Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 141

Chapter 141 reliving.

The next morning Elena is laying in Eric’s arms just watching him rest. Holding him close to her. This fear in her heart. Reliving things in her mind. Somethings she didn’t even remember. She would have dreams of her throat parched. Burning and needing blood. Blood would fill her dreams. Making her panic and full of fear.

“Elena are you ok?“Eric asks.

“Yes.“She replies.

“Your pale and full of sweat. Are you sure your ok?“Eric asks again.

“I’m fine,” Elena responds

. Lightly placing her hand on his chest. Moving closer to him. Yet still intimidated. Which normally isn’t her. Eric kisses her on her lips. She gives out a light moan. Kissing him back. He pushes her body up close against his. Placing her down onto the bed and he towers above her. Her hands staying at his chest. Her lips on his. Lovingly tender. She lightly puts her hands around his neck. Enjoying their kissing. He sees a big difference in her. She isn’t in control. She isn’t ripping his clothes off and jumping on him. She is slow and letting him do whatever he wants. Even seeming a little shy and new at this. Which they both knew she wasn’t. Eric goes to take off her nightie. Her hands go for her breast covering them up.

“Elena there is no need for that. I have seen your body. You should know by now that I love it. Every part of it.” Eric states

. “I know. I am still a bit wounded. I don’t want you to see me like this.” Elena says

. A rosy red on her cheeks

“I love you any way you are.“Eric replies.

Lightly taking her hands away. Kissing down her neck to her breast. Elena just lets him do whatever he needs to. Wanting him like she always does. Just letting him be in full control. Eric sees even in this mood she still wants him. She just isn’t as forward. He likes it. It’s like being with her for the first time. The way it should have been. Eric even thinks this is what William must have gotten the first time he had her. The sweet innocent Elena. Not what William now turned her into. Eric enjoyed the rest of the lovemaking. Going slow and gentle. HIm being the one to take both their clothes off. To touch her everywhere. Him making love to her as she just enjoyed his touches, kisses, and licks.

When they were done, It was even different. She was satisfied. There wasn’t going after him again wanting more. She just laid on top of him kissing his chest. Closing her eyes. Trying to catch her breath.

“Did you enjoy that?” Eric asks.

“Yes very much. I love being close to you Eric.” Elena answers.

“Was it enough?” Eric says.

“More than. You are a great lover. You make me very happy. You always did.” Elena comments.

" I am glad about that. I love being with you also. It’s all I ever wanted.” Eric responds kissing her lips and holding her tight.

This was the Elena he always wanted. Finally laying in his arms. The one he had loved from a young age. His heart was at peace.

The next morning they get up Elena feeling a little better but still not herself. Still, having visions and hurting. Just not telling Eric. Not wanting him to worry. Eric goes to call the association to see if they had any word or heard anything that happened to Sara. While Elena goes to see William.

“There is my girl. How is she feeling?“William asks.

“Ok. I am trying to get myself back.“Elena answers

. “Where is the dark one? I know she is there. You’re just trying to hide her in front of Eric aren’t you?” William states.

Elena’s eyes glow red.

" Aww, there she is,” William adds.

“Fuck off William. Don’t you start anything with him? He wants the sweet girl he once had. I will give it back to him. I will give him anything he wants! I owe him at least that.” Elena shouts.

“Well, Well, You learned to merge them didn’t you? You finally did, didn’t you?” William comments.

“Yes. I merged them. I will only need to be a bitch when I have to be. I learned to curb my sexual desire. I don’t need to have him over and over again. I finally can handle that side of me.“Elena replies

. “I didn’t think you had it in you. To control the beast. So he really can tame you. I will be damned.” William answers.

“He could always tame me. I love him with all my heart.“Elena howls.

“Yea I know. You keep saying. What happened to us? We were growing?” William asks.

“Then I had to clean up your mess. Do you think that was fair? If it wasn’t for you that bitch wouldn’t have been a problem. She even took my son.“Elena snaps.

“If it wasn’t her it would have been someone else. You know how things are here.” William hisses.

Something takes control over Elena. Her eyes glow red and her throat burns.

“You, made me suffer Because I wanted him and needed him. You locked me away. You knew I needed his blood that was going crazy with pain from it. I would bite myself to keep it under control because your blood wasn’t enough. Yet you wouldn’t give me what I needed. You took him away so I needed you and only you. You bastard!” Elena screams.

“You remember?“William asks with shock.

“Yes, I have dreams about it. How bad I felt. How I yearned for him and you wouldn’t let me go. You made me suffer more. You tortured me because I didn’t want you the same. You couldn’t handle how I really felt. What I really wanted.” Elena says as she falls to the ground reliving the pain.

Holding on to her throat, burning in deep throbbing pain. Passing out right in front of William.

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