Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Everyone’s thoughts.

William is laying in his bed, Smelling the scent of sex. Knowing that Eric didn’t let her go to him. That he took care of her needs. This time there wasn’t anything William could do. She had the real thing, right in front of her. Its what she craved and wanted all those years. Finally having it right in front of her. To touch. William knew that this was going to break them even more than they were before. He felt deep down, she would remember everything now. Even the things kept deep down she had forgotten. He knew he wouldn’t be able to fix this. He lays there and thinks if only he never called Eric. If she really never loved him as she did. Things would never be the same. Elena was doing her best to get away from him before all this took place. This would just push her further away, Even though he was laying there thinking all this. He also felt something was wrong. Something didn’t seem right. The part that Elena almost killed Edward wasn’t in there past. The dark was there that evening. Just soon as Eric walked into the room Elena conveniently passed out. Not going into details of what she just did to Edward. That was fishy to him Sara put on a spell to make Elena relive everything that took place in the past. Not get revenge on people, She hated.

William felt deep down that is what Yuki was doing. The attack on Edward was too personal. She didn’t crave his blood. She didn’t want Edward in any way. It was her way of getting back at him, For always telling on her to William. Always being there watching her. Was this all Sara’s doing? Or was something else going on? Not to mention, if the dark side would have come out tonight. There would have been no way for Eric to hold her back. If the past was repeating itself like it was supposed to. She would have left for William’s quarters. Following what she did years ago. If Eric was there or not now He wasn’t then. What was really going on? William was anything but dumb. He didn’t get to be the strongest or most feared for nothing. Deep down he knew something was very wrong. He would just watch it play out. He wanted to see what the end game really was. He knew no matter what. Eric was in the dark as always. For someone she loved, she always went behind his back.

William smirks. “She has the nerve to talk about me. What I have done in the past. Just to keep her near me. With me. She is doing the same thing for Eric.”

William thinks to himself. “She is just like me, She will do anything to get what she wants. Not matter who it hurts. She will let me go without even looking back. When in the past I was all she dreamt about. How did we come so far? William laid there and thought.

Eric, on the other hand, was happy. Elena was laying in his arms close to him. Not wanting to leave the room or him. She fell asleep in his arms Content. Eric also thought to himself where was the dark side? There wasn’t anything wrong with what took place. Remembering William always saying how she ran to him. Full of lust and desire doing all kinds of things. Being rough and taking over. That wasn’t here now. None of what was happening made any real sense to Eric. He hoped whatever it was would end soon. He laid there holding her close. Her body still warm, just not as hot as it was earlier. The beast in her tamed, like only he, knew how. Which left him with a sense of triumph. That was something William didn’t have. His smooth-talking didn’t take her over anymore. She saw William for what he really was now. Not the person she used to think he was. The one that could do no wrong in her eyes. The one she would protect no matter what. That was long gone. If there was anyone she wanted to protect now it was Eric and only Eric. Her love for him grew stronger and more every day. In the end, Eric knew Elena was never letting him go. If anyone would be let go of, it would be William. The only thing that worried Eric about this was Alexie. Would Elena have to give her up to truly have happiness? To really be out of the clutches of William? They tried that already. Elena kept her end of the deal. Just it ate away at her. Wanting her child. Eric didn’t want to be the reason she lost her.

He didn’t want her to relive all the pain she felt and hid just to make him happy. In the end, it would only make her resent him. Even if she didn’t, she wouldn’t ever be truly happy without her child. Eric didn’t know how this would turn out. He just didn’t know if it would go in a good way or not. Only time would tell. He did know that always running back to William had to stop. This was no life.

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