Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 136

Chapter 136

Back at the manor, William tells Edward about what Elena told Eric. About the trees and flowers.

“Great, that’s a good hint. She is being very smart with letting you two know things. It surprises me that Sara is letting her be able to.“Edward says.

“She doesn’t know what Elena truly is. She is taking her for granted. Which is on her side.“William states.

“That’s a great thing. Do you think she will turn full Dark?“Edward asks.

Eric just looking at both men Thinking to himself.

“Full dark? What the hell is full dark?” Eric says.

“Elena went full dark when she killed the mayor. She did things to him, that someone else would have gotten sick even trying to do. Where she had fun with it. Got turned on by it. She was in her glory. If She turns that way on Sara. She won't have a chance. Elena will do to her things she won't see coming. To be honest there were things she did to the Mayor. I didn’t see coming.” Wiliam responds.

“At this moment I hope she does go dark. I want her to come out of this not harmed. So if it means she is dark fine. I am sure i can control her again once she is home.” Eric answers.

“You insist on controlling her. Not letting her be her true self. For how long are you going to do this Eric?” William asks.

“You have the guts to ask that. After everything you have done?” Eric responds.

“I never kept her from being herself. I let her be the darkest side of herself. The only thing I did was try to keep her away from you. For good reason. When she went dark I embraced it. You don’t. You want to hide it. You are just as bad as me. ” William states.

“We will see what happens when she comes home. For now, our main goal is getting her back. We need to find where she is. Be able to go there and get her. Just in case she can't handle this. In case the dark side doesn’t help her.“Eric answers

“We will find out where Sara is. You two are going to have to stick together on this.“Edward says.

“We will. Just if she sees you, Eric, you cant try to control her there. Or tame her. She needs to be who she is.” William states

.“I will not get in the way of it. Edward let Victoria know what took place now. And what Elena said. That will help her find her.” Eric answers.

Edward nods walking out the door.

“I know you blame me for this Eric. I understand that. I just have a feeling Sara would have did this either way. She loves to play games. I was nowhere near her when she had your son kidnapped.” William states.

“She was in on that and you didn’t tell us? What the fuck is wrong with you. Still keeping your damn secrets. Always your chess pieces. Didn’t you think we had a right to know this before?” Eric barks.

“Look I had my suspicions but I wasn’t sure till a little awhile ago. I did tell Elena. I guess she didn’t get to tell you. I did help get your son back. We knew that the mayor was in on it. He just wasn’t the mastermind.“William hisses.

“We thought by being married to you. We would be safe. It's not safer, to be honest, it's worse. What the hell are you protecting!” Eric shouts.

“Do you think this job is easy? I have my own enemies and I just made a ton more by letting you into my home. Into my life. Marrying my wife. There is so much one person can do. There is always someone after us. No matter what. YOu just made it worse. She insisted she had to have you and your son. Now she has you and all that comes along with it.“William barks.

“You just can't get over that she loves and wants me. She wants to let you go. Yet she can't because you hold Alexie over her head.“Eric answers.

“She still has feelings. They are coming back little by little. It’s not all because of Alexie. Think what you will. It’s more than that.“William replies.

“Why can’t you just let her go! Let her free!” Eric hisses.

“Would you? Could you? The life you built just throw away? She was mine first. If it wasn’t for you. We would have been happy. She used to look at me adoringly. She wanted me. She loved me. Then you. All she could see was you. Miss you. What the hell makes you so special!” William replies.

“I don’t treat her like you do. I am honest with her. We share something special.“Eric admits.

“Yea two broken souls. She just wants to heal you. Fix you. Make you better. So I have to suffer!“William howls.

“Your just jealous. I am here to stay. So get over it!” Eric snaps.

“I know. I have dealt with that for a long time ago. It’s you that needs to come to terms with it. You’re the one fighting it. Making this even more unsettled then it needs to be. We can be happy. Both get what we want. You just have to be stubborn. It’s not that you don’t want to share her. ITs that you don’t want to share her with me!” William states.

“Just like you don’t me. ” Eric answers.

“This is not doing either of us any good. We just need to get her back. Then we will handle the rest. Without her, there is nothing else. And hell if I will be stuck married to you without her.” William responds.

“Oh shit. I never thought about that. Stuck with you? Fuck that.“Eric replies.

“I’m going to see if Victoria found anything out. I just can’t sit here fighting with you. “William says. Walking out of the office.

Eric just standing there not really knowing what to think. He wanted his Elena back. He wanted a normal life. All of this was just crazy to him. He just hoped that they would get her back safely and unharmed. That if anything else Kaname would come through for this. If not William was right. There was nothing left for either of them.

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