Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Shaken.

“William, may I speak to you?“Edward asks.

“Of course. What do you need?” William replies.

“Victoira cleaned up everything as best as she could. Even getting rid of the ashes. The room is still pretty torn up. But we have thrown out most of everything to make it look like a fight didn’t take place there. So, for now, she will just be missing. You did get the gun?“Edward asks.

“Yes, I got it and gave it back to Eric. I gave him the casing also. We didn’t need anyone finding that there at Sara’s Castle. It would make it look like the hunters went after her. It would only bring more pain to this family. I am married to one now. I can’t have that happening. Not to mention our agreement with the hunters. I don’t need them involved in this.“William states.

“I still can’t believe she took the gun with her. Did she have this planned all the while?” Edward says.

” I am not sure. She just was aware of it because I told her. I knew Sara would try something. So I guess that made her be on the lookout. She knew with the gun it would take Sara down but she didn’t shoot her in the head or heart. She just wounded her. So she could have played with her. You saw the body before she turned to dust. That wasn’t a pretty sight. She stabbed her in the eye. Took out her ribs. Impaled her with her own rib through her heart. They say I am cruel. She is even better. I just turn you to dust.“William replies.

“How is she doing?” Edward asks.

“I am not sure, to be honest. She won’t let go of Eric’s coattails. Not to mention she is worried I will hurt him again. I am not sure if Sara said something or the event triggered flashbacks.“William responds.

“Is she dark?“Edward asks.

“She isn’t acting dark. She didn’t come home wanting both of us in bed and her normal dark. It just doesn’t go away like that though. She probably is controlling it. So it doesn’t Scare Eric. You know how she is trying to hide herself from him.” William admits.

“I am glad she is ok. I hope things go back to normal. What are we going to say if anyone asks? Edward responds.

“That we were all here, having family time. No one mentions anything. There is nothing to prove Elena did this. So let’s just leave it at that. Maybe they will think she just left. She has done that in the past.” William comments.

“True but everyone also knows of your long past with her. How she wanted you. How you played her. It could come back to haunt you. My lord.“Edward announces.

“I can always say that I didn’t want her this time. I am married. So she ran away. It’s not that far fetched.“William answers.

“True,” Edward responds.

Eric stays in his quarters for a few hours letting Elena get some more sleep. When its dinner time. He gets her up, Helping her dress to go down to the dining room.

“Are you sure you are up for this Elena?“Eric asks.

“Yes. I should be fine. Plus the kids are there. They need to see I am ok.“Elena answers.

“You’re still a little wobbly. So please hold on to me. I don’t want you falling.“Eric responds.

Elena just smiles as they walk down the stairs to the dining room. Eric helping her to her seat.

“My love you look great tonight. I am so glad you came to dinner.“William says. Kissing her cheek.

“Thank you. I wanted to see the children. I missed them.“Elena says.

“Of course,” William responds.

They all sit down to dinner. Elena not paying much attention to William at all. Giving the children a lot of attention and of course Eric. Who she watches just like when he first got here. Even getting nervous if he walked out of the room. William notices this and wonders what is wrong. He just keeps his thoughts to himself.

When dinner is over Elena and Eric tuck the kids into bed. Elena sitting a little bit with each child. Telling them that she loves them. Once they fall asleep Elena heads back to there own quarters. Making sure Eric is behind her.

“Elena are you ok?“Eric asks.

“Yes. I just want you by my side.“Elena answers.

They walk into there own bedroom getting ready for bed. Elena cuddling up to Eric. Holding extremely tight, like when he first woke her up from her depression. He sees sparks of that returning. Not knowing why. The only difference is she isn’t trying to have sex with him or being rough. She is calmer and loving. The Elena he knew and fell in love with from back at home. The one he knew she was deep inside. He saw this fear in her return. She was following him around again with her eyes when he would move. Follow him when he would leave a room to see where he went. If she slept she wanted him right there next to her. He hasn’t seen this panic in a long time. He hoped he would never see it again. He wonders if Sara told her William would do something to him. To make her feel this way? He knew deep down if William wanted to take him out he already would have. He just needed her to know that as well.

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