Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 155

What are your feelings? What do you think is happening?

Chapter 155 remembering.

While Elena is sleeping, Eric walks downstairs. Feeling he could leave her for a few moments. He wanted to see what William had to say about this. Walking into the dining room for breakfast He sees William already sitting at the table. Reading his morning paper while drinking his coffee and eating a piece of toast.

“I am glad you can eat, while she is up there suffering From whatever the hell you put her through.” Eric snaps.

“Good morning to you too Eric. I did notice that you had some fun last night. I would have thought that would have left you in a better mood today.” William sharply replies.

“You would. This isn’t all about sex and blood bonds. What else took place? Something is fighting in her head to come out. It’s torturing her. What else did you do to her William!” Eric barks.

“You know we didn’t have the best of times together. It could be anything. I did see she didn’t leave you to come to me.“William answers.

“No, It didn’t even seem that she wanted to. She was happy to be with me.“Eric replies.

“Yes, but that’s not reliving the past, now is it? Don’t you find it a little suspicious that it went in your favor? She knows you would have had a fit. If it didn’t.” William answers.

“Maybe since she had the real thing lying next to her. She didn’t need a cheap imitation.” Eric snaps back.

“I see why she likes you so much. Your so naive, when it comes to her. You will learn the hard way.” William comments.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Eric says.

“It means. I am not sure if all this is Sara’s doing. Elena could be playing her own games with us.” William reveals.

“There is no way she is faking this. You didn’t see her this morning. She is sick. She is hurting. I was so scared my touch was going to take her skin off. You are such an asshole you can’t even own up to your wrongdoings. You want to blame her!” Eric huffs. Standing up slamming his hands on the table.

“You keep thinking that. I will admit I did things wrong in the past. I am sorry for them. Sorry for all of this. Sorry that my wife had to be with you to be happy. Instead of me. But I am telling you, she is no angel. You’re just blinded by your feelings for her. Where I have learned better.” William replies.

“I don’t even know why I bother to talk to you.” Eric answers. Walking away.

Eric goes back upstairs more pissed and upset than when he came down.. “How could he think she would do this to herself? Fake this? You can’t fake what is taking place.” He says looking at her in bed, filled with sweat and shaking at the same time. “William is just a god damn monster.” Eric thought.

Taking a seat in the chair, wanting to do some work, just his thoughts were all over the place. Not even sure what the hell was now going on. Feeling William was just saying that to take the heat off of himself. Trying to hid what really happened. He never answered his question, about what was next. He just said it could be anything. William wasn’t going to give into anything. Eric never believes William to be innocent. He just saw him as a bloodsucking monster. Who used people to his advantage. Then dispose of them when he was finished. He knew that would never change.

After a few hours, Eric goes to the bathroom. Restless of just sitting there watching Elena sleep. This was getting to him in more than one way. On tension not knowing what was going to happen next. Also bored to death doing nothing at all most of the time. This wasn’t Eric. He was used to being active. Not just watching someone sleep, But he knew he had to be there for her. He splashes some water on his face before heading back out into the bedroom.

When he does he sees the bed empty and the window to the balcony open. The curtains blowing in the wind.

“Elena,” Eric says running out to the balcony window.

When he reaches it, he sees Elena standing there trying to catch her breath. Blood on the floor where she threw up again. Her body shaking and trembling. Her eyes Red just not with lust.

“Elena, what’s wrong? Talk to me.” Eric states.

“I can’t breath How could he? Why? Of everything why that?” Elena says holding her throat, trying to breathe.” Elena pants.

“What did he do? What is going on?” Eric asks. Elena just stands there, tears rolling down her face. Still not in control of her body or even her thoughts. She doesn't answer Eric, Just slides down to the floor of the balcony, trying to take in the air. Not even ready to face what happened. Still, wondering to herself how did she forget this? She hated William for keeping her trapped. For taking away her family and friends. For letting her suffer because she loved and wanted Eric. Now even this? How could he? Eric standing there just wondering what she is talking about. Seeing her in so much pain. It's written all over her. Eric just goes over to her, taking her into his arms and holding her tight. Elena filled with tears holding on to him for dear life. Like she is scared he will disappear if she lets go of him. She doesn't say a word. She just trembles in his arms. Tears streaming down her face. He hasn't seen her this messed up since he first got here. He knows whatever she remembered is bad. She just isn't ready to tell him what it is. Or maybe she is just trying to get a grip on it herself before letting anyone else in.

Eric takes her to the bed just sitting there with her in his arms Still not letting go. He knows when she gets like this. It’s bad. It always had to do with William wanting to take him away in some way. Even though now it would never happen. Elena still feared it. She lived with it for so long it was hard to just let go of. William was always in control of her biggest fears. Its what scared her most

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