Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 147

Chapter 147 Blood.

William goes into his office going straight to his phone. “Micheal, Have you seen Elena?” William asks.

“No, I haven’t. I haven’t seen her in a while. Is anything wrong?” Micheal asks.

William not wanting to give any of this away. Tries to watch the words he is going to use.

“No, Not really. She just left the manor to run some earns. I thought she might stop by. I know she loves to visit you and her mother. Please keep an eye out. If you spot her. Please call me and let me know. She didn’t take her Cell phone with her. You know how I worry about her.“William states.

“Of Course. If we see her I will let you know. I wish she would come and see us even more than she does. We miss her.. Eric also for that matter. Maybe we can have dinner one of these days. All of us.” Micheal says.

“That would be very nice. I will let the others know. Thank you for your time.“William says hanging up the phone.

Not sure if asking him any of that was a good idea or not. Even though he trusted him, he didn’t want him to know this. It just leads back to how bad William truly was to her. He didn’t need anything more pointing that out. William wanted to keep certain things hidden. Only people in the Manor truly knew what took place years ago. That was enough for him. He didn’t need anymore to know.

While William is sitting at his Desk Rethinking what he just did. He smells blood. He knows it’s not Elena’s but it is someones in the house. He also knows it’s not Eric’s. William gets out of his chair Going to go see what is going on.

Back in the dining room, Elena is pinning Edward to the wall.

“My Dearest Edward, Is something wrong? You look a little peaked.” Elena laughs in an evil tone.

“No my queen. I just am not sure what has come over you. Are you ok?” Edward asks.

“Yes, I am just a little thirsty,” Elena says

Rebiting the same wound she just gave him a few minutes ago. Edward is not able to get out of her grasps. Not able to deny her anything she wants. She is a purebred He has to do whatever she asks. Not able to fight his way out of this. She could drink him whole and he couldn’t do a thing about it.

William walking into the dining room. Witnessing Elena pinning Edward to the wall, drinking from his neck. Draining him in front of Edward.

“Elena let go of him! Stop that.“William yells.

Elena just turns around, looking at William with Red glowing eyes. He sees the beast in her appearance. She just growls at him.

“What do you want.? Why is it? You always have to take my fun away?” Elena hisses.

“Elena, what is wrong with you? Leave him alone. You know better than this.“William says.

“Why not drink from him? He has always been your loyal servant. Doing anything you say. Anything you want. Lord William this, Lord William that. I thought he could finally offer something I needed.” Elena howls.

“I don’t know what came over you, Just drop him.“William states.

Elena throws Edward’s weak body over to William. “Oh here is your pet! Fix him. So he can go back to feeding you info. Back to doing anything you say or need. His sad exitance is just to serve you!“Elena states.

Eric walking into the room Just looking at William holding Edward. Elena standing there with her mouth full of blood.

“Elena, what happened?” Eric asks.

“Eric!” Elena says

running into his arms. wiping her mouth on her sleeve. Her eyes turn normal and so does the way she acts. William seeing her do a full 180 right in front of him. Seeing how she just curbed her dark half. Not wanting Eric to see.

" Eric, your here,” Elena says.

“Yes, babe. I never left. What happened to Edward?” “Eric asks.

Elena just passing out in his arms Not giving any answers Now not conscious

. “What is going on William?” Eric asks.

“Our wife went on a biting spree. Like she did years ago. Except for this time she wasn’t as careful. It's like she had it out for Edward Doing it on purpose.“William states.

Holding Edward in his arms.

“He needs blood,” Eric says.

“I know. I am going to take him to the lab. Put her to bed and get there yourself. Alexandar needs to make a tablet for her and fast. Before she bites everyone in here. Which isn’t a problem except for it looks like she wanted to drain him, and would have if I didn’t interrupt. Not to mention she never left Manor Eric. She hid somewhere Until it was the right time to strike him. You need to watch her carefully.“William comments.

“We were both there. She took off and neither of us saw her. You know she is good at this.“Eric answers.

“Yes. I know all too well her games. I will meet you at the lab.” William replies.

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