Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Rebuilding

It’s been two weeks, Eric has been taking care of Elena. Making her eat and giving her therapy. He even takes her in the pool each day, letting her use her legs to walk to him, in the water. Helping to build her strength. He is always with her, never leaving her side. Letting her know, that he is there for her. They have become, what they once were. Best friends.

Nothing sexual has taken place. Hugs, and holding each other close, like they use to, as kids, but nothing more. He sees her doing a lot better. She is eating more can stand and walk some. She does prefer Eric, Carrying her around though. She seems to take advantage of that. Just so she could be that close to him. Always rubbing his neck or putting her hands in his silver-grey hair. He doesn’t really mind though. He is just glad to see parts of her old self back. Yet, there are parts that are still sad and scared. Eric working on that too. Hoping he could take those away, make her feel whole again.

He just knows that it’s going to take time. How he sees living with William has changed her. She is so different from when she lived at Greenhaven Manor. The carefree kids playing on the grounds. Able to do anything they wanted. Treated as equals. How her parents where purebred vampires, yet they never let that be in the way of there feeling towards Eric. He loved them as if they were his own parents. But he hated William. He thought he was an arrogant purebred. Now if that was only because he took Elena away from him? He wasn’t sure. He did know that he was evil either way. His hunter skills sensed it from the moment he met him. So many years ago. They were just little kids when they met. Maybe around six. He would come over and play with them. Always giving Elena special treatment and treating Eric like his slave.

Edward is William’s spy. He watches everything that takes place. How close Elena has gotten to Eric. How they talk and interact together. How he doesn’t leave her side. He also noticed. How Elena is coming back. How she is happy again. Eric brings out the good in her. He also sees that the Elena that was with William isn’t back. The parts that went dark, filled with hatred. Eric hasn’t seen that part yet. Edward wasn’t sure if he would, or that was just what William took out in her. There was a lot hidden between the two.

Four years is a long time. Things just didn’t become this way. There were many things that caused it. She seemed to go back to being the innocent little Elena around Eric. She hasn’t been that in at least three years. Edward wasn’s sure if it was Eric, that brought her back to the person. She used to be. Or she was hiding it, not to scare him off. Either way, Edward was keeping his eyes open. Intending on letting William know it all.

“Eric if I may have a word with you?” Edward says.

” Sure. What’s wrong?” Eric asks.

“Nothing, I just wanted to let you know. That William will be coming home tomorrow. You may want to tell Elena. She hasn’t seen him since she woke. It might be best coming from you.“Edward states.

“I will tell her later after dinner. Normally, she always loved to hear, he would be around. She used to throw herself at him. Get all Googly. It was awful.“Eric says.

“That was kid/teen crush days Eric. They have been a married couple for four years. Two of them being very disturbing. I think she is past the teen crush phase.“Edward answers.

“I still can’t see any of this. It doesn’t seem real.“Eric remarks.

“A lot happened Eric, you were the main cause but there were other reasons.“Edward replies.

“If you say so. He isn’t going to get in the way of things. When he comes home. Is he? Its been a pleasure without him.” Eric admits.

“No, I doubt he will get in the way. He won’t be staying that long anyway. He goes away often so you will have free range.” Edward comments

. “Good. What kind of husband leaves his sick wife alone so often? Don’t you see something wrong with that?“Eric replies.

“In a way, I guess. In another, not really. She didn’t want him. She wanted you. His presence only made things worse. So it was better he stayed away and let her be. You can’t push what someone doesn’t want.” Edwards says.

“He did that most of there marriage life from what I gather. So what is new now?“Eric answers.

“Maybe he learned that wasn’t helping. It takes a big man to admit defeat, Eric. You have to give him that.” Edward states. “I guess.”

Eric takes Elena to the dining room. They eat and enjoy there evening. After dinner, they go to Alex’s room, To tuck her into bed. Eric has been letting Elena, see more and more of her. To try to build a relationship. Make her there for the child. He goes to, not minding the child at all. They grew to like one another. They tuck her in and read her a story. Then head off to there own room. Eric picks her up midway to carry her the rest of the way.

“I see you like carrying me as well?” Elena says with a squeal.

“Yes, I kinda got used to it. I am glad you are walking on your own though. I am also glad your doing better.“Eric says.

“I am so glad you’re here Eric. It makes me at peace.“Elena admits.

“Me too. I am glad. I came, I don’t want to think. What would have happened, if I didn’t.“Eric responds. Walking into the bedroom. Placing Elena on the bed.

“I have something to tell you, Elena.” Eric says.

What?” She responds.

“William is coming home tomorrow,” Eric announces.

Elena’s face goes pale. Her eyes dark. Panic written all over her.

“Elena are you ok?” Eric says rushing over to her.”

No, He is going to make you go home. He is going to take you away from me. He is never going to let this take place.” She says panicking.

Freaking out. Tears streaming down her face. So upset, she tries to get up from the bed but she falls. Her legs going limp. Landing right on her bottom.

“Elena stop. It’s going to be ok. I promise.” Eric says. Picking her up into his arms.

“No, It won’t be. He isn’t going to let you stay here. He will find some way to ruin this. Some way to take you away. I will never see you again. He will make sure of it. He can’t stand how I feel about you. He never could. He knew even before I did. Yet he took me away to get married anyway.” Elena Cries.

Eric doing his best to calm her, but she seems to only get worse. In all the years, Eric knew her. He has never seen her like this. She also never had this reaction to William.

“Elena, he is the one who asked me to come here. He said I could stay. He wants to see you get better. We are ok for now. You need to calm down and relax. This isn’t good for you, back then he took you but you were betrothed to him. Even if he did know how you felt then, he probably figured it would have blown over. ” Eric replies.

Elena doesn’t answer. She just holds Eric closer to her. Crying. Feeling this wasn’t going to last. Somehow, some way William would make this end with him being the winner. William never accepted defeat, he wouldn’t now either. Elena just shakes in Eric’s arms. Her pain and panic are very evident. Scared that her love will be taken away. Just for good this time, Eric tries to let her lay down, holding her in his arms all night. She doesn’t get any sleep. She just thinks about, what William might do. Maybe not today but in the future. How these two weeks were a dream come true, but for how long? The reality of her life flooding back to her. All she can do is cry in fear.

Eric feels the tears on his chest. How she just lays there on his chest sobbing. He knew the concerns she had. He had the same ones. Just trying not to show her. To make things worse, he knew what William was. He just was going to wait and see. How they interacted when he came home. What he said and did. William said do whatever it takes to bring her back. He didn’t think. He would send him home just yet. She wasn’t fully herself. Not to mention sending him home now would put her right back where she was. Just this time, she wouldn’t come out of it. He knew if nothing else.

William didn’t want that If he did, he wouldn’t have called him at all. He would of just let her rot away. So Eric had something on his side. He also knew he was going to have to think of something for the future. They couldn’t stay here. Yet, how was he going to take her away? That wouldn’t be too easy. He also didn’t know. What William’s Long run plan was. He knew there had to be something Just not exactly what. None of it really made sense to Eric. William allowing Eric to get this close to Elena. Even saying do whatever it takes. Since when do you let another sleep with your wife and know about it? Ask for it?

Eric didn’t fear for his life. He knew William couldn’t kill him, even if he wanted to. William knew Elena would hate him if he did. Not to mention the organization wouldn’t be too happy Wiliam killed one of there hunters. And most of all he didn’t want to get on the bad side of Elena’s parents. So far they knew nothing of all that was really taking place here. Everything was being hidden from everyone. Eric was Sure William wanted it to stay that way.

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