Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Starting Over

The next morning Eric wakes, to find Elena in the same position. She never moved all night, neither did he. It was the first time in a long time. He didn’t have any nightmares. He slept through the night, feeling Warm and safe. His arms wrapped around her, hers around him. He also wakes to find her just staring at him. She doesn’t say a word. She just keeps staring up at him, like she is afraid if she stops. He will disappear.

“Elena, I am still here.“Eric says with a chuckle.

“This really isn’t a dream?” She asks.

“No, I promise,” Eric responds.

“Are you mad at me?” Elena asks in a low tone.

“Not, at all, you didn’t know. You wanted to do what was right. You tried. A lot of times we have to see and learn on our own. Plus You always excepted me, no matter what. Always tried to help me. I regretted not telling you. I still wanted us to be close. I just never got to tell you.” Eric states.

“I am glad you’re not mad. I feared all these years you would be. I figured that’s why you didn’t answer my letters. You figured I got what I deserved.” Elena replies.

“I didn’t answer them, because I didn’t get them till days ago.” Eric answers. Elena closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “I should have known. He took them, he hid them.” She says in an upset tone.

“It’s ok. I read them now. I still can’t believe they are true. That you wrote them to me. You really feel that way about me?” Eric asks.

“Yes. I love you, Eric. I never needed anyone. The way I need you. I don’t want to be here without you. I just learned how much I cared for you. When it was too late. After I left Greenhaven.” Elena states.

“I don’t want you saying that. Or doing anything stupid. Do you hear me? Whatever that was, I never want to see it again.” Eric snaps

. “Then never leave me,” Elena responds.

“I won’t. But if I ever have to. None of that shit. You hear me?“Eric hisses.

“Ok, you brat.” She says with a smile. Eric smiling back.

“Ok, its time for you to get up. We need to get you washed dressed and feed.” Eric comments.

“Um, Eric, I still am not able to walk,” Elena responds.

“I know, I figured you have been sitting in the damn chair for too long. I will take care of that. Let’s get Berta to help you with your bath and dress. Then I will be here to get you.” Eric states.

“Promise?” Elena asks.

“I promise.” He replies.

Eric goes into his own room to get his shower and freshen up. Knowing. He has to get Elena back to where she was. That it’s going to take a lot. At least she is out of the slump and talking again. Now to get her to eat and walk. Back to her bubbly fun self. He also knew he had to get her out of being afraid, he would disappear. The way she would look at him at times was scary and sad. He still couldn’t believe. She truly felt that way either. It would take time for him too. This wasn’t what he excepted when he got here, all that time loving her. Thinking she would never feel the same, never be his. Not to mention they lived together all those years as brother and sister. Yet, now right in front of him, things where changing. Their closeness remained even after four years apart. Managing to grow even stronger.

Berta Helps Elena wash and dress. Making her smell like her old self. Eric just loved her shampoo and soap. She smelled so good. He never forgot it. After she is done. Eric walks back into the room. Going over to Elena and brushing her long flowing light brown hair with blonde highlights. As he brushes, she gives out small sighs. Loving the feeling. Still not able to believe he is real. Eric remembering the day before when he brushed it how it was falling out. Yet today after just one feeding of his blood, it was doing a lot better. Having shine and not coming out. It made him feel a bit relieved.

When he is done brushing her hair. He goes over to her picking her up. Cradling her in his arms, she lays her head on his chest and wraps both her hands around his neck. Holding him tight.

“I can get used to this. I love being this close to you. Being in your arms” Elena states.

Laying her head on his shoulder. “I bet If you want me to carry you. I am fine with it. But you’re going to have to do everything, I ask today. You understand?” Eric says.

“As long as you carry me and be with me. I will do, what you ask.“She replies.

“Good I am holding you to it. I don’t want any back talk. I know how you get.” Eric Chuckles.

“Whatever.” She smiles.

Eric happy to get a smile out of her. Maybe they were right. Maybe he can fix this. Seeing a spark of hope.

Eric carries her downstairs to the breakfast table. Edward and Ryan already sitting there eating their breakfast. When they see Elena up and alert. They Just look at each other, Not believing, he did it

.“Good Morning Lady Elena.” Edward and Ryan say.

” Morning.” She replies.

Eric sitting her down at the table. He takes the seat next to her. “OK, what do you want for breakfast?” Eric asks.

“I’m not sure, I’m not that hungry. “Elena comments.

“I don’t want to hear that. Remember our deal?” Eric remarks.

“Yea, Ok, How about some eggs and fruit?” Elena asks.

“That’s a start. Have some juice too.” Eric says pouring her and himself a glass.

Edward and Ryan just watch as Eric babies the hell out of her. Just so she will eat. He literally will spoon feed her. Making sure she gets something inside her. He can’t stand the frail sight of her.

When breakfast is over Eric carries her over to the sitting room. As he does, she rubs his neck and plays with his hair. Edward just watching as Elena just has to touch him. Anyway, she can. But as of now its just small things, nothing even sexual. Just playful or to make sure, he is still there. He can’t leave the room without her eyes traveling to follow him. Edward can feel her distress when she thinks he is gone. How her heart starts to beat really fast. Then he enters the room again and Elena gets calm again. Edward just sighs, knowing this is bad. What is William getting himself into?

While Eric has her in the sitting room. He helps her do leg exercises. To try to strengthen her legs. So she can start to walk again. Every now and then feeding her a cracker or piece of cheese. Trying to make it playful. At the same time getting more food into her. Edward reading the paper, watching at the same time. Just noting more and more to himself how bad this truly would get. He saw nothing good for William that would come out of this. Only more sadness.

Eric makes sure they are on time for Lunch. Carrying to the dining room table. Elena just gets her kicks out it.

“I can really get used to this. Your big strong hands carrying me around. I get to be close to you, I really like it.” Elena admits.

“I am glad you do. But you’re going to have to get those legs working again. If you stop. I stop. Remember that.“He threatens. Hoping that will help his case.

“Yes, Eric I understand.

Eric continues this all day, making her work her legs, and let her eat any chance he got. Even if it had to be junk food. Which Elena loves. She needed the calories anyway. She was bones.

At the end of the day, Eric Carries her to her room. Telling Berta to get her ready for bed. That he will be back afterward. He goes down to his own room taking his shower and getting ready for bed. Before he goes back into Elena’s room. He heads to the Kitchen getting a bowl of ice cream. Telling the staff to make sure, they have some junk food on hand from now on. Besides the regular healthy food. He knew he needed some just to get her to eat. The house wasn’t filled with much of it. As the other people living here were not as into it as Elena. Eric gives the staff a list of items to get. Besides dinners to work up her strength. Doing everything in his power to make her well again.

Eric heads back upstairs into Elena’s bedroom With the bowl of ice cream and a bag of chips. Its all he could find.

“Your back,” Elena said laying in bed. In her yellow satin PJs. Still too big for her.

“Of course I am. I told you, I would be. I have dessert for us also.“Eric says. Sitting in bed handing her a spoon.

“My favorite. You didn’t forget.” Elena says. Getting the chips and putting some in the ice cream.

“I didn’t forget any of it. I knew the Chips were going in there.” Eric replies.

They sit in bed talking and eating. Eric sees a small glimpse of the old Elena reappearing. Doing his best to make whatever that was before gone. When they are done talking, Eric tells her to get some rest.

“You’re not leaving are you?” Elena says in a panic.

“No. I will lay right here next to you.“Eric says.

“Ok. You can get under the covers. I don’t mind, just like when we were kids. I Feel so safe with you.” Elena admits. “I feel the same,” Eric responds

. Getting under the covers, which scared him in a way. He knew being that close to her wasn’t a good thing. He had feelings and he was trying to keep them intact. Trying not to take advantage of her. When his whole being just wanted to ravish her. Then he was scared that would break her. That could wait, If ever. It wasn’t important. Getting her better was, not that she helped by pushing herself so up against him. He could feel everything. Her small breasts on his chest. Her heat up against his. She wasn’t afraid to push herself near him in that way either. There were times, she held him so tightly. Their bodies were one.

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