Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 138

Chapter 136 it's my Life.

Elena stands there punching Sara in the face breaking her jaw. Letting her face look beaten and battered. She then pulls out her ribs One by one. As Sara fights back trying to pull Elena away. Pulling at her hair. Ripping Elena’s hair out from the roots. Yet Elena doesn’t stop. She holds one of Sara’s ribs in her hand.

“Now what should I do with this one?“Elena grins with an evil laugh.

“You are worse than William.“Sara states.

“Yes, that may be true. It takes one to know one. I can’t let you take over my life. You picked on the wrong person.“Elena States. As she gets the rib bone and slams it through Sara’s heart.

“I may not get to be the queen, but hell if I will let William get what he wants.“Sara yells as she gets up and throws a potion at Elena

. “May all he has done be revealed,” Sara says while she throws the potion at Elena.

Elena not thinking anything of it. Just that Sara is crazy. As Elena is standing there bleeding and beaten. Her hair and clothes in shambles. William and Eric burst into the castle. William going up to her putting his arms around her.

“My love. Are you ok?” William asks.

“Yes. I’m fine.” She replies. Seeing Eric and running to him, Into his arms.

“Babe. What did she do to you? Are you ok?” Eric asks as he looks at her broken and beaten.

" I will be fine now.“Elena replies holding onto Eric for dear life.

“Eric take her home. Victoria and I will clean up here. Get Elena medical help.“William states.

Eric picks up Elena carrying her to the car Relieved that she is alive. She just kisses him as he puts her down into the car. Driving her back to the castle.

“How did you find me?” Elena asks.

“Victoria did, with the help of your details. She knew right away. Your hints were very helpful.“Eric states.

“I was hoping they would be,” Elena says taking a deep breath.

“You defeated her? That took a lot, Elena.” Eric says.

“I did what I had to for my family. I couldn’t let her win.” Elena answers.

Once back at the manor Eric carries Elena up to there quarters Laying her on the bed. Seeing her pretty banged in. Looking her over waiting for the dark side to come out. But noticing she isn’t dark. She is normal. She is weak and tired.

“Take my blood. It will help you heal.“Eric says. “Elena looking into his blue eyes. Putting her arms around his neck. Lightly biting into his soft white flesh Differently than before. So tenderly. Without any pain.

Once she has drunk enough Eric goes to remove her torn ragged clothes. Elena looking up at him with a blush on her cheeks. “Eric please don’t look.“Elena says.

“Babe, I have seen you naked tons of times. It’s nothing.“Eric responds.

Seeing a different side to her. This wasn’t the dark side that had no fears. No cares. It as more like the girl he knew at home before William got to her. The Good Girl Elena he loved. He brings a towel from the bathroom to her. Wrapping her up in it. Letting her still wear her bra and panties. Going along with whatever this was. Just feeling she had been through a lot. Not knowing the full extent. Not wanting to hurt her.

He carries her to a warm bath, filled with lavender bath salts.

“I won’t look. You get in and tell me when I can open my eyes. Ok?” Eric says.

“Ok.“She replies.

Taking off the towel. Then her bra and panties. Than Taking a seat in the warm tub water.

“That feels so good. You Can look now.” Elena replies.

“Elenayou have a lot of wounds. She really hurt you.“Eric answers.

“Yes, but I won. I am at home. I missed you so much, Eric. I never want to be away from you again.” Elena replies.

“Same here. I was so worried about you. I am so glad you’re ok.“Eric comments.

Washing Elena up. He washes her hair and body. Going slow. Trying not to hurt her. Knowing she is very weak still.

After her bath, he carries her back to there bed. Where he dries her off. Handing her underwear and nightie. He turns around so she can slide each of them on.

“Eric you’re coming to bed too? Please stay.“Elena says in a soft voice.

“Of course. I’m not leaving you. “Eric responds.

Getting into bed right alongside of her. Holding her tight. Elena moves her body over to his. Yet differently again. Her head goes on his chest. Her arms around his waist and her bottom half just on the side of him. Not over him or on him like normal. Eric knows something is wrong. Not in a bad way just really different. Where is the hot sexy Elena? The one that her whole body would be on top of his? ALl over his? Is she just weaK? Tired? Or is it more?

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