Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Don’t judge a book.

“It is a shame that we can’t work together though. I really did want to let you go willingly at the beginning. I thought you would of went off into the sunset with your hunter.“Sara states.

“How nice of you. You didn’t think? I wouldn’t mind you coming in and taking my life?” Elena answers.

“No. I know you don’t really want him. If you did you wouldn’t be with the hunter. I am not sure why you really don’t want him though.“Sara replies.

“William and I have a few issues. We have been working pass them. Trying to make our relationship work again. For the sake of our child.” Elena answers.

“You do know that he really wanted that child with you. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be here. He isn’t a man you could trick with that.“Sara admits.

“No, he just tricked me instead.“Elena blurts out.

" Oh, I see. So he was using it to hold you. Well, Well. Looky there. Big bad William really would do anything to keep you. I see why it's so hard to get rid of him now. Because he just won’t let go. I saw that a bit before with the hunter. Him allowing you to marry him. He is obsessed with you for some reason.“Sara confesses.

“We go way back. There was a time I was obsessed with him as well. He was my knight in shining armor. I saw him I saw a god. He was perfect in every way. I just happened to love someone else as well.“Elena comments.

“William could get anything he ever wanted. Yet he couldn’t get the woman he truly wants to love him and only him. You are the best revenge all in yourself. I bet seeing you with the hunter kills him. Eats away at him. How you truly feel about a Level D. HAHAHA.“Sara laughs.

“You find great pleasure in someone else’s pain I see.“Elena states.

“Of course. But mainly his. I have tried for centuries to get him to be with me. You don’t think I just started now, do you? He always just used me. There was always a reason why. He couldn’t be with me. This time it was just you. But him being so in love with you. To take you away from him. Will kill him. It’s just what I been waiting for all these years.“Sara admits.

“Why do all this? You couldn’t just move on and get your man? How desperate are you?” Elena asks.

“You have a lot of nerve. You know that?“Sara hisses.

“I want to make something very clear to you Sara. When I said I would be your last. I wasn’t meaning that William or eric would take you out. I meant I would.“Elena says. Eyes glowing a deep red.

“You keep thinking that. You little native twit.“Sara growls.

“Did I get under your skin? Also for your knowledge, William didn’t take out the Mayor. He just watched as I did.“Elena remarks

. “Yeah right you? That much gore, from you? It’s so nice that you’re trying to make yourself look tuff for my sake.“Sara laughs.

“Laugh now because you won’t be laughing soon. You may think whatever you like about me. I am not the native twit you think I am. I have come along way from that. I have lived with William. Learning from him, being tortured by him. Do you think being his Queen is so special? Locked away from all that you know. Controlling every move you make?“Elena shouts.

“I see this is going to get interesting. He isn’t obsessed with me. So it wouldn’t be that way.“Sara answers.

“I guess not. But now you will never know. You underestimated me from the moment you met me. You should know from being around for so long. That is a no-no.“Elena states coldly. Her body and manner changing. The dark one taking hold.

“Why would I be scared of you? No one has even ever heard of you. They only know you as William’s Wife. Otherwise, you’re a nobody.“Sara answers.

“Why would I want to get in the middle of his shit? He takes care of it just fine. I wanted to live a normal life. Away from him and all this bullshit. But no. The fucker wouldn’t let me go. He dug into me. Pulling me back. Making me have to stay. And now making me have to deal with you.“Elena says Standing up out of the dining chair

.“Arent you getting brazen?“Sara laughs.

“I am glad you think I am funny. You were so damn dumb you never even checked my purse did you?” Elena asks.

“No why? What would I find in there? A baby bottle? diapers?“Sara says with a grin and an evil laugh.

“No, an anti-vampire gun. You seem to forget my husband is a hunter. I have access to his weapons.“Elena says as she pulls out a small gun, Eric gave her.

“You bitch! You bring that into my home!“Sara shouts.

“But of course. You didn’t think I didn’t know what you were up to? That I was just going to sit there while you killed me? You should be smarter than that.“Elena answers.

“You can hold that? Without any problems. How!?“Sara screams.

“I held and learned them before when I lived with Eric when I was young. My parnets were always around Hunters. So now it seems I still can. You didn’t see that coming, did you? Elena says. Shooting Sara in the arm.

" HOW could you. YOu missed my heart, you dumb bitch. “Sara hisses.

“I didn’t miss. I just wanted to wound you. As you call it. Play with you. You didn’t think I was going to just shoot you? did you? I want to have some fun with you as well.“Elena says.

As they both get into a rumble. Tearing at each other. Bruises all over both, blood dripping, gashes open. Elena with her powers tearing furniture apart throwing the pieces at Sara. Slicing through her body. Making her even weaker. With the bullet in her shoulder, she wouldn’t heal so fast. It was what Elena was after. To help her. Knowing that Sara was stronger. This would take her down some.

“You took my son away from me. Wanting to use him for experiments. I will never forgive you for that. Elena Shouts. Throwing a sharp piece of glass at one of Sara’s eyes.

“OUCH!” Sara screams in pain. Holding her left eye. BLood running down her face.

“Do you believe me now that I killed the mayor? I now have to find a pretty way for you to die as well.“Elena hissings. Bleeding from her own bruises.

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