Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Remembering,

William looks at Elena’s body laying on the floor next to his feet. He picks her up. Calling Eric to his office.

“Eric” William shouts.

“What. What happened? What did you do to her?” Eric hisses.

“Nothing. She is having flashbacks. Please take her to your quarters to rest.“William says. Trying not to shake his composer.

“I leave her with you for a few minutes and this takes place. You bastard.” Eric snaps taking her into his own arms and up to his quarters.

“Elena wakes up,” Eric says holding her close.

Elena stirring in his arms Holding her neck, her eyes are red, her face pale and sweaty. Eric knowing that look. Having it many times before when he needed her blood. He knew it was bloodlust just not sure why she was having it. She just drank from him a few days ago. Not asking he just offers his neck. Which Elena sits on his lap and takes all she needs. Eric feeling everything she is. Watching the flashback of the true events that took place years ago. How full of pain Elena was. Now seeing some of what William put her though. He got to see it for himself.

“He kept you away from me. He let you suffer like that? How can you make someone you love, suffer that badly? What the hell is wrong with him?” Eric snaps

. “He wanted me to want him and only him. He wouldn’t give me anything to help, so I would be so in need. I would drink from him and it would be enough. But it never was. He wasn’t you.“Elena states.

“How did you take care of it?” Eric asks

. “Ryan saw how much pain I was in. When I would bite myself he couldn’t handle it. He would give me blood tablets behind William’s back. Trying to help me. It worked a little I just had to try to control myself. Its where the dark side came. She helped me She controlled me. It just seemed to come out in sex instead of bloodlust. I was doomed either way.” Elena says.

“What did he do to my sweet Elena. That Bastard. Are you feeling a little better now?” Eric asks.

“A little. I need you, Eric. I always will. “Elena replies.

“I am not going anywhere. So please don’t worry about that. Just lay down and get some rest.“Eric says.

Edward goes into William’s Office knowing something is wrong.

“My Lord, what was that?” Edward asks.

“She is remembering. More and more. You do know if, she remembers everything. She will hate me again. Maybe even more than before.“William states.

“If this is true you know Sara had a hand in it. Is there any way we can stop it?” Edward asks.

“No. It has to run its course. Sara is dead. There is no way to find the antidote now anyway. She did this to get back at me. She wanted to hurt me. She got me in the end. Just differently.“William responds.

“Elena is stronger then we all thought she was, William. She is holding back her dark half. Just to make him happy and have what he wants. She will do anything for him. If you hurt him in any way. She will never forgive you. She might even kill you.“Edward comments.

“I already knew that. ITs, why I didn't, take him out. I have no intention of it. I was ok with sharing. Making this awkward situation work. Just to have her But if she remembers everything that may never happen. I may lose her for good.“William answers.

“Eric will get what he wanted in the end. Without even trying.“Edward comments.

“Yes, and she will get what she wanted. Him.” William says.

“She still can’t divorce you. That’s not in her interest.“Edward responds.

“Maybe not but she will just go with him and not see me as she did before,” William remarks.

“You do still have Alexie. You can use her.“Edward replies.

“To a degree. For him, she was even willing to give her up. Remember he has a strong bond on her. Their bonds run strong and fierce. She would die for him. There isn’t much we can do. If I would kill him, it is just as you said. She would kill me. Or kill herself. I wouldn’t win anyway.“William states.

“What do we do my lord?” Edward replies.

“We just wait and see what happens. It’s really the only thing we can do now.” William answers.

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