Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Questions

William carries Edward down to the lab.

“Ryan Help me get Edward to the table, “William yells.

“What happened? Who caused this?” Ryan asks.

“Elena. It’s a long story. We just need to give him blood. Make sure he has no other wounds. He will also need rest.“William states.

Ryan helps to put Edward on the table Edward is out of it losing a good amount of blood. Ryan takes off Edward's black blazer and white shirt. To reveal handprints on both of his shoulders. Where Elena held him down.

“My god, she used this much strength?” Ryan asks.

“It looks that way. It seems she wanted to hurt him.” William answers.

“Well, she almost killed him.“Ryan answers.

Alexandar just standing there watching as this all goes down. Taking in Elena’s strength and how badly she wanted Edwards’s blood.

“William, Why would she go after him if she is blood bonded to Eric?” Alexandar asks.

“When he wasn’t here, this happened before. But that time she wasn’t like this. Edward offered her blood back then to calm her cravings. Things went well. Now she turned on him. It’s like it wasn’t for the blood but to hurt him.” William answers.

“Like revenge?” Alexandar asks.

“I assume so. She does know how close he is to me.“William comments.

“I thought so.” Alexandar answers.

Eric coming down the stairs, taking a look around. Seeing them working on Edward.

“Is he ok?” Eric asks.

“He should be fine.” William states.

“Glad to see you, Eric.“Alexandar says.

“You can help her?” Eric asks.

“I am not sure, but maybe I can help a little to curb whatever this is?” Alexandar answers.

“I sure do hope so. We can’t have this happening. I never have seen her like this before. She only takes from me. She is happy with that.” Eric replies.

“She isn’t herself now. So we will have to be on the lookout for anything. Lock our doors while we sleep.“Alexandar answers.

“Do you really think that would stop her?” William chuckles.

“I don’t seem to find that funny at all. “Eric answers.

“She is a purebred. Stronger than any of you except me. A lock isn’t going to save you.“William states.

“I am a purebred as well as William. Did you seem to forget that?” Alexandar comments.

“No, but she is stronger than anyone knows. In this state, God knows what she could do. Where is she now?” William asks.

“I wrapped her up in bed. She is out of it. Soon as I give Alexandar my blood. I will go back to her.“Eric responds.

“Good. Don’t leave her alone for long. ” William comments.

Eric gives his blood to Alexandar Sitting there just thinking how bad this got. Why is she doing this? Getting restless and hoping that Alexandar hurries up. So he can return to her side. Not wanting her to hurt anyone else. He knew Edward was William’s spy but he also felt he didn’t deserve this. Then he really didn’t know what truly took place here. There were some dark things that happened. He saw more now Why Elena had a dark side. It was to protect herself. To make her stronger when all this was happening. What more was William hiding? Would it all come out? Could She handle going over this again? Or would it break her this time?

“Alexandar please Hurry. I have things to do.” Eric snaps.

Alexandar hurrying up to get his blood.

Eric runs back upstairs to find Elena exactly where he left her. Laying in there bed wrapped up in the blankets Sleeping. He felt that was a good thing. Better than her up suffering or even hurting people. He moved himself into bed Laying next to her. Just watching her sleep. Hoping this would end soon. Not know how much Elena could take Or himself.

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