Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Message

Later in the evening Sara goes and gets Elena taking her downstairs into the dining room. Sitting her down at the table.

“We shall have dinner together.“Sara states.

“Do you want to feed me or kill me?” Elena asks.

“I want to play with you first. I need to have some fun first. Make dear William squirm that his Queen is missing. Not to mention your pretty little hunter. We all know how you truly feel about him. How will he take it that his love is gone? Missing. Far away from him. William still stuck with Eric as his husband after your demise. Talk about revenge!“Sara says laughing.

“So you really thought all this out huh? You do know that you will have to really kill me to get your revenge. And even though you do. You will never be Queen.“Elena states.

“Of course. Killing you will not be a problem. A weak native twit like you. That would be too easy. Its why I want to play with your first. I also know your daughter is next in line. I could take her out next. It would be fun to watch how torn William would be, With the loss of both of you.“Sara states.

Elena doing everything to keep herself seated at the table. “You were the one who kidnapped my son?” Elena asks.

“Why yes. I didn’t kidnap him myself. I had the mayor hire people to do it. William left him in pieces. I knew he would. So The mayor got the shit for it. I got free. No one ever knew it was me. Yet you knew?” Sara states.

“Of course. Why did you think William dated you? Not for your looks? Or your sex? He knew you were bad news and just wanted to keep your close.” Elena says with a grin.

“You sure are a bitch. I can see why William is so integrated with you. You are not at all what I thought you would be. ” Sara responds.

“Never judge a book by its cover. You do know if you do anything to me. William will kill you without a second thought. You know how he is. Yet your still trying to do this?” Elena comments.

“I am just as strong as he is. Plus I can always use your daughter as a weapon. That should stop him from coming after me.” Sara states.

“You don’t really know the real William, do you? Nothing stops him when he really wants something. He will use and do anything to get what he wants.” Elena remarks.

“We shall see. Either way, with the loss of you, he will be devastated. Its all I need.” Sara responds.

Back at the association, Eric has been in meetings all day. Finally getting back to his office. Sitting down and taking a look at his messages. Seeing the first one that Elena sent him. The one that Sara was after her.

” That damn William, Always starting shit. He just couldn’t leave us out of it.” Eric says to himself.

Then listening to the next one with the male voice telling Elena to get into the car. Eric knows something is wrong. He calls the house and Zimma lets him know that Elena hasn’t been there. He then calls William.

“Yea what do you need Eric?” William asks.

“You son of a bitch. Your stupidity has gotten Elena in danger!” Eric growls.

“What the hell are you talking about.” William answers.

“I got a message here about Sara and then a second one. I believe Sara took her. I called the house she hasn’t been there. It's been hours since she called me.” Eric grunts.

“When she called where was she?” William asks.

“At the supermarket. She was getting dinner.“Eric replies.

“Ok, let’s go there to see if the car is still there or if anything is out of sorts. I will meet you there. I will use my familiar so it takes me no time.” William answers.

“Yeah whatever.“Eric remarks.

Eric gets into his car trying to call Elena, But it only goes to voicemail. No one picks up. He doesn’t leave a message in case she is really taken. His nerves on high. Just hoping that Elena is ok. He gets to the Supermarket. It’s around 8 at night. He sees her car parked there. William gets there at the same time. They both walk up to the car.

“The trunk is still open slightly.“William says.

“Yes, the food is in there. She must have gotten taken while putting the food away.“Eric snaps.

“Taken? Hmm, It doesn’t look like she put up a fight. She went willingly. You do know she could have turned whoever took her to dust in an instant. She is playing with Sara.“William comments.

“Damn it. Its the dark side thinking she could take this on. Damn you, William. You’re going to get her killed.” Eric growls.

“You don’t really know our wife, do you? She isn’t the girl you think she is. Sara thinks she is in control. She doesn’t know what Elena really is. Just like you don’t. That is her first mistake. Never underestimate your opponent. It’s your first mistake. Just like I thought you would go away. That she would get tired of you. Yet, your still here.” William responds.

“Fuck you, William. I want her back and safe.“Eric responds with eyes glowing red.

“We will. Let’s just play Sara’s game. don’t let on about what Elena really is. I am sure Sara will call me to let me know she has something precious to me. Its why she took her in the first place. She wants to get me back for dumping her.“William states.

“So she suffers because your an asshole?” Eric remarks.

“Yes. Just like when she was being a bitch. I had to suffer with you. It works both ways. Now, you’re just in the middle of it. Sara knows how she feels about you. So keep your damn self-calm. And don’t screw this up.” William barks.

“You have a lot of fucking nerve. You know that?” Eric says.

“Look I want her back safe just like you. We were doing well. She is getting closer to me. I do love her. More than you could ever image Eric. It’s just something always gets in the way when we get closer to each other. ” William states.

“Maybe it’s trying to tell you. you’re not meant to be. Back the fuck off. You’re just hard-headed and don’t listen.” Eric hisses.

“You always blame me. I put up with a lot. You never seem to realize this.“William states.

“Is this before or after you kept her hostage in her room. Hiding her away from the world. Just so you could get what you wanted?” Eric asks.

“I wasn’t hiding her away from the world. I was hiding her away from you!“William barks.

“Well your finally honest.“Eric answers.

“This isn’t going to get us anywhere. I need to get back to the manor. I need to talk to Edward and Victoira. So we can get it started to find and bring her home.“William comments.

“Fine. I am coming with you. I will call Zimma. I will tell her to go to the manor. That way we are all together. It’s harder to go after any of us that way.“Eric remarks.

“Sounds good. I will meet you there.” William replies

William takes flight using his Bat familiar. Hoping deep down that Elena could really handle this. That it wouldn’t break her. That the dark side of her would take control. If she didn’t. Sara would win. Elena would need her dark side more now than ever.

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