Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 131

Chapter 131 The Talk

That same night William was at his desk, waiting for Sara to come over. Knowing that she wasn’t going to like, what was going to take place. He really didn’t care. He was still high off of today. Being with Elena, Loving that she finally was giving in to be married to both of them. He waited a long time for this. It was well worth it. He just hoped that Eric wouldn’t stand in the way again. Knowing that deep down Eric hated every part of this. So did he. He just knew it was the only way he could have her. He had to share. There was no getting rid of Eric. He faced it and gave in to it. Now it was just up to Eric to do the same.

Later that night Sara comes waltzing in, Going straight to William’s Office. Knowing damn well that is where he stays most of the time. Happy with what she said the last time she was here. Trying to shove their relationship in Elena’s face. Wanting Elena to set William free and move on with Eric. Hoping if she saw that William was still with her. It would take place, which it did the total opposite.

Sara walks into William’s office not even knocking.

“My darling. I am here for our date. “Sara says walking over to William’s chair and sitting on his lap. Taking in the scent all over him.

“What did you do? Why is her scent all over you? William! What is this?” Sara adds in a dark tone.

“I am sorry Sara but I and Elena have made up. We are going to try to work on our marriage. I do want to thank you though. Your little tirade the other night at dinner proved to help me out.“William says with a grin.

“You bastard! How could you? You know I care and want to be with you. Why are you going back to her? She wants Eric, not you!“Sara barks.

“That may be true but you do know. Vampires don’t like the share. It pushed her moreover to my side. I got what I wanted.“William gloats.

“So is this the only reason you were with me? To get her Jealous?“Sara asks.

“No, really. I didn’t even think this was going to happen. It just seemed to work out in my favor. Look we both know you were only after being Queen. You knew from the start I was never leaving her. I am not sure what you are so mad about.“William answers.

“How could you. I could do so much better for you. In every way. Yet you want her. I just don’t understand you. She is nothing that I am. I will never let this be.” Sara shouts.

“Its already happened. You can see your self out. You know where the door is.“William states.

“You think this is over? Like Hell it is! I will get my revenge, William. I will not go out like this. “Sara screams.

“You need to calm down and leave. Whatever we had is over. Please go.“William says. Shooing her out of his office towards the door.

Sara beside herself. Tears rolling down her face. Not because she loved William, Because she was defeated. She was loosing to Elena. She just couldn’t take or see it. This wasn’t something she would just let go of. She would get revenge on William. Taking the one thing he loved most. Elena. She was trying to see if she could make her move with Eric. Instead, it only pushed Elena more towards William. So Elena would have to go, Just to prove a point to William. Sara now knowing that in the end. William would never let anyone else ever be a queen. It was Elena or no one else. He was stubborn and wouldn’t give her up, Not even after all she had done to him. Sara couldn’t get over how William just let her walk all over him. Marrying Eric and having his Child. Moving out and trying her best to forget him. No matter what Elena did. William forgave, Where she knew that wasn’t William’s normal behavior. He was a bastard. That would kill anyone for any reason. Yet Elena tamed him. This couldn’t be. Sara wanted the dark side of William to be revealed to everyone. Showing what a truly evil bastard he really is.

“You haven’t seen the last of me, William. I promise you. I will return and make your life miserable!” Sara shouts at him.

“That’s nice.“William says coldly as he shuts the door on her. Walking back into his office. Sitting down and taking a drink.

“Damn women.“He says taking a drink.

“At least Elena will be around more. Good things have come from this mess. I will have to watch Sara though. I know what she said isn’t empty threats.“William says to himself.

Taking another sip of wine. Feeling relieved that, that is finally over. Feeling now he can move on back with Elena and the life he really wanted. Just knowing that Sara was dangerous. It was the real reason he got involved with her from the start. Was to watch over her. Knowing she was after something. Now just knowing what it was. He knew she wouldn’t go down without a fight. She wasn’t the type. He just didn’t know what she would plan. She couldn’t get Ai or Ren this time. They were both protected. Kaname made sure they both had people watching them. That was the best. He never wanted anything like what happened to Conner in the past. To happen again. So if you couldn’t go after the kids. It was only them you could go after.

William knew that Sara wasn’t going after him or Eric. She had no use for Eric at all. What would be the point? Unless she just wanted to hurt Elena. That sure wouldn’t be getting back at William. As he didn’t really care what happened to him. You would be doing him a great favor. So he knew that wouldn’t take place. She would go after Elena to hurt him. He wasn’t that scared of that either in a way. He knew Elena’s dark side was evil. Sara would have a fight on her hands. He knew he would have to warn Elea. Just to make sure nothing bad would really take place.

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