Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Take me Away

A bit later Elena leaves the manor, Still thinking about all that William told her about Sara. Sara had a lot of nerve trying to take Elena’s place. It was rightfully hers.′ She worked hard and put up with a lot of bullshit to get here. She suffered for years and now her dark side fighting its way out. Aside from her she really didn’t want it. She wanted to be all that Eric wanted and needed. Yet, after everything, William did to her, and all she went through, her dark side was there in full force. It wasn’t going anywhere. She just did her best to tame it around Eric. In the end, he was her main desire. Just knowing for many reasons she couldn’t let go of William either. She was stuck with him. And poor Eric would have to deal with it. That hurt her. She didn’t want to do anything against Eric. She really loved him. She just knew that she had no choice. William would have to be in their lives forever. There was too much holding them together.

After she left the manor, she goes on to do some earns. Knowing that Conner was with Zimma and safe. That was the only part of this that was good. She knew he was in great hands. That nothing would touch him. She figured while she was out and about she would get some things done. Also leaving a message for Eric.

“Hey, I know your busy at work. I hate to bother you so I left a message. I have a lot to talk to you about. Sara is probably going to go after me. She isn’t very happy with what Wiliam has done to her. Picking me over her. I will tell you more when you get home. I love you, Eric. I want you to remember that. No matter what happens. You have my heart and always will. ”

After she hangs up the phone she walks into the supermarket, shopping away for dinner tonight. Not really thinking anything more about Sara. Just doing her normal everyday thing. She picks everything up, going up to the counter and paying. Then walking out into the parking lot to her car Opening the trunk Putting the bags in.

As she is putting in the last bag of food, she senses someone behind her. She knows who it is. Just pretending not to know the person is there. She figures she has the naive little girl thing on her side. She was going to use it. She closes the trunk to someone putting their hands over her mouth.

“Come with me and keep your mouth closed. Nobody else has to get hurt.” A male voice says. ”

Elena does as she is told. Her hands in her pockets, she hits the phone and it retails Eric So he now can hear everything that is going on.

“Get into the car.” The male voice demands.

Pushing her into the back seat. Driving off with her

. “What do you want with me?” Elena asks.

“My lady wants you. That’s is all you need to know.” The man says.

“Your lady? Do you know who I am?” Elena asks.

“Yea, your lord William’s Queen.” The man answers.

“So you do know what is going to happen to you?” Elena says with a smirt.

" I wouldn’t worry about me. You’re the one here in a lot of trouble.” The man responds.

They drive up to a large castle. The man holding Elena at gunpoint. Pushing her into the doorway.

“Well, Well. Lookie who we have here. The dear Queen who was so damn stubborn She wouldn’t give William up. Is he worth it?” Sara snaps.

“Not really but I still wasn’t handing him over to you.” Elena answers.

“Well, your not that naive are you?” Sara smirks.

“What do you want with me? I can’t help that he got tired of you. And came back to the true Queen.” Elena answers.

“Arent you something else. You have a little spunk in you. I like that.“Sara replies. “Take her to her room,” Sara yells at her male servant.

He then grabs Elena’s arm taking her upstairs to her room. Which is very well put together. Everything very fancy and rich. Just like William’s taste. The room is done up in burgundy. A large queen size canopy bed with lots of pillows. No windows, so Elena couldn’t escape. Elena looks all around seeing there was no way out of this room but the door. Yet that didn’t scare her. She wasn’t going to run away. She was going to see what this bitch was made of.

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