Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Setting herself free.

Elena lays in Eric’s arms, just thinking about what she just learned. How could this be? How could I forget this? Why would he do this to me? Tossing and turning in the bed. Her anger growing as the minutes go by. Feeling the lowest she has this whole time.

“Elena, what is going on? Why won’t you tell me? What are you remembering?” Eric asks.

“I need to speak to William,” Elena answers with hate in her voice

. “You are in no condition to talk to him. Your body is still weak. You’re still trembling.“Eric responds.

“I don’t care. I can handle myself I need to hear it from him.” Elena shouts Getting up off the bed.

Her dark side coming out. Her eyes glowing a deep red with rage. Eric noticing that Elena is now her dark half. He knew she remembered something bad. That the dark half was here to protect her. Eric knew not to get in her way. It would do no good.

“I will come with you then,” Eric replies. Seeing a new revived energy in Elena.

“I want you to wait outside. I don’t need you in the middle of this.“Elena says.

“I don’t want William to hurt you. You may need my help.” Eric states.

“It’s not me that will need your help. It’s William. I want you to wait outside. Do you hear me, Eric?” Elena says in an irritated voice.

“Yes, if that is what you want. Will you tell me what is going on?” What this is all about?” Eric asks.

“I will, Later. Not now. I am still processing it myself.“Elena reveals

. Eric figuring that was what was going on. Also, a little nervous. William would need his help? Yea right. Eric thought to himself. Why the hell would I save him?

Elena walks down the stairs like nothing has taken place in the last few weeks. Her body healing and going back to her true form. The trembling no longer, sweating stops. The dark form taking over. Her eyes glazed over, and all you could sense was the rage. Eric hated this side of her, even though he knew it was her protective side. He knew in this form anything could take place. She wouldn’t care who she hurt. Would she really hurt William though? Like he would let her? Eric just stands outside the office door as Elena slams it open. Walking in to see William sitting at his desk.

Elena going up to him, Pulling him up by his blue silk tie, Throwing him up against the wall.

“You bastard. IS there anything you didn’t do to me?” Elena asks as she pins him to the wall.

“I don’t know what has gotten into you now, but I would like it if you would stop this. That tie was very expensive. Not to mention, you need to treat me a bit better. I am not your punching bag. William answers.

Elena Growls and she punches him in the stomach. “You can stand there and say that after all this? You think you’re smart? You think you can hide everything and get away with it. You’re not as smart as you think William.” Elena shouts.

“What are you talking about now? What did you remember?“William asks.

Knowing very well what she remembered. Just not letting on in case it was something else. Having a shred of hope that it was anything but the truth.

“I lived in a hell with you. After everything else you did to me, You even did this. I just can’t believe I didn’t remember it. I hated you because of other things. How did I forget this? What did you do?” Elena shrieks with anger.

“Why don’t you tell me what you’re talking about? Then maybe I can answer it. You need to calm down. We are not getting anywhere like this. You are only talking in riddles. Why don’t you just say it out loud.“William states.

Elena filled with pain, anger, resentment and more, Just stands there holding William’s body against the wall with her hand. So filled with anger her power is at its fullest. Not even knowing how hard she is holding him against the wall. William not showing that it’s actually hurting him. He tries not to fight back, as he doesn’t want to anger her more.

Elena thinks about it all again, this time grabbing the envelope opener off of William’s desk, putting it up to his throat.

“You know I am not fucking around? Don’t you?” I will gut you like a fish and think nothing of it. I am not that little girl anymore William. Not the naive little twit you took here to play your games with. I can run you over with my own games now. Playing you harder than you ever played me. I am not scared of you. You will NOT ruin my life anymore. DO you hear me?” Elena shouts. Sticking the point into William’s neck. Her eyes filled with rage, turning a red that just won’t leave. William seeing she is fuming.

“Yes, I see you’re not playing. I am sorry for everything, I ever did to you. It’s not something I am proud of. Love makes you do crazy things. You know that just as well as I do. You would do anything to keep him. I feel the same about you.“Wiliam answers.

" You took my memories of him away. You made me forget who he was for months. You played me. Making me feel even more empty. Even though you took my memories away, I felt something was missing. Things kept playing in my head fighting. The pain and you just watched, knowing exactly what was going on. You just let it. Till I fought it and they came rushing back to me. His touch, His voice, His everything. You would let me forgot everything good I had with him. My past. Just so you could get what you want?” Elena huffs

.” I did it for us. I thought that if you forgot him, things would have gotten better. We would have gotten closer. It did for those few months. We made love, we spent time together. You were happy for a short time. Till you fought it and the memories were slowly coming back little by little. Then you pushed me away again.” Wiliam answers. The point pushing harder in his neck.

“How did I forget you did that to me?” Elena asks.

“You didn’t know I did it. So much was going on, Soon as you remembered, things just got worse. Our relationship took a turn for the worse. You put yourself in bed crying over him again. Your depression ate away at you.“William answers.

“It was all your fault! I hate you!“Elena screams.

Wanting to drive the point across his neck. William grabs Elena’s arms and pushes her away.

“Stop it! I might have hurt you in the past but that doesn’t mean I will stand here now and let you use me as your pincushion. You got what you wanted after all. That asshole you wanted is right behind you. You got him. Was all that bullshit worth it Elena?” William shouts.

Elena turns around looking at Eric’s face. He just watched all she said and did. Not interfering. Just taking it all in. He knew she had to let it out and to be free of it. He now knew William would go to any level to try to keep her. Yet it didn’t work. She remembered him anyway. Wanting him even more.

“Yes, it was all worth it. I love him and nothing you do or say will ever change that. I want nothing to do with you, William. You have no more hold on me.” Elena comments

. “I do still have Alexie.” William grins.

“You think that’s going to hold me to you? Do you think that’s going to work now? Fuck you. I will not let you keep me from my child. I will not be kept your prisoner in any way. ITs OVER!” Elena remarks.

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