Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Thoughts

Eric takes in everything that Edward just told him, knowing that even if Elena’s feelings get out of control, He needs to control himself. At least till she gains some weight and is back to herself. If this even works. Eric having some doubts. As he looks at Elena. Just sitting where he left her, not moving. She looks like a porcelain doll, just placed on a shelf. He can’t get over, what she has turned into. He also feels even if it does work. It doesn’t mean, she still has feelings for him. Just that she smells blood and the vampire in her wants to feed. He can’t seem to get it into himself. That she really loves him, as much as everyone is saying. It doesn’t seem real to him. None of this does. Some parts seem like a dream as others seem like a nightmare. Not really sure, what he just got himself into.

As he is sitting on the sofa just staring at Elena. Thinking if letting her smell his blood is a good idea or not. William comes down the stairs with his Suitcase.

“Eric I will be leaving for a week. PLease do whatever needed to help Elena. I am sure, you will do your best. It’s why I called you. I know she is in good hands.“William says.

“Yea, You leave me to fix your mess. You really expect me to be able to fix this?” Eric snaps.

“Yes, You will see. I know you’re having doubts. You won’t after a while. It is going to take you a bit to get her back. She is pretty much in the dark. She wanted to let go.“William says.

“I wonder why? Leaving her like a prisoner in her own home. Keeping her away from loved ones. Kept away from anything that had to do with the outside world. What kind of life do you think that is William?” Eric asks.

“I kept her away from anything harmful. She had everything. She wanted in this house. Anything she could ask for. All I asked was she stayed my wife, she did. She could have left at any time If she really wanted to. I never held her back from that. She just never went back on her promises that our families made. That we made to each other.“William states.

“Maybe because you took the letters. That I never got to read. Or make my own decision if I wanted to see her or not. She felt. I gave up on her, and she gave up also. Not to mention you say you kept her away from anything harmful. Her mother and father? “Eric Snaps.

“Maybe, If she was your wife, writing to me. Would you give them to me? Would you let her go? Don’t judge till your there Eric. Seeing her parents only meant seeing you. Remembering you. So Yes they were harmful.” William says walking out the door.

Eric thinks about that. He knows William has a point. He would never be able to watch Elena, just walk out the door. He already did. She already left him. He experienced it already. It almost killed him. He could never take it again. It’s another reason, he didn’t want to believe. She really cared for him like this. It could mean more heartbreak. Even if she really did care. How would they be together?

William wasn’t going to let it be that easy. He never made anything easy. The only reason he was making him stay there and be nice. Is because he needed him. Using him as he did everyone. Just needing him to make her better. So he could steal her away again. But would he? This time might be a little different. He might get a fight this time. Eric not letting Elena go this time so easy. Then he would just stare at Elena again. Saying who am I kidding? She is never going to go back to what she was. She is so broken. How can I fix this?

It was getting late. Eric picked Elena up and carried her to her bedroom. Laying her on the bed. Telling Berta, he was going down for dinner. To please get Elena ready for bed. He would be back up for bed. Now feeling a little more in control. Without William being here. He had more freedom to be himself. Without him watching over him. Even though, he knew. He had others here doing the job. But he wasn’t going to let them stop him.

Eric went down to dinner, sitting at the table with Edward. Ryan working late again in the lab. Mostly doing his own thing. He also liked to eat by himself. Only showing up here and there. Eric enjoyed the home-cooked meals. He took advantage of them. It was something he only got when he used to cook. For the most part, he didn’t have the time. So he figured, while he was staying here, he would make the best of it. Also thinking about what he was going to do about Elena.

“So Eric have you decided if you’re going to give her your blood?” Edward asks.

“I was thinking about it. I guess It’s worth a try. I am not really sure anything is going to work at this point. She is pretty out of it, like she is lost and broken. It’s like no one is in there. It’s just a body. I can’t explain it.“Eric says.

“Neither could we, Its why we told you to see for yourself. You wouldn’t believe us otherwise. No one would have ever expected her to be like this, not how she use to be. She was so Warm, open full of life. Its all gone.“Edward says sadly.

“I just hope some comes back. Even if we get her to at least talk. Then she needs to eat. Not to mention therapy. She will need to learn to walk again. This is going to take time Edward. William is going to let me stay here that long?” Eric asks.

“As long as it takes.” Edward answers.

“If you say so.“He replies.

“Eric if you do this you do know it opens the love bond. Like I told you before. I just want you to know that this bond is strong. It’s not something to take on lightly. It will put you both together forever. Are you sure you want this?” Edward asks.

“Yes, I want to help her any way I can. If what all of you are saying is true, about her feelings. The bond is already there. From when she took my blood. I always loved her so I have no problem bonding with her further.” Eric answers.

“As long as your sure.” Edward replies.

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