Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Falling

Elena lays in Eric’s arms trying to calm her needs. Even though she just got blood from Eric, Something is wrong. Her head is spinning and her throat still burns Deep within. Like she hasn’t eaten in months. Years Even. She keeps it to herself not letting on. How far this is really going within her. Not wanting to worry Eric Not even sure, What is taking place herself. She just holds him close. Trying to take in his scent. Which normally always calms her. It makes her feel whole. Just at the moment, it's like it was years ago. It’s like he isn’t there. She just knows this cant be. It confuses her why or even how this is happening to her. She hasn’t felt this since Eric returned to her. What is going on?

Eric just lays there thinking of all the suffering Elena went through. Now seeing it through her. Feeling it. He just can’t believe that even William went that far. How he starved her, just so she would need him and only him. Then thinking even though he did all that. It didn’t work. She still wanted him. William didn’t win. It just pushed her closer to Eric. Closer to needing him and only him. He holds her close noticing something is off. That her body is tense. Which it normally never is in his arms. He tries to comfort her and hold her. Lightly falling asleep. Dead tired from all the latest events taking place. Tried from all the stress and worriment.

In the middle of the night, he wakes to Elena not in bed with him. A panic arises in his chest.

“Elena Where are you?” Eric says

. Looking at an empty bedroom. He puts on the nightlight Searching his quarters not finding her. He then goes over to his bathroom seeing the door is closed.

“Elena are you in there? Elena?” He says.

No one responding. Eric opens the door, to see Yuki curled up in the corner. Her knees in her arms, her head and face in her knees.

“Elena, what’s wrong? Please answer me. I was looking for you, Calling for you. You never answered me.“Eric states.

“Elena doesn’t answer still. Not looking at him or even moving. Which makes Eric a bit uneasy. He goes over to her.

“Elena, please Look at me. What is wrong?” Eric says. Kneeling on the floor next to her. Putting his hands on her knees.

Elena looks up at him, eyes glowing red, Sweat coming down her face. Trembling hard. Her eyes even glazed over. Like she can hear you but can’t answer. There is no response to anything he says. She looks worse than when he first found her over two years ago. Her body convulsing in his arms. Bite marks on her lips and wrists. Blood just leaking out of her wrist.

“Elena, what the hell did you do? Why? If you needed more blood? Why not ask me? Why this?“Eric Shouts.

Trying to wrap a towel around her wrist. Picking her up and Bringing her to there bed. Her body now trembling even harder. Not even looking at Eric. It’s like no one is there. She is an empty shell again. Lost. Eric can’t believe his eyes. He just thinks to himself what the hell is going on? He just cuts his wrist and puts it over her mouth. Trying to let the blood run into her. Giving her all he can. It just doesn’t seem to change anything. Her body convulsing again. Eric doing his best so she doesn’t bite her own tongue. He is just lost on what to do. He wraps her in their blankets Holding her. Fearing the worst.

“Elena whatever it is. It will be ok. We can get through this. I am here. I am not leaving you. I promise you that. You need to hear me. You need to see me. ELENA!” Eric Shouts.

Still nothing. It is as if Eric is talking to himself. His sweet Elena isn’t there. The dark side isn’t there. The convulsing stops and her body just lay limp in his arms. Her eyes now closed. Its as if she is dead. If it wasn’t for the slightest of a pulse.

Eric is just full of Panic and hurt. What is happening to the one he holds so dearly. Can she come back from this?

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