Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 William returns

The next morning comes fast, as Elena and Eric just lay there in each other’s arms. Elena’s face a site, swollen and red from a night of sadness. Seeing her like this just makes Eric upset. He just knows. He needs to put on a brave face. So she feels everything will be ok. Hoping deep down that everything she is feeling will not take place. William still needs Eric. It would be way too soon to send him home. Its the only thing that keeps him contained.

“Time to get up for breakfast Elena,” Eric says.

“I’m not hungry,” Elena replies in a soft low tone. With a sniffle.

“None of that. Remember our deal? You need to eat. No missing any meals. You are finally putting on some weight.“Eric says.

“I know, But I don’t really feel like it.” She replies just putting her head back down.

Eric sees a flash of depression creeping back in. He knows he has to make that stop.

“We have to get up, we have therapy in the pool today.“He says picking her up into his arms.

She just lays her head on his shoulder. Snuggling close to him. Closing her eyes to take in his scent.

“You need to put your bathing suit on. So we can go. I will give you some privacy.“Eric says. Putting her down gently. Walking out of the room. He waits a few minutes then heads back in.

Elena doesn’t put on a regular suit. She is shy about her skinny body. So she wears a t-shirt and shorts. Trying to cover the way too slender body, mostly because of Eric. She didn’t want him to see her this way. She wanted him to see her as this sexy young beauty. Which at the moment wasn’t true. The first time she did this. It didn’t hide anything, just showed it more. Just how big the shirt and shorts where on her body. Each day Eric sees that getting better. Her body filling out a little more. Getting toner from the exercise, looking better. He knows he can’t stop the progress. He doesn’t want her to fall back into that rut. Rotting away.

He walks in, Picking her up again, just to make her happy. Not really because he has to anymore and carries her to the pool. Seeing a smile on her face as he carries her downstairs. Telling Berta to serve breakfast outside today. He makes sure, she has some fruit and at least an egg. He sees she isn’t really into it. Just doing it to make him happy. She is quiet and low. She changed from coming out of her shell to now heading right back into it. Which was something Eric didn’t want to see happen.

Which also just made him think how much she was upset to see William come home. He never thought he would see this day. There was a time she couldn’t wait for him to come to Greenhaven Manor. Waiting for him by the window. Now, this? Now in fear that he will send the one she really loved home. How things took a turn.

“Ok, Elena, pool time. Eric takes off his shirt. Showing his muscular lean chest.

Just being in his Swim Trunks. He hasn’t done this before. He is just trying to get her attention off of William coming home. She just watches as he removes his shirt. Seeing how he matured so much since she last saw him. How tone and muscular he is now. Her eyes open wide, he grabs her hand and takes her to the pool, helping her in. Doing their regular exercises. The Sun and water just glistening off his slender tan chest.

He sees her just staring at him. He hasn’t given her blood again. As he is trying not to stir the sexual desires up. Trying for her to regain her strength without that in the way. But a little teasing shouldn’t hurt. He holds her hand letting her walk to him, holding her in his arms. She can’t help herself. She lays her head on his naked chest. Her arms on his wet strong back. She gives out a light moan. As she closes her eyes and takes in his scent. He lets her stay like that for a while before they return to therapy. She doesn’t make any moves. She behaves herself and so does he. Her eyes do stare at every inch of him. Realizing more and more how she desires this man. Before he was just a boy. Not anymore. How he is grown into this gorgeous man before her. Just made her want him more.

They spend the rest of the day together. Eric doing his best. Getting her to laugh here and there. Letting her forget about him coming home tonight. Trying to share a nice day together. Getting in the exercise and therapy that she needs.

Dinner time arrives and Elena isn’t herself, she is very restless. Very Shaky. Her nerves getting the best of her. She puts on a black dress with black heels brushing her hair. Getting ready for whatever takes place tonight. Eric heads to her door. To get her for dinner. Seeing she dressed up and looks nice. She just smiles at him. Inside she is dying. While they walk down the stairs. Holding each other’s hand. They then walk into the dining room holding hands. Where William, Edward, and Ryan are already seated. William’s eyes look up. Straight at Elena. Hers darting straight at him, waiting for his reaction.

“My dear. I see you are up and walking around. How wonderful.” William says.

Elena taking a seat at the table. Eric doing the same. She just smiles. Taking Eric’s hand back into hers.

“I knew that Eric would bring you back my dear,” William adds.

“Yes, he is doing everything he can, To make me better.” Elena answers.

“I knew he would, I am glad. It’s nice seeing you up and about.“William replies.

Elena’s handshakes under the table. Eric noticing it, Eric doesn’t say much. He doesn’t want to rock the boat in front of Elena. He knew she was upset enough. He didn’t want to make it worse. He would talk to William alone and in private later. Just seeing Elena have this reaction to William made Eric wonder. What the hell really happened between this two? She looks terrified of him. Was it just that William would send him home? Or something more? In a way, you couldn’t blame him for wanting to send Eric home. This just didn’t look right. Nor did it feel right.

The dinner goes well. Nothing major takes place. William Sees, how Elea looks at Eric. How she stays close to him. She isn’t mean to William but she isn’t loving either. She is neutral. William also knows not to start anything. It's only been two weeks. She isn’t back fully. Anything could set her off again. He knew he could do that to her in a heartbeat. Their interactions, before this started, we’re not too hot as they were. He didn’t want to add fire to the flame. He did see how she looked at Eric. Seeing that everything she wrote in the letters where true. Feeling how could she be in love with him? What makes him so special?

Eric tells Elena to head upstairs to bed. That he will be there in a few minutes. He was going to get them, Dessert. When he sees her head to her room. He walks to William’s office. Knocking on the door.

“Come in Eric.” William already knowing Eric was out there. “I see. You got her to come back. I knew you would do the job.” William states.

“Yea, After you completely tore her down. She is terrified of you.“Eric huffs.

“There is no need for her to be afraid of me Eric. I never hurt her. If anyone is hurting anyone. She is hurting me with this nonsense. “William remarks.

“No just lock her away, take her whole family. Force her to be with you. She is scared you’re going to make me go home. Send me away again. Are you?” Eric asks.

“No, As much as I would love to. It’s been two weeks, she needs more than that. If I sent you home now. She would only go back into her shell. I am not that stupid Eric.” William remarks.

“Yea but you are that evil.” Eric grunts.

“Don’t let that innocent act fool you, Eric. She is anything but Innocent anymore. Hasn’t she ravished you yet?” William asks.

“What the hell kind of question is that? You’re her husband. You think? I would sleep with her?“Eric shouts.

“You may be a gentleman, but she isn’t a lady when it comes to you.“William barks.

“Watch it! I Don’t know what you’re playing at. But she isn’t like that.” Eric snaps.

“You don’t know her. Have you given her blood?” William asks.

“Yes once, she didn’t come on to me. Just stayed close.“Eric answers

. “Wait, It was only once. She was pretty weak, you just wait. Why do you think? I said anything it took to make her better?” William asks.

“Because you’re an evil bastard, with a very sick mind.” Eric answers.

“Yes maybe, but I know what’s coming. I am not dumb, or in denial.” William comments.

“Why are you so into her screwing me? Does it turn you on that much?” Eric barks.

“No, not at all. It makes my skin crawl. I just know how she truly feels about you. How she would come to my room. Doing things to me you wouldn’t imagine. Thinking it was you. Granted it was fun, but not the way I wanted. I wanted those actions to be for me. NOT you! How the thought of you drove her insane.” William admits.

“I think you just take out the bad part of her. She isn’t like that. If she is, she hasn’t done anything to me but hugs. and holding me tight. She never did any of that when we were younger either. Not to mention whatever we do in our bed is our business. Not yours!” Eric hisses.

“She is still my wife, so it does concern me. When she was younger she didn’t know what she wanted. Now it's different. This whole thing Concerns me, do you think I like the idea of having you here? Having you in her bed? Knowing that at any time. She will claim you.” William asks.

“If you wouldn’t have been an ass from the start. Maybe this wouldn’t be happening now. You created this mess. You took her away from Greenhaven. She was just a kid still. She didn’t know anything yet, not even her true feelings. You had to whisk her away to this place, hiding her. Did it get you anywhere? You got lucky with her and had a baby, and she hates you for it all.” Eric states.

“Blame me for everything Eric. It’s always my fault. She had a say in this as well. It wasn’t only my doing. If she knew she felt like this about you. She shouldn’t have come with me. She said she wanted to marry me, be with me. She was ok with us being together. She was good hearted and thought things would have been ok. It was for a while. It was great, then changed. She pushed herself away from me. ” William remarks.

“I wonder why? Knowing you, she found out what you were really all about “Eric answers.

“Keep blaming me. If that makes you happy. Anyway, I will be leaving again shortly. So, I am sure that will make you both happy. Just keep bringing her back to herself.” William states.

Eric walks out of William’s office. The words he spoke about Elena, Eric not knowing whether to believe or not. She hasn’t done anything to him. Not like what William was explaining. He felt the same way towards her. He didn’t think anything wrong with it. Just a little shocked she felt that way. He was happy William was leaving again. It would give them time to be together in peace. Time for him to get her back on her feet. She was at peace when William wasn’t there. Him being around was heading in the wrong direction.

He went up to her room bringing the ice cream and a bunch of goodies. Walking over to the bed handing her, her spoon. As he sits on the bed. She just smiles. Not even asking what took him so long. She was scared of the answer. They just talk about regular things. About what they are going to do tomorrow. Eating their ice cream.

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