Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 130

Chapter 130

After the morning they shared, they both got up. William getting ready for his daily work in his office. Elena going to spend time with Alexie. William was happy and at peace, Hoping this would stay, and grow into even more then it was at the second. Not even caring that he had to share her with Eric. If that is how it had to be, so be it. What they shared this morning made up for everything. He had his love. It’s all that mattered.

When its time for lunch they sit down outside in the garden, Elena bringing out a little picnic, Laying a blanket down on the lawn and sitting down. William following suit. Little Alexie with them. They eat their sandwiches and spend time together as a family. Something they haven’t done in ages.

“Elena this is what I want us to be. I am so glad we can get back here. Maybe in time be better than what we were. Different. No more lies. No more holding the other back.“William states.

“I would like that. You accept me for what I really am. I want to give Alexie a regular family. Both parents that can at least be in the same room together. You do know that this includes Eric?“Elena states.

“But of course. Who could forget him? At this stage, if it means I will have you the way I want you. I accept Eric. He makes you happy. To be honest he tames you. It makes it best for both of us.“William admits.

“He is the only thing that can tame me. That doesn’t mean, I will let him or you walk over me. I will not be locked up by either of you anymore. I am tired of it. Either you both accept what I am, Or I can’t be with you.“Elena hisses.

“Well, you already know that I accept you. Does he?“William asks.

“He has been doing better. He even let the dark side stay. He didn’t say too much about me bringing you into our bed either. So I feel things are growing. ” Elena answers.

“You know as well as I do, Even if he didn’t accept it. Your not letting him go. I know better than that. No matter how tough you’re trying to be. You would give me up faster than you ever give him up.“William comments.

“I hate that you know me so well. There is just something about him. I can’t help it. Its what started all this. I love him no matter what.“Elena confesses.

“I know. So be it. We have gone this far. We are all married, Now we just need to live like we are and be happy with it. Not fight it.“William states.

“You mean it?” Elena asks.

“Yes. You will just have to get Eric to go along with it. I am fine with whatever you do. As long as you include me. So we can spend time like this together as a family. Not only the sex Elena. Yes, I love being that close to you, but that isn’t all I want. I want a family. Me you and Alexie. I always wanted that. Its why I pushed her on you.“William admits.

“I know. It’s just not us anymore. It’s Conner and Eric.” Elena states.

“I know. I don’t mind having family dinners with them as well. We can combine our families. Be one. Like we are supposed to be.“William says.

“We just have to let Eric see it this way. I am sure it will take time, but we will get there. Its been a great afternoon with you, William. Thank you for everything.“Elena answers.

When lunch is over its getting late and Elena needs to head home to get dinner ready for Conner and Eric. Feeling at peace that she and William are now at a place where they can be together without any hate or fights. It was nice. it was a start.

“I will be leaving now William. I have to go home.” Elena says.

“Ok, my love. You be careful. I hope to see you soon?” William asks.

“Yes later in the week. I can come to see you and Alexie?“Elena replies.

“Yes, that will be great. We can do something together. Something nice.“William answers.

“You are getting rid of her tonight right?” Elena says looking deep into his eyes. Hers turning red.

William knowing that the dark one is still there.

“Yes. I promise she will be gone. No more messing around with her.” William responds.

“You better. Don’t let me come here and find her again. It won’t be pretty.” Elena states.

“I am not sure if I like you like this or not.“William says with an evil grin.

“Who are you kidding, You love it.“Elena says with a smile.

Kissing him tenderly on his lips. Making it linger. William’s arms wrap around her, holding her tight. Pushing her body closer to him. Not wanting to let her go.

“I have to go. I will see you later this week.“Elena says.

“I wish you didn’t have to go.“William replies.

“We are getting there. Slow remember?” Elena answers.

“Yes. Be safe.“William says. Watching her get into the car and drive away.

Once back at the townhouse, Elena gets Conner and takes him with her into the kitchen. Starting dinner, Putting him in his highchair. Spending time with him. While she is doing that, Eric comes home from work. Happy to find her there. Knowing she left Kaname to come home. Wondering what took place. Yet trying to keep himself calm.

“Babe your home,” Eric says.

“Of Course. I had to come home to my two favorite men ever.” Elena answers Kissing him on his cheek.

“How was your day?“Eric asks.

“Very nice. I think William sees the light. He knows you’re not going anywhere and how much I do care. He is ok with sharing me with you.“Elena answers.

“Well isn’t that wonderful of him.“Eric says with a huff.

“I meant he realizes that you’re here to stay. He is willing to make it work Eric. I want to be able to see my daughter and live a peaceful existence. Its the only way I will be able to.” Elena admits.

“So that’s the reason you did all that. So you can be near Ai. So you will give up yourself for it?“Eric says.

“She is my daughter Elena. I know for you I would give up anything I had to. Just being with her again. I don’t want to. Unless I truly have to.“Elena answers. ” I want to say thank you for trusting me today. For leaving me there and letting me be myself. For letting the dark side of me stay.“Elena adds.

“You are still here? I didn’t notice. You’re actually acting normal.“Eric hisses.

“Yes, I can control myself. I just don’t let people walk all over me like they do the regular me. Can’t you see that I do love you? I am sorry Eric, but you need to accept me for what I really am. I can’t live bottled up anymore. You both want to control me. Keep me for yourselves. Keep me in your own little worlds. I can’t live like that anymore. Can you handle this?” Elena asks.

“I already told you I can. If your dark side stays like this. I don’t see any harm in it. It’s just when you feel threatened you defend yourself. There isn’t anything wrong with that. I just don’t want you to get beastly. To kill people. To be something your not.“Eric replies.

“I don’t go around killing people Eric. I just am not going to let them walk all over me. Thinking they can. Its not only the dark side it’s the Pureblood side. Can you handle being around William?“Elena says.

“If I have to be. I still don’t want him to touch you down there. That still belongs to me. I can be just as jealous as you are.“Eric admits.

“Oh, I know. Its what I love about you. I will keep that promise to you. I have and I will.“Elena answers

. “So he hasn’t done that with you?” Eric asks. Dinner is over and standing in the kitchen now.

“No. I told you I would mark him. I did, but we didn’t have intercourse. There are other ways to mark him.“Elena states.

Washing the dishes. Eric standing on the side of her drying them. Grabbing her arm, and pulling her close to him.

“How can I know if you’re telling me the truth?” Eric asks.

“Well not by scent, since I was with him in other ways. It will be all over me. The only way to know is to drink from me. You can see for yourself, but do you really want to? Can You handle seeing what I did to him? What he did to me?” Elena asks.

“As long as he didn’t enter you. I can. I need to know if I can trust you around him. I know it will be sexual, just not that way. There will be boundaries.” Eric states.

“Ok, That’s a start. Bite me then.“Elena says pulling her body even closer to him.

Eric does as she asks. Sinking his teeth into her neck. Without even licking or kissing. He just wants to know what took place. He reads her Memories. Seeing that they had oral Sex but when William wanted the other. She told him no. He sees that she wouldn’t do it only to save Eric the hurt. That even in dark form. She listened to him.

He lets go. Relieved that she didn’t have intercourse with him, but the other didn’t seem to make him feel good either. He found her doing that with him, a bit disgusting.

“Do you now believe me?” Elena asks.

“Yes. I saw everything. You marked him with your scent and his bed. You made sure that Sara would smell you all over him. There wasn’t a piece you left free. I am sure he enjoyed that.“Eric barks.

“I kept my word. There isn’t any other way I thought I could mark him by. Do you want the same treatment? Is that what you’re so jealous about?“Elena says with a smirk.

“You really are something else aren’t you? My Elena would never do that to him, Or even say those things.“Eric answers.

“So are you saying you can’t accept this one?“Elena asks moving ever so close to him.

Eric’s possive Vampire side showing its ugly head.

“The hell with William. Your mind Damn it! I can make you feel better than that. The bond is with me. There isn’t anyone that the sex could be better with. Only us.“Eric says pushing her up against the counter.

His hands roaming her body. “I never said that it did. I just said I had to have you both. You are the one I do prefer. In pretty much every way. I just feel you can’t handle me this way. You still see me as the girl you grew up with.” Elena comments.

Egging Eric on.

“Oh really? I can handle your beast mode in bed.“Eric says ripping off her blouse and tearing off her skirt. Leaving her in her underwear.

Conner peacefully sleeping in his playpen.

“What are you going to do with me, Eric?” Elena asks in a sexy voice.

“I am going to show you that William can’t hold a candle to what I can do to you.”

Turning her body around and pushing it over the Island in the kitchen. ripping off her panties. Undoing his belt and sliding his member roughly into her. Making her scream out his name. His dark side was out, wanting to prove that William had nothing on him. That he could handle this no matter what he saw he was almost as bad as she was. She turned him into a beast when it came to this. He took her roughly over the island slamming himself into her hard. Making her top half lay down on the island taking in every push into her. Moving her body up against him to meet his thrusts. Not scared of him at all. He slides out of her turning her over so she is now facing him and slides back into her. Her legs now go around his waist and she holds herself up. Putting her arms around his neck. Kissing him passion city as he moves in and out of her. They keep going till they both explode. Clasping onto of the sofa, Elena still in his lap. Catching there breath they both sit there. Elena kissing him.

“You know you don’t really have to prove to me anything. You are what I crave. What I want. It’s just nice having the both of you.“Elena admits.

“William always told me. Its what you were after. I just tried to pretend it wasn’t happening. Its been two years, that we have been married. I guess now William gets his wish.“Eric says still out of breath.

“This can go smoothly. We can be happy. We can be a family. It’s what being married to both of you meant.” Elenaremarks.

“It will take some time to get used to Elena. You know its not really my thing. I just know its what I signed up for. If its what you really want. I can’t stop you. I just don’t see how if you really truly loved and want me. You can sleep with him.“Eric replies.

“Your seeing it from the point of view of a human, not a vampire. He isn’t going to let me go Eric. He will only hold her over my head. If I give in to it. We can be happy. I can have her as well.“Elena admits.

“So this isn’t really about being with him or sex, is it? It’s about being able to have Alexie Without any conflict?” Eric asks.

“Yes. It’s about trying to make things work. To give in so I can have both my children. I just need you to understand and not hate me.” Elena says with a tear rolling down her face.

“Well damn it. Why didn’t you tell me that from the start? Instead of making me feel you wanted to screw him so badly?” Eric grunts.

“Because I don’t need you to go to him and make things worse. I don’t want you to mess it up.“Elena answers.

“I have hurt you enough by not letting you go to her. I will do it so you can have her. Even though I hate the idea of it. I hate you with him. He won, just so you can have Alexie. He knew he would. He used her the only thing he had left! Damn bastard!“Eric shouts.

“There are worse things. We can make this work. I just need you to stay calm.“Elena replies.

“And I need you, to be honest with me from now on. No more games. You did that to see how far I would go. To get the jealousy going. You like it when I rough you up!” Eric growls.

“Yes, I will admit I do. I promise no more lies. If I had a choice. It would be only you. In every way.” Elena says.

Eric just looks at her, Feeling a sadness. That she gave in just so things could run smoothly. He would shut up and go along with it. She promised it wouldn’t be intercourse. That thing could be happy. He would see how it would go. He hated that William won. That he had her over a barrel. Then maybe this could work out for the best. It was what he signed up for. At least he wouldn’t have to dread when it was going to happen. It was over. It already happened. Now just to see what it turns into. He now knew she really did want him only him. She just was doing it for Alexie.

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