Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 132

Chapter 132

Later in the week, Elena goes to the manor to see Alexie and William. William waiting for her arrival, Knowing he will have to tell her about Sara. Not wanting to do anything that will rock the boat.

William opens the door to let Elena in. “My Love, I have been waiting for you.” William states.

“I see that. Did you get rid of her William?” Elena asks. Walking into the door.

" Yes, I have. I do have to talk to you about that though. Come to my office.” William asks.

“Ok. What seems to be the problem.“Elena comments.

“I told her we were over. She wasn’t very happy. Like I told you before. She wanted to be Queen. She is one to watch Elena. It is the only reason I was with her at all. I believe she was behind Conner’s kidnapping. She hired the Mayor.“William remarks.

“And you just tell me this now? “Elena answers.

“Since we are starting over, I want to be honest with you. No lies. I am not sure, what else she is planning but you need to be careful. She is capable of anything. She is very strong. Very ruthless. She will do anything to get what she wants.” William replies.

“She isn’t the only one. She doesn’t know about my dark half does she?“Elena asks.

“No. I kept that to myself. She only sees you as the naive little girl that I married. Which might just help us in away. I don’t think she will come after the kids or even me and Eric. It would be you, She would want. She wants what you have. She wants to be you.” William reveals.

“Well, how nice I have a fan. You don’t have to worry about me, William. The dark half is still here, I am not leaving. Eric is dealing with it very well. I am just trying to merge both sides. So it's peaceful for all, But I am here to defend myself.“Elena responds.

“Don’t merge yet. Stay as you are. If she attacks you will need all the strength you have. The Mayor was nothing to take out. She won't be as easy.“William states.

“Don’t worry about me I will be fine. I am here to see our daughter. I want to spend some time with her William. You started this shit with Sara and now I will have to be the one to end it. Granted she had this so-called plan the whole while. That didn’t mean you had to egg it on. By sleeping with her. Elena responds.

“True but I was watching her. Plus having some fun. I didn’t know it was going to bother you. I thought I would have a playmate. You have yours. We all know how you feel about Eric. Even Sara did. Its why she thought you wouldn’t have been a problem. That you would of let go of me without any hesitation.” William confesses.

“Yes, that would have been the easy way out. Then why give her what is rightfully mine? I was meant to be Queen. I have suffered a lot I deserve the title. Not to mention she forget we have a child together. Even if I forget you I can’t forget her. She didn’t think she would come here and play mommy to my daughter did she?“Elena says with a growl.

“I am not sure what all her intentions were. I do know she was trying to conceive. I just never gave her the chance.“William comments.

“Good! If she would have given you a son, it would have over righted Ai as the princess. I am your true wife and I intend on staying that. I am not very happy with you at the moment William. I know I had my fun with Eric. Just this is very untidy. If she winds up dead. The new Mayor will wonder why? We are not supposed to kill other purebreds. That goes for her trying to kill me as well.“Elena comments.

“I know I have some proof of her being the one to want Conner gone. So that will help with also her wanting to take your place. I Am sure if anything happens to her. We can let the New Mayor see it our way. You know I am always on your side. I do worry about you. I don’t want her to do anything to you.” William says.

“We will always have someone after us, William. They want our power, Money, and blood. Its the way the world is. We just have to make sure. That in the end, we win. It's another reason we need to stick together We have too much to lose if we don’t. Even if we want other bedmates. We know in the end we can’t leave each other.“Elena admits.

“I am glad you are seeing it that way. You’re coming around, To keep our family safe we will have to stick together. That even does include Eric. In a way, you picked someone that is a great ally to us. He is powerful in his own right. He can always be very helpful. He will never go against you and always do his best to protect you. It is the only reason I let you have what you wanted.“William states.

“The only reason you let me have what I wanted was because you knew otherwise. You would never get any part of me. You knew I rather die than live without him. That he holds my heart in his hands. You knew if you didn’t give it into me. You would lose me. not mention all that you have done to me. You owed me. “Elena snaps back.

“You will never let me forget that, will you? William asks.

“No, Never. There are some things you can never forget. Never let go of. You only gave it into me because you had to. Before that, you were a real evil bastard.” Elena says Coldly.

“We are working through this. The last time I saw you we have come along way. I don’t want to mess that up.” William says.

“We are fine. I will handle the matter of Sara if I need to. Just keep Eric safe and my children.” Elena comments.

“I promise I will.” William answers. Kissing her on her head.

They both leave his office and go to get Alexie. They have a nice Lunch for the whole three of them. Making Alexie go on the swings. Playing and being with her all afternoon. Elena holding strong Not showing any weakness or sign of being scared. She knew she would have to watch out. She hated Sara more now than before. Not because she was with William. Because she had Conner taken away. That just made her want her to attack. Just so she could fight her It really wasn't about jealousy. She just knew if she gave the title up she had nothing. William would take Alexie away. Sara being her new mother. Elena couldn't have that. There would be another in the way of her seeing your child. Someone in control of William’s thoughts. Elena couldn't have that If anyone would sway William it would be her. In the direction she wanted. She went through too much to give up that right. Even to give him up. He was hers. It would stay that way.

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