Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Revealing pain

As Eric is holding Elena in his arms, rocking her back and forth. Losing his own composer. William comes into the room.

“Eric I heard you shouting. What is the matter?” William asks.

“Its Elena. It's like something has taken over her body. She was convulsing. She bit herself. There are deep wounds on her wrist. I gave her blood but nothing seems to help. She is totally out of it.“Eric snaps.

“Let me see.“William says.

Walking over to the bed where Eric is holding Elena Wrapped in the blanket.

William steps back. Not sure he is seeing what he is.“It cant be.“William states.

“What? What is it? What the fuck is going on William?” Eric snaps.

“She looks the same way. She did those years ago before she went into a coma and you had to take her out of it. She is reliving it all over it again. You gave her blood you said?” William asks.

“Yes, it was about ten minutes ago and even a few hours ago, before we went to bed.“Eric comments.

“Damn it. It's like your not here. She is making her see everything all over again. Not missing anything this time.“William remarks.

“She? Who? What the hell are you talking about?“Eric hisses.

“Sara. She must of put a spell on her to relive it again. To reveal all. Anything I did to her she will see. The whole damn four years. Things she put in the back of her mind she wanted to forget. Or even move on from. She will relive and remember.“William replies.

“But why? Why make her see all that again?“Eric asks.

“Because Sara wants her to hate me again. She wanted to push her back to you. So I don’t get her. So she will never love me again. Just see all the pain we went through. We moved past all this. We were doing good. Now, this. I don’t know if we can come back from it. Sara knew that. It was her revenge.“William says.

“As much as I hate to say this Elena still had some feelings for you. Even though she didn’t want me to know. I hate that she has to be used in Sara and your fight. It’s not fair to her. She has suffered enough. By you!“Eric shouts.

“I know. I feel the same. I never wanted this. I wanted us to live here together and get along. To live as a family. I wanted us to go back to when she would look at me like I was the only one alive. Now she looks at you like that. All she ever sees is you!” William howls.

“This isn’t the time for that. What do we do for her? How can we help?“Eric asks.

“There isn’t much we can do. She has to ride it out. Do try to stop her from biting herself. She used to do that a lot when she was going through withdrawals from you. I would find her in the darkest states.“William admits.

“And you just watched and let this take place? What kind of person are you? Don’t answer that. I already know. A selfish son of a bitch.“Eric Shouts.

“Yes, I am. I will admit it But I wanted her. I wanted us to be a family. If she saw you I knew it was over. And in the end, it is anyway. “William says. His dark brown bangs covering his eyes.

Eric seeing a sadness takes over William. He never saw before. One he has seen in himself many times. He does understand how William feels. He loves her just the same.

“We will take shifts watching her. We will need some rest in between. So you take the first shift. I will then take the second. Just watch and make sure she doesn’t bite herself again. Or anything else that is harmful. ” William comments

. “Did she do anything else before?“Eric asks

. “She did all kinds of things. She turned into a person I never thought I would see. Once the dark one came out. Things were just different. I tried to help and stop it. It didn’t work. Things just got worse.“William admits.

Eric just giving him a dirty look.

William walks out the door Going to his own quarters. Not believing he is reliving the past again. Watching her fall apart. He knew she would even remember the other. The thing that made her hate him so much. That made the dark side come out. He broke her trust and things were never the same. The same thing would happen now. Just now she had the one she truly wanted right by her side. There was no need for William. His heart sank deeper inside himself. Feeling for the first time in this whole situation that he truly lost. That Sara, in the end, was smart enough to use Elena against him. Even if she didn’t kill her, she did it even better. She was alive and wouldn’t want anything to do with him. Sara played her cards right. Even though it costed her life.

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