Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Suffering

Eric stays with Elena all night thinking about what William told him. That she would have to ride this out. Suffering all over again Reliving all her pain again. That not only was William causing this but in a way so was he. It was because of him. She was going through this. She loved him so much. If only he knew from the start maybe he could have stopped this from happening. If he only could have told her his true feelings. Instead of acting like a fool. It was too late for all that now. He just vowed that he would never leave her side. He would do his best to help her in any way he could.

When its morning Eric is still laying there holding her in his arms. She is lifeless The wounds she caused herself are now gone but her emptiness remains. After awhile William walks in the bedroom Taking his shift. Letting Eric get some rest. Going over to the grey soft plush chair next to the bed. Just sitting in it, Watching William get into bed now Eric lightly drifts off to sleep.

William lays in the bed holding Elena in his arms Just looking at her. Feeling down and low. A feeling of desperation washing over him. Eric sitting in the side chair trying to get some rest. Tossing and turning in the chair. While William is holding her, he sees she is now restless. That she is having a nightmare or reliving something bad. Her body starts convulsing in his arms. He lifts her hair from her face telling her Things will be ok.

“I am so sorry for all of this Elena. I really never meant to cause you so much pain. I know we will never be the same after this. I just hope you can come out of it and be who you need to be. The kids need you. Eric and I need you.“William says.

Elena’s body still none responsive Just trembling and shaking in his arms. William gets up from the bed Going over to the bathroom getting the glass. Putting two tablets in it and pouring in water Mixing it. He then brings it back to the bed with him. Opening Elena’s mouth and trying to let her drink some. Hoping in a way that this would at least calm her a bit.

“What are you doing?” Eric says from the chair on the side of the bed.

“I am trying to give her blood tablets. Since your blood isn’t working. I thought I would try these. It would be like it was back then. Maybe it would help.“William says.

“It's worth a try. Just don’t let her choke.” Eric responds.

Going over to the bed, trying to hold up Elena’s head as William puts little amounts of the liquid in her mouth. Trying to be ever so careful. Her body not staying still which is only making it harder for both men.

“I remember going through this when I first started and I need her blood so badly. Its been so long since I felt that way.“Eric states.

“She hasn’t felt that way since you been in her life again. Everything was curbed till now. Sara made sure it would haunt her again.“William responds.

After getting more liquid into her system, her body stops moving Going back to limp.

“I am not sure if this is better or worse?” William asks.

“I don’t know. I guess in a way a bit better. At least she isn’t shaking Or hurting herself. How long will this last?“Eric asks.

“I am not sure. It was two really bad years. The first two were not so bad, she tried her best to be with me. Even though she cared for you. We went through some things, but then it just turned. I am guessing she will have to go through it all again for it to stop. So it may take a bit.“William replies.

“Great. So more of this shit. More of her suffering.” Eric says.

The day goes on, with both men watching her taking turns. Elena not seeming to get any better but worse. William is not sure what will be next. Will the dark side come out? Will the sexual side come out? He wasn’t sure about anything at this moment. Just that he wished this would stop.

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