Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 152

Chapter 152 All I need is you

The rest of the day goes on uneventful. Eric and Elena stay in their quarters Eric doing some paperwork for the association. Elena getting all the rest she could. Eric doesn’t leave her side, Seeing her, fall back into sleep. As the time went on into the evening, he saw that her body was getting warm to the touch. That she was moaning and making sounds in her sleep. Eric doesn’t know what was going on. He just knew he wasn’t letting her leave this room.

Eric crawls into bed, getting on the left side of Elena, Pulling her close to him. Trying to wake her.

“Elena your body is on fire. What is wrong?” Eric asks.

Elena mummers. “Your touch.”

“What about my touch?” Eric asks confused.

“It’s starting, I remember wanting so much to kiss your lips. To feel your hands on my body. What it would be to have your lips on mine. To Feel your body close to mine.” Elena confuses.

“You don’t have to think about it. You know what they feel like now.” Eric says. As he places his hands on her face. Which is on fire.

Elena moves closer to his face and lightly kisses his lips. Her arms going around his neck. Her fingers in his long silver hair. Pushing his lips closer to hers Moaning at the slightest of his touches.

Eric’s hands go up her pink cotton nightgown. Touching her tummy up to her breasts. She moans lightly into his mouth as she continues to kiss him. Eric breaks the kiss to breathe, He then kisses down her neck, to the space in between her breasts. Placing kisses there and on each breast. Making Elena Ache her back and moan. Just from his touch.

“Elena your body is on fire. Is something wrong?” Eric asks. As he looks up at her face That is lightly red.

“No. Its how you make me feel. I am on fire for you. I need you. Please don’t stop.” Elena says.

Eric looking deeply into her eyes, Kissing her mouth again. Thinking to himself.This is how I make her feel? Her body is so hot to the touch. It’s so awesome that I can make her feel this way? No wonder she was going crazy before.

He pulls her nightgown over her head, He sees that she lets him be in control Taking the lead. Not stopping him in anything that he does. Just going along with it. He has his warm, slender body on top of hers. Making her hotter pushing her body into his. Every touch sending shockwaves of pleasure into her. Her body trembling from her desire and lust for him. Yet still keeping herself under control. Not letting the dark side take over and ruin this. Letting it be how it should have been. Eric goes slow letting the passion build Watching as he makes her go crazy. She touches him lightly, Kissing him, then going to his earlobe which she lightly sucks on. Kissing and licking down his neck. Spending some time there, kissing every detail. When she is done that she goes to his chest. Kissing and licking on each nipple. Earning her own moans out of him. Her touches set him on fire, just the same as his do to her. He teases her entrance with his member. Rubbing it around on the outside. Making her want him more than ever.

He does notice that she is under control though and he likes it. So far everything has been loving and gentle. The way he pictured there real first time to be. As he teases her she kisses him again passionately. Moving her body closer to him. Her arms going around his waist. Rubbing up his back, As he kisses down her neck. She pants and moans. He sees her want increase.

“Eric please.” She says looking into his eyes.

He knows what she wants and he gives it to her. Entering her slowly, Sliding in inch by inch. Staying Still for a second. Making her go crazy.

“Eric!” She begs.

As she pushes herself closer. Wrapping her legs around his waist letting him fall in deeper. Eric can’t hold back anymore. He starts sliding in and out of her faster and deeper. Her hips pushing into his thrusts. His fingers entwined in hers as he goes in and out on top of her. Pushing in her hard and fast. She squeezes his hands and she can't control her body. She shakes and squeezes his member as she lets go. Eric feeling it and let’s go to. Both panting hard trying to catch there breath.

“Did I do everything you dreamt of? Did I give you what you wanted?” Eric asks. Still trying to catch his breath. Laying on his side of the bed.

“Yes. God Yes. More than I ever imagined. That was incredible.” Elena answers. Getting closer to him.

Laying her hand on his chest, Her leg going around his and her arm on his chest.

“I love you Eric,” Elena says.

“I love you too. I am glad you stayed here.” Eric says.

“There isn’t anywhere else I rather be.” She answers.

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