Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 150

Chapter 150 deception

Eric stays with Elena holding her. She would move around now, Moving herself a bit closer to him.

“Eric...Eric...” Elena mumbles.

“Babe, I am right here.” Eric answers.

“Please don’t let William take you away. Please, He wants to keep me away from you.“Elena says in a low voice.

“That’s not happening. I promise you.” Eric replies.

Holding her shaking body in his arms. Her arms going around his waist pulling him close to her. She takes in his scent.

“It’s really you.” She babbles.

“The one and only,” Eric responds. Her eyes closed and she falls back to sleep.

A few hours later Alexander lightly knocks on the bedroom door.

“Come in,” Eric says.

“Hi, the pills are done. May I please exam her?” Alexander asks.

“Sure. She is resting.“Eric states.

“That is fine. I only need a few minutes.” Alexander responds.

“Ok, I will give you your privacy. ” Eric says. Getting up off the bed and walking outside. Closing the door behind him.

“Elena it’s me, Alexander.” Alexander states.

Elena waking from her slumber. “Can you help me with this mess? The other pills are too strong. It’s making me crazy. ” Elena states.

“The other stuff is doing its job. Don’t fight it, Take this, it will help you be able to control some of it. If you need anything else. Just let me know. William has me here working with Ryan, So I am at your disposal.” Alexander comments.

“How is dear Edward?” Elena asks with an evil grin.

“He is recuperating. I would say you shook him up a bit.” Alexander answers.

“Good. That bastard needed it. He needed more, but Eric walked in.” Elena replies.

“You need to be careful with that.“Alexander states.

“I know, I can’t help wanting to keep him safe. That never changes.“Elena admits.

“I know, You just can’t let on.“Alexander replies.

Elena nods. Laying back down on the bed.

“Here, I will put these pills in your drawer, if you need them. They are here to help.” Alexander says.

“Thank you.“Elena responds.

Alexander walks out the door, seeing Eric waiting outside.

“Everything ok? Can you help her?” Eric asks.

“I think the pills might help the bloodlust. About anything else, William was right. She will have to ride it out. She is calm at the moment, but we will know that can change at any moment. I believe the only one safe in this house is you, Eric.“Alexander admits.

“To be honest I really don’t care what she does to William. He deserves it and more. He is the one that created all this. It’s a big mess. One he wouldn’t have to deal with if he just let her go.“Eric states.

“True, But I am sure you wouldn’t want your wife to be in love with another man. To walk out and not look back at your life you shared, Not even your child. William is a lot of things, but if you look at it. He was dealt a raw deal. Even when he was married to her, all she ever wanted was you. That is a hard blow to handle. He could have just killed you both. You know I would have and so would any other purebreds. No one disgraces us. Yet here both of you are still alive and breathing. Causing him even more pain.“Alexander Confuses.

“That may be true, but if he would have left her alone, there wouldn’t be anything for him to deal with. He could have anyone he wants.“Eric remarks.

“Yes but the one he really wanted.” Alexander answers. Walking away.

Eric knew it was true, he just really didn’t care. He was tired of all this. Wishing and wanting things to go back to normal. It always seemed with William in the way. Weird things would take place. He knew Elena just wanted to be with him and their family at the townhouse. Instead, they were trapped at the Manor. Reliving her worse nightmares. Would things ever change?

Eric walks back inside his bedroom, Elena laying on her side of the bed, Under the covers. The bed all fixed. “Eric come to bed Please,” Elena says.

“Are you feeling better?” Eric asks.

“Yes, a little. I just want to be with you.“Elena answers.

“Do you know I am here now? I am not leaving you.“Eric states.

" I know your here. I still feel off though. I have a major headache. My head is just spinning.” Elena confesses.

“Do you need blood?” Eric asks.

“No, I am fine with that. It’s just my head. It’s all foggy. Things seem to come and go” Elena says holding her head.

“I am so sorry babe,” Eric replies holding her close. Rubbing her head.

" I wish you didn’t have to go through any of this. When it’s over we will go home.” Eric states.

“Promise,” Elena says.

“Yes Promise,” Eric responds. Seeing that Elena is pale and weak. She is able to talk now and able to see him there, but he knows something still isn’t right. He knows this isn’t over yet.

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