Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 146

Chapter 146 escape.

The next day William sends for Alexander Hoping since he is a doctor that maybe he could help with this.

“William, what do I owe the pleasure of you asking me to join you for lunch?” Alexandar asks.

“I have a request. I am sure you knew that Sara was really behind everything. Didn’t you?” William says.

“Yes, Sorry. I did have to keep that tidbit to myself. The mayor was one thing to get rid of. He deserved it. He was doing things, he just shouldn’t. Sara, on the other hand, is one of us. I know her for a really long time. I didn’t want to hurt our friendship.“Alexandar answers.

“I figured. Well, she put a potion on Elena. She is letting her relive our life together.“William says.

“What is so bad about that?” Alexandar responds.

“Let’s just say we didn’t have a very good one together. We have a lot of skeletons in our closet. So Elena is suffering a lot. Is there anything you would be able to do to help?” William states.

“I am not sure. Sara’s potions are very strong. She is very good at what she does. She would be the only one able to break it. I can look Elena over. I can see if I can help maybe lessen the pain.“Alexandar comments.

“Thank you that would be a great help. She is bitting herself.“William says.

“Why would she ever do that? She has Eric. She has you for that matter. Why bite herself?” Alexandar asks.

“Because I kept her from taking from him and even giving her tablets when she was here. I wanted her to want me and only me. Just no matter how hard I tried she still wanted him. He is her blood mate. While she was here she would bite herself deeply. Trying to curb herself. It got pretty bad at times. It seems to be doing the same now.“William remarks.

“Oh, William. I am shocked, to hear this Even from you. You know how we suffer. Yet you let her do this to herself?” Alexandar responds.

“Yes. I didn’t want to give in to him. We all know how well that worked. Anyway. Even if you can just help her with that.“William states.

“I will see what I can do. No promises. I may need a bit of Eric’s blood. Since he is the one she craves.“Alexandar states.

“That’s fine. He is giving it to her, but it seems not to be working at all.“William answers.

“Her mind is back where it was then. She doesn’t see him. Just the pain and hurt you caused. I will see if I can put his blood into a tablet form. It may help then.“Alexandar states

. “Great. I will let him know.“William answers.

Alexandar goes down into the basement where Ryan’s labs is. Seeing what he can do. While he does that William goes to Eric.

“Eric if I may have a word with you for a minute?” William asks.

“Sure, what is it now?” Eric responds.

“I asked Alexandar if he could help. He would like some of your blood. He said that maybe if he turns it into tablet form. It may help her. He is down in Ryan’s lab.“William states

. “Sure, anything to help her. ” Eric answers.

Both men going back into the bedroom Eric wanting to get his regular clothes on before heading to the lab. Not wanting to walk around in his pjs. William walking into the room to watch over Elana. They both look into the bed.

“What the fuck? Where is she?” Eric shouts.

“How the hell should I know? I was with you.” William answers.

“Damn it. How did she get out of this room? We were both outside the door.“Eric states.

“I don’t know maybe the window. Remember she used to escape that way all the time. I learned.“William answers.

“We need to find her. She can’t leave the manor in this state. No one could know what is going on.“Eric comments.

“I know. We need to check outside, and the house.“William answers.

Both men running downstairs in a panic. Not seeing anything out of place. Going outside looking all around. Not finding her anywhere. They search the grounds to find nothing. Both of them getting very worried.

“I don’t see anything missing or changed. No one in the manor has seen her. Could this be?” Eric asks.

“Yes. Remember she used to do this a lot. I just thought she was locked up in her room. Yet she was chasing you. Seeing where you were watching you. Without you not even sensing her there.“William answers.

“Do You think she went home? Thinking I was there?” Eric asks.

“I am not sure. I will go call her parents and let them know to be on the lookout.” William comments.

William now seeing this is getting even more out of hand then he thought it was. Where the hell could she be? If anyone would see her in this state, it would cause problems. People would ask questions. What is wrong with the queen? Eric and William didn’t even see her leave. What state was she really in? Before that, she was biting herself and convulsing. She couldn’t go out like that. He just hoped she didn’t go far and start biting people. No one else needed to be in the middle of this.

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