Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 reawakened

Dinner is over and Eric heads upstairs to Elena’s room, walking in and finding her sitting in bed, where Berta placed her. Wearing a White long nightie, with a little bow tie at the top. Covering most of her body. It’s so big, It swims on her. You can’t even tell, where she is in it. Eric walks over to her, sitting on the bed next to her. Looking into her eyes, he takes her hand.

“Elena when I needed you. You were there for me. You fought for me. I want to do the same for you. I want to bring you back. I am not sure if, this is going to work or not, but I am willing to give it a try. I am willing to try anything to bring you back to me. I just hope what they say about your feelings for me are true."

He pulls himself closer to her. Her eyes staring straight. Her body limp, just lying there. Eric gets his fingernail and makes a scratch in his neck. Letting the blood leak down his neck. Putting his Finger filled with blood on Elena’s lips, smearing it on, running it under her nose.

At first, nothing seems to change. Elena is still just sitting there, like a sack of potatoes, nothing moving. Eric feeling that this isn’t going to work. She doesn’t know the scent of his blood. She never drank from him before. How could she crave something, she never had before? Yet, he gets closer and puts another finger of blood in her mouth. Letting the blood hit her tongue. He sees Elena’s eyes flutter, her Fingers start to move. Her eyes opening and closing. He does it again. This time Elena’s hand touches his. Licking his finger dry. Her eyes looking deeply into his. Her fangs extend and her eyes go crimson. The Desire was written all over her. He finally sees. She does crave his blood.

“That’s it. Come back to me. You’re hungry, I see it. Take all you need. Just like you let me.” Eric says.

Offering his neck to her. Her eyes flare open and she pulls his body close. Licking up all the blood, that is dripping down his soft pale neck. Lapping up every last drip. Then she starts kissing his neck and his wound. Sucking his neck, but not biting. Just sucking. Making little purple burses on his neck. Taking in his scent. Eric sees the desire not only for blood but for him. He also knows, she needs to eat. Even though the feelings she is giving him, is incredible. He feels his body start to rise. He just curbs his true feelings.

“Elena focus, you need to eat. Please take more blood."

His hands running up and down her back tenderly. She holds him close and sinks her teeth into his flesh. Sucking and biting. Taking all she can get, her body rubbing up close against his. Taking in his blood and his warmth. Her arms around him holding him tight. Not really wanting to let him go. In any way. This was her deep dark desire.

When she is done. She lets go of his neck, licking and sealing the wounds. Laying her head on his shoulder, her arms Still around him tightly. Not believing what just happened was real. Still thinking to herself that this is all in her head. She this as the end and seeing what she wanted so badly. Figuring finally she could just float off into another world. Letting go of this one.

“I am here Elena. I will take care of you. Anything, you need. I want you to get better. I can’t see you like this.“Eric says.

Elena looks up at his sweet face. In a small low tender voice, she says. “Am I dreaming? Did I die?

Eric looks at her with sorrow in his blue eyes. “No, It’s not a dream Elena. I am here. You’re not dead. I won’t let you die. Just like you helped me turn. You gave me blood.” Eric says.

She just keeps staring at him, like its a dream. Holding him ever so tight, as if, she would let go. He would disappear again. Eric knows. She is in shock. He just lays there beside her. Holding her, looking at her, looking at him. She touches his face, tenderly. Putting her frail hand through his greyish-silver hair. She gives out small moans. When she rubs his head an neck taking deep breathes. Gathering up his scent, still in disbelief.

“IF this is a dream, I can die peacefully now. I am ready. I got to see you. I got what I wanted.“Elena says.

A sharp pain goes through him. “Well, I’m not! You’re not dying. Get that shit out of your head. Do you think I came here to watch you die? To be around that snobbish ass you call a husband?“Eric snaps. Being his normal self.

He lifts her up, to let her sit on his lap. Unbuttoning his shirt, letting her see his birthmark. Deeply engraved into his skin on his shoulder. The Hunters mark. A heart with a stake going through it.

“Look, Elena. It’s me. I am real. I am right in front of you. I am not leaving you. It’s not a dream.” Eric states.

Her hand goes up to touch his mark, rubbing her finger across every detail of it. Like it was etched in her mind. She lays her head down on his chest, her legs around his torso. Her heat pressing into his. She rubs herself up against him, as she places her arms around him, holding him ever so close to her. Her small skinny finger still running across his hunter’s mark.

Eric tries his best not to think where her lower body is. As she moves, it presses harder into his. Giving him all kinds of sensations. Her soft finger going across his Mark gives him the shivers. He knows this isn’t the time for that. Not to even think about it. She is in no condition for that, It would be taken advantage of a broken woman. He closes his eyes, holding her close. Taking in her scent.

Telling her she needs some rest. Tomorrow will be a big day. He has lots of plans for her. Not breaking any connection that they have. Thinking to himself the feelings he had when she left are still there. He couldn’t deny his feelings. Even though its been four years and she left him to be with another man. He still loved this woman lying in his arms. Maybe even more than he did before. He falls asleep and so does she.

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