Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 151

Chapter 151 What’s Next.

In the morning Eric gets up, he takes his shower, Letting the warm water flow down his body. Taking a minute to just relax and let go. Knowing that more is going to happen. It wasn’t over yet. Just wondering what was next. Thinking to himself this is how Elena lived for those years, Always in pain. Always hurting in one way or another. That her dear sweet William would let this take place. Eric knew now more than ever, that William was evil. This just proved it. If he can do this to the woman he loved so dearly. What would he do to someone else? Eric gets out of the shower drying himself off. Walking into the bedroom, Looking at Elena in bed just waking up.

“How are you feeling now babe?” Eric asks.

“A little better. My head still hurts and feels weird, Like I am trying to remember something. It feels so weird.“Elena says. Laying her head back down on the bed.

“Just relax. Stay in bed, I will go get us some breakfast. You need your strength. I want you to get over whatever this is soon. So we can go back to being a family.” Eric states.

“I want the same.” Elena answers.

“I will be back in a few,” Eric replies.

Walking out of the door, down the hallway and down the stairs. Going To William’s office. Wanting to ask him what will be next. He wanted to be on the lookout this time. Instead of off guard.

“What can I help you with Eric?” William says as Eric opens the door.

“I am guessing you know what will be next. Since you lived through this once. What did she go through next? What shall I expect?” Eric snaps.

“It seems to be going in order, next was her dying to sleep with you. Dreaming of you and coming to me. Her rough dark side taking over. It was a lot of fun in some ways. “William replies.

“You sick son of a bitch. Do you find that fun? She wanted me and you took advantage of it.“Eric shouts.

“Took Advantage? She was my wife. IF there was anyone she should be thinking about or making love to. It was me. NOt you! You always seem to forget that. At least she came to me. She didn’t cheat. Its how we made Alexie.” William replies.

“Don’t go thinking she will be coming to you this time around. I am here. She can do whatever she wants to me now. She doesn’t need the imitation. Like she did back then.“Eric huffs.

“Well, aren’t you so sure of yourself. You think you can handle her dark side. Do you think you can handle her in general? She is more then you think she is. She never got enough. She always wanted more, Even with the real you.“William snaps.

“That may be true, but I can tame her. Where you cant. She cares what I think. She doesn’t care what you think. There is a difference.” Eric states.

“Well good for you. Have fun with the next step.“William growls.

Eric hisses and walks away out of William’s office, Knowing too well what Elena could be like in her dark stage. Hoping in reality that he could keep her away from William. He didn’t want her anywhere near him. Little less sleeping with him. She didn’t need him now. He was there in person to give all of himself to her in any way she needed.

Eric goes to the kitchen grabbing some things for breakfast. Getting a tray and adding two cups of coffee, cut up fruit, Scrambled eggs and bacon. Carrying the tray up to his quarters.

“I am back Elena. I got us some breakfast.“Eric states.

“Thank you. It smells good.“Elena replies.

Eric walking over to the bed, Setting the tray down as he sits in front of Elena. She sits up and looks at him. Giving him a slight smile. He sees how pale she is How worn down. He just takes a deep breath and smiles back. They both sit there, Eric sipping on his coffee. Elena just nibbling on the bacon.

“Its great that at least now you can talk and you’re somewhat back to yourself.“Eric says.

“Yes Just if I remember right what is next is no better. I am scared Eric. I don’t want to do anything to hurt you. I don’t want to go against you. I just don’t know if I can control myself. Its like I am in a dream and it just takes me away. I have no control over what I am seeing or doing.“Elena admits.

“I know what is next also. Don’t worry, I will be here to make sure you come to me with what is next. Not him. You don’t need him anymore. The real thing is right in front of you. If its what you really want?” Eric asks.

“How can you ask that? Of course, its what I want. I went through all this to get you. You’re all I want. I don’t need anything else as long as your here. I never craved anyone or thing as I do you.” Elena admits.

“Then don’t worry. We will get through this. I will not let you leave this room. I just hope you see me when it starts. Not that you have to go to him.“Eric answers.

“To be honest when I did go to him. I saw you.” Looking down in shame. “I used him. My body was on fire and I needed a release. I needed you. My mind would get cloudy and all I saw in front of me was you.“Elena states.

“Good, then we can use that now. When you start feeling it come on. Let me know. I am here for you in every way.” Eric responds.

“I know.”

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