Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Revenge

William gets back to the Manor Going straight to Edward. Ordering him to get a hold of VIctoira that it was urgent.

“Edward I need you to get a hold of Victoria. I need her to find out where Sara’s castle is. She has taken Elena.“William admits.

” My Lord, You knew she would try something like this. She hung around you for months trying to be whatever you wanted. To get what she wanted. You know how she plays.“Edward answers.

“Yes. I know. I don’t know what I was thinking. I just know now i have to get Elena back. I think she can handle it but only if she is still in dark mode. IF she is herself she will never make it. Sara is too strong.” William states.

“Even in dark mode. Sara is far older than Elena. Far stronger. She has been a purebred many years never fighting her true self. Where Elena has. She is always hiding because of Eric. Sara never hid. She doesn’t care who sees her. Which makes her stronger.“Edward replies.

“I know, but I have seen the dark side of Elena in action. It can get pretty dark. It will help her. Eric won't be there, to keep her tame. To hold it in. That should help. I hope.“William comments.

“This is a big mess, William. Even if Elena comes home. How do we explain the death of Sara? She is a purebred. Not to mention Sara is a master at potions and poisons. She can turn Elena into anything she wanted. Possie her.“Edward reveals.

“I know how bad she is. She wants to hurt me. She knows the only way is through Elena. She will use it. Play with it. I believe we have some lead way. She won't want to kill her off the bat. She will want to play with her and me. Which will give us some time. Elena was smart enough to send a message to Eric making him no. What took place. So we found out fast. That is in our favor.“William states.

“I will get ahold of Victoria now. I am sure if anyone could find them It's her.“Edward responds.

Edward leaves the office going to contact Victoria. As he does Eric enters the manor. Walking right by him going straight to William’s office.

’So did you find out anything?” Eric snaps.

“Not yet. I have Edward on it. I am sure he will find her. Elena was smart to leave the message to you. That way we didn’t wonder where she was for long. She can take care of herself, Eric.“William states

. “I sure hope so. Nothing better happen to her or I will kill you. There will be nothing left to stop me, William.” Eric remarks

. “If that keeps you going. Great. I have no time for it. We will get her back. What would ever keep her away from her lovely Hunter?” William snaps.

“At least she loves me willingly! Not having to be pressured into it. Pushed. Trapped like with you!“Eric hisses.

“She is trapped only because she wants to be. Her games are just as bad as Sara's. You still haven’t seen our wife for who she really is.“William replies.

“You just want to see her in a bad way. You want to see her like yourself. That’s not her! She is loving caring and a good person.“Eric barks.

“That may be so but that’s not all she is. Dark, Malipiutave, Jealous, Playing us against each other. That’s her as well.“William admits.

“And I wonder who taught her all this? She was never this at home before you took her here. Held her here. Whatever she does to you. You Deserve and more!” Eric says.

“I guess in a way that is true. That may also come in handy now. When she will truly need it.“William responds.

While they are both in the office talking the phone rings.

“My darling William. I just wanted to let you know that your precious Elena is visiting me.” Sara states.

“Why would she want to visit you?” William asks.

“Because we have so much in common. I see why now you like her so much. She is so filled with spunk. It would be a sin for anything to happen to her.“Sara answers.

“Let me speak to her.“William says.

“Of Course,” Sara replies.

Throwing Elena towards the phone. Telling her to pick it up. “Watch your response. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to your sweet hunter!” Sara barks.

“My love are you ok?” William asks.

“Yes. I am fine. I will be home in a few days. You don’t need to worry. I have this under control. Tell Eric not to worry.“Elena says.

“He is right here you can tell him yourself,” William says.

Eric swiping the phone out of William’s Hand. “Babe are you ok? Where are you?” Eric asks.

“I am fine my love. There are lots of pretty trees and flowers here. I just love it. I have to go. Please tell the kids I love them. As I do you, Eric.” Elena answers.

“Aw, I take it that, this is her Hunter. I didn’t hear her tell dear William she loved him. I like her already. Ta ta.” Sara says Hanging up the phone.

Eric throwing it across the room. “God damn it. She is somewhere with trees and a lot of flowers. She was trying to give me a hint. She was so damn calm.“Eric states.

“Of course. The dark one is there. That is good.” William states.

William goes looking on his map trying to see where there would be a lot of Trees and Flowers.

Back at the castle, Sara is sitting down for tea time with Elena.

“I see your hunter is worried about you. I think even more so than William. You know we can work together instead of me killing you?” Sara suggests.

“What do you mean?” Elena answers.

“You can just give him a divorce. Set him free. We both know you don’t really want him.“Sara states.

“And let you play mommy to my daughter? William would never let me have her. It’s his revenge on me, for wanting Eric.” Elena answers.

“I would have no say over your child. Just it would give you the freedom to go as you please. No more under William.“Sara comments.

“Also no more of his protection. I wouldn’t be married to him neither would Eric. Which would leave us to even more trouble? Being not married to William doesn’t change the fact that I am a purebred married to a hunter. Or that my son is a half hunter.“Elena answers.

“Well, you’re not as dumb as I thought. You didn’t fall for that. I have to say. I thought for sure you would have. That you would have been so happy to get rid of him. You would have agreed. William never said how you really are. I guess I am finding out more and more. Its a shame to lose such a smart purebred like you. I am sure you would have turned into a great one in time.” Sara remarks.

“I had to weigh all my options. Do you think if I didn’t need William I would still be with him? It’s not only for my daughter. There are plenty of reasons I haven’t let go. As he didn’t me. Not to mention I am the true Queen even if I am not married to him. My title remains the same. I was born a one.” Elena states.

“Yes, and you will die one. You never really did much with your title anyway. William always ran the show. Everyone just knew he married the queen and they had a child. Then he took on the Hunter. Everyone also knows that’s because of you. There is no way he would marry him otherwise. That’s why no one will really care that you’re gone. I will be doing everyone a great service.“Sara answers.

“You sure are sure of yourself.“Elena says.

“Yes, why wouldn’t I be. You think you’re the first I have killed?“Sara answers.

“No, but I may be your last.“Elena replies with a smirk.

“If your thinking that your hunter will come after me or that William will revenge you. Good luck with them trying. They would have to find me first. I have no intention of sticking around.“Sara answers.

Elena just sits there saying nothing Knowing that she didn’t mean either William or Eric. If anyone would take Sara down. It would be her. She had no intention of going out like this. To her. For this dumb of a reason. She survived more than this. Being locked up all those years. Alone, Sad hurt. With her emotions eating away at her. This was nothing. She let Sara think she was in control. Keeping her calm, just planning her way out.

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