Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 154

Chapter 154 realizing the truth.

The next morning, Elena is still laying in Eric’s arms. She never moved or left the whole night. She just stayed close to him. He watched as her body would get hotter and hotter to the touch. That now in the morning it was just as hot as last night. She laid there moaning in her sleep. Yet still, she didn’t get up to go to William’s room.

“Elena wake up. Whatever you are feeling or thinking its just a dream.” Eric says holding her sweaty hot body in his arms.

“Eric my head. It’s pounding. It’s like my memories are playing tricks with me. I can’t stop it.” Elena says.

Eric just holds her close, rubbing her head. Elena curls up into his arms like a child, Holding on to him. She kisses him on his lips, pushing him closer to her. Her body out of control, the heat from it rising higher than it did last night. So high that Eric is even scared to touch her. When he does her body is so hot and red, it leaves his hand imprint on where ever he touches.

“Elena, am I hurting you?” Eric asks.

“No, please don’t stop.” Elena answers.

Not even sure what to do, or what is going on. Eric still a little worried about her, picks her up and brings her into the bathroom, Putting on the shower and walking inside of it with her in his arms. Letting the cool water hit her overheated body. Trying to cool it down. Not only with his touches but with the water. Hoping it will help. He places her down, letting her stand on her own. Getting the soap and rubbing it in his hands. Then placing his soapy wet smooth hands on her back. Rubbing it gently down to her bottom. Down her legs and up again. Making her moan and pant at each touch. He turns her around now washing the front side of her. Going even slower than he did the backside. She places her hands on his chest pulling him close to her Kissing him. Touching his body and they gently and slowly make love in the shower. Touching every inch of each other. Eric sees as they climax her body starts too cool down. The redness and imprints of his fingers and hands slowly going away.

“Elena, how do you feel now?” Eric asks.

“My head still hurts. It's like I am supposed to see something and I am fighting it at the same time. I don’t know what is going on. It feels like someone is hammering me in the head.” Elena says.

Losing her balance in the shower. Eric grabbing her before she falls

. “It must be something you forgot? Or something you tried to forget, making its way out.” Eric states.

“Maybe. Eric, I don’t feel well at all.” Elena responds. Moving herself over to the sink and throwing up blood.

Eric’s eyes open wide at the sight She starts convulsing again and he catches her body as She starts to fall down.

“Elena hang in there. Please. ” Eric says. Getting a towel and wrapping her body Bringing her over to the bed. Placing her in it. Wrapping her up so she doesn’t get cold.

Eric just looks at her knowing something isn’t right. This wasn’t blood or sexual lust. What the hell is this? Eric thinks. God damn William and all his little tricks and secrets. What else did he hide from her? What else did he do? It was one thing right after another. How could Elena’s body go through all this? Even though she was a strong vampire, This had to be taking its toll.

Eric dries himself off and gets dressed Knowing this was going to be a long day. Whatever she was going through would come out. He knew he had to be there for her. To help make sure nothing bad happened to her It wasn’t just to keep her away from William for sex. That was the least of this. Eric now saw that this was so much more than that. It was whatever terrible thing, William really did to her. To make the dark half of her come out to take care of her. He was learning so much from this experience. Some he really wishes he didn’t know. He just saw more and more how she suffered at William’s hands. The one that was supposed to love her so much. Hurt her so badly. It was like his love was more of a curse. One that Eric wanted Elena far away from.

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