Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Eyes Open

Eric sits next to Elena, taking off his blue pullover sweater. Looking into Elena’s Eyes, her eyes go crimson just at the look of his sweet pale neck. Not to mention his creamy white soft chest, riped with mussels. Elena does her best to control herself. To keep her promise to Eric. No touching or anything until he is ready. Not wanting to hurt or frighten him. In any way. Wanting to go at his pace, no matter the feeling of wanting to just rip his clothes off.

“Drink Elena, I know it will help you. I’m not scared of you. Take what you need.” Eric says. Looking into her eyes.

Elena moves closer to Eric, now sitting on his lap. Her arms go around his chest, with his arms around her. She inhales deeply taking in his scent. She licks his neck up to his earlobe and back down again, placing small loving kisses on his neck. Where she is going to bite. Eric just taking it in, loving how it feels. She licks again before setting her fangs into his pale smooth skin. She takes long deep gulps of his red thick blood. Moving her body closer to his with each gulp. Eric feels the desire in himself grow. The warmth of her small body rubbing up against his. Her hands rubbing up and down his back. Not to mention the pleasure from her bite. Eric doesn’t think it is the right time. He wants her to heal, in body and mind. Before doing such an act together. He is starting to feel, just how much she does care. How fragile, she is just not in body. But also in mind. How all these years, she struggled with her feelings. That she wasn’t the only one. He also wanted this. As much as she did.

He thought of her in the sexual ways. Lots of times. Dreaming of having her. Dreaming of doing all kinds of things to her. Touching her everywhere. With his hands, tongue, and mouth. He wasn’t the little goodie, goodie everyone was making him out to be either. Just because he never had sex or acted on his feelings. Didn’t mean. He didn’t think about it. That he didn’t want to. He just knew. How to control his vampire side. Never letting it take over his human side. Or at least he tried. It was all good until he would smell Elena’s blood. Or watch the vein in her neck. It would set him off just as badly. He just knew right now. She needed to heal. He couldn’t be drinking from her. She needed to regain her strength first. In time he would act on his feelings Just not now.

Elena took all that she needed from Eric. She did rub up against him and moved very close to him, but all in all. She kept herself together, not letting the vampire in her take control. She kept her promise to Eric. Just holding him close to her. The warmth of his body made her just curl up to him closer. It made her feel safe.

Eric did notice that after, she took the second dose of his blood. She looked great. Her shape was back. Her color was back. It helped more than he thought. The boney women that was sitting on top of him now has curves. A nice round ass was sitting on top of him. Which he noticed right away. When she was pushing herself against him. There was more body, It felt incredible. His arms around her felt more woman there also. Her breasts were now bigger and perky. Even her legs were more fuller now, she looks great.

Eric thought if this was just the second Dose, what would she look like after a few? He liked the thought, not to mention the feel. Eric didn’t say anything to Elena. He just sat there with her in his arms. He knew it was time to get going. Even though the blood did wonders. He was still going to keep her on track. Making sure she didn’t miss a meal, and exercise to build her strength. He knew the Human way would help as well.

They both get up from the bed. Going downstairs, eating breakfast. Edward just watching them engaged with each other. Knowing he gave her more blood. That she is looking even more like herself. He sees a happiness in her that hasn’t been there in years. How she just looks at Eric and smiles. Eric doing the same. There playful ways. Teasing each other. Just like when they were kids at home at Greenhaven. How their bond was growing more and more. He also saw that Elena controlled herself. She took his blood, without taking anything else. That no matter how she felt. She wasn’t letting it take over her whole body. He knew that took a lot to control. Which made this situation even worse.

He knew William didn’t see the big picture, but Edward did. He knew this was a bad idea. He knew he couldn’t watch Elena die either. But this was going to just bring more trouble. More problems in this world. William didn’t realize the pandora box. He was opening. He was pretty much hoping. She would just get Eric out of her system. Where Edward didn’t see she would. He saw it would only intensify for both of them. That it wasn’t just only a sex-driven affair. They both loved each other very much.

They had something William and Elena didn’t have. Trust. Friendship. Two things that build a strong relationship. One where William didn’t have or make. He always hid things from Elena. CLaiming it was for her own safety. Where it just drew them apart. Making her not trust him. Making her hate him. Edward didn’t see that with Eric. They had a very different relationship.

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