. It’s so nice to see you.” William says walking over and kissing her cheek.

“Same. Thank you for having us.” Elena replies.

“No problem. How have you been Eric?” William asks.

“I was great, Then you showed up again. Than bad pennies always do.” Eric replies.

“Still the same old Eric I see,” William replies.

“The one and only,” Eric remarks.

They all sit down to a pleasant meal Eric and William doing there best not to piss the other one-off too much. William sees that Elena doesn’t pay too much attention to either of them. She is too busy with Alexie and Conner. Giving her time to them Cutting their food and making sure both of them eat.

When dinner is over Zimma takes the kids upstairs, while the grown-ups have a drink. While they are in the dining room Sara walks in.

“My darling William. I thought I would stop by.“Sara says.

Giving William a long passionate kiss. Elena just glaring at her Eric watching as Elena’s eyes turn different shades of Red.

“I am having a family dinner party. I am a bit busy at the moment.” Wiliam states.

“And you didn’t invite me.“Sara silks sitting on William’s lap rubbing his chest.

Elena sits there quietly. Yet Eric can see something inside her stirring.

“Well, I guess I will be going. I will see you tomorrow night for our date. I hope you’re ready for me William.” Sara says with a gleam in her eye.

Sara walks out of the door. Then Yuki gets out of her chair An air different about her. She isn’t sweet Elena anymore. The dark one is here.

She gets up and walks over to William Taking a seat on his lap. Eric wanted to get up and pull her off but stays still. Elena Grabs William’s Tie, Pulling on it roughly. Almost choking him.

“You are still with that slut?” Elena asks in a cold dark manner.

“Yes, She is my playmate. You seem not to want to play with me. So I found someone that would.“William answers.

“Really? Our little talk the last time didn’t make you get rid of it. You do know how that makes me feel.“Elena answers.

“Why don’t you show me?” William answers with a red gleam in his eyes.

Eric gets up walking over to them Elena just gets up off of William’s lap. Laying her hand on Eric’s Chest.

“William you need to be punished I will not tolerate you with her Or anyone for that matter.“She says then turning to Eric. “And you never better even think about it. I would chop the woman into pieces right in front of you.” Elena hisses.

“What are you going to do with him?” Eric asks.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. You will be there to see it all.” Elena says with an evil grin.

“I want both of you to get upstairs into Eric’s Quarters now! I don’t want to hear a peep out of either of you.“Elena states.

“And if I don’t want to?” Eric states coldly.

“Then I guess you can’t take what I really am. You told me to come to you first. I am here taking you with me. Come to see.”

Elena says taking his hand and taking him upstairs. William in front. Not shocked about any of i. Just looking forward to it Not able to wait to see what his punishment is.

Once in the room, Elena sits Eric gently on the bed.

“You stay here.” She says as she rubs his chest “Now for you. Your punishment is, You get to watch him do everything and anything he wants to me And you can’t touch. You can touch yourself just not me.” Elena says, pushing William into the chair in front of the bed.

Eric’s eyes just widen, Relieved in a way that William can’t touch her Also liking that he is in control. That even the Dark side of her is still protecting his feelings. She walks over to Eric taking off his clothes piece by piece. Looking into his eyes the whole time.

“You can handle this?” Elena asks.

“Yes.“He replies throwing her down on the bed removing her clothes

. Getting on top of her and making William watch as he makes her come undone. Even if the Dark stage She would melt into his hands. It actually is quite hot for Eric. It was like his best revenge. He takes his time, being nice and slow, making her beg for it Right in front of William. Who is sitting there, stroking himself. Yearning to touch her. Knowing she picked the right punishment for him. At the same time knowing she was easing Eric into this. He knew what she was after and it made him even hotter.

When Eric was done making love to her She kisses him passionately Sitting up.

“William get over here.“She says. “I swear you’re the only man, to even jerk off in an uptight manner,” Elena says rolling her eyes.

Zero chuckles to that one.

“What do you mean?” William asks.


She pulls him close to her which makes Eric sit up Wanting to stop her but he holds back. Just watching what she does.

“You still have your tie, jacket, and shirt on. The only thing you did was unzip your pants and used a tissue.“Elena states taking piece by piece of William’s clothes off.

William is so hot he lets her do anything she wants to him. He loved when she was like this.

“Now sit on the bed on this side of me. You still can’t touch me But you can tell Eric what you would like to see him do to me, And he will do it.” Elena says with a grin.

“I would like to watch him make love to you doggy style,” William says plainly.

“Is that ok with you Eric? Can you take me?“She says.

Moving her body over to him Kissing him. Eric isn’t sure about any of this, but the hell he was going to show William that. He was ok with it so far as long as William couldn’t touch. So he agreed.

Turning Elena over on her stomach, sideways on the bed. Where William was on the side of her. Eric slowly enters her and rides her hard. As he did, She would stroke William Making his gasp and pant. As Eric kept pounding into her Being the rough lover the dark side liked. As Eric kept pounding she kept stroking. Till they all climaxed together. Once they all catch there breath she moves closer to Eric. Snuggling up to his warm body As one of her legs is over William’s Trying to keep him in the loop, just knowing to go slow. Not to piss Eric off.

She made Eric in full control of her body. William knew what she was after, he went along with it Kissing her leg as he got up and dressed. To leave to go to his own room Trying to give Eric some personal space. He wanted more of her He just knew she was making Eric adjust. Even letting him witness the sex. So that way he didn’t have to ask what happened. Or wonder. William just hoped it would grow into more. He also loved that Sara had this effect on her. Elena wanted to show that William was still hers. She made that clear by marking him, with her scent. So when Sara would see him again. She would know. The dark Elena played hard. She was one up on you Nothing she did was without reason. Elena managed to do two things at once that night. William was proud.

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