Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Sadness.

While he was going through his changes, Elena stood by him. Doing her best to make each change an easy on him to deal with.

The last stage was his need for blood, His deep down thirst that was tearing down his human existence. This burning in his throat that would take over every part of his being. He Just knew he couldn’t go out and just bite anyone. He couldn’t hurt innocent people. He was born to protect them, not bite and kill them. It was going against everything, he was ever taught. Everything he was born and meant to be. How would he be a hunter now? What would they think of him? This would ruin his future, that he was already planning for. That he was born for.

Elena knew Eric was feeling desperate. She went to him in the middle of the night.

“Eric I know your suffering. I want to help you any way I can. I want you to depend on me.” Elena states.

“Thank you. I know you care. I just don’t know. How you can help me with this. I am dying inside, I feel my insides are burning. I don’t know, how much longer, I can deal with this. How do you do it?” Eric asks.

“It’s not like you think. We just don’t go out and bite anyone, or at least we don’t. Not sure how others do it. But my mom and dad take from each other. They Say they have a bond, that they don’t need anyone else’s blood but each other. My mom also lets me feed off of her. Maybe you could feed off of me?” Elena announces.

“No Never! I could never bite you. I don’t want to hurt you. You have always been so good to me.” Eric answers.

“You won’t hurt me, dummy. I am a vampire. Its what we do. When I marry William, we will feed off of each other. He will be my love bond. Just in the meantime until you get someone else. You can feed off of me.” Elena says.

The thought of William to Eric was the thought of hell. He hated William. The stuck-up purebred Elena was betrothed to marry. Just the mention of his name would make Eric’s blood boil. He hated him with every fiber of his being. Where Elena would dream of him, drool over him, thinking he was some sort of god. Where he was just a dorky teenaged boy.

Coming back to reality, Eric sat there clutching his throat. Knowing that he needed blood, and soon. It was getting to the point, that he wasn’t going to be able to control himself.

He looked at Elena with her long brownish blonde curly hair, flowing and her brown gleaning eyes. He just thought to himself. How can I do this to her?

“Isn’t this something you want to give up to your beloved William? Won’t he know you offered yourself to me first?” Eric asks.

“You’re my best friend. I have to help you. He will just have to understand. I need to do what is right in my heart. I hate seeing you suffer.” Elena says.

Eric sits up on the edge of his queen size bed watching as the vein in Elena’s neck pulsates. He grabs her, licking her neck and sinking his fangs into her. Tasting her warm crimson nectar. It fills him making his body feel warm, making all kinds of thoughts appear in his mind and heart. He drinks what he needs and lets her go. Elena sitting there holding on to him, with her arms around him, holding him tightly.

For the first time feeling a bit different towards him. Having feelings she never had before. When Eric lets go, They just look at each other. Not really knowing what to say. Having an awkward moment, one they never had before.

From that night on, Elena helped Eric with his need for bloodthirst. Her parents knowing, what she was doing. Just never saying anything. Knowing it wasn’t allowed to offer your blood to someone, you were not bonded to.

In all right, William should have been the first and only to drink from her. They just knew she was doing it to help him. They would do the same. They loved him as if he was there own son.

James got better and did his best to be around his son more. Also now feeling, that he was the one to get his son into this situation. That it was all his fault. He didn’t train him to become a hunter. He let his dear friend Martin take over. Martin was 6′2 with White long hair in a ponytail and hazel eyes. He was rough and his body was of a man who worked out. Not having one flaw to him, even though he was a hunter, he was in A one condition.

As time went on, Eric was becoming a great hunter. Elena was offering him blood, and his feelings towards her were changing. They were both growing up. He was seeing her now for the woman, she was becoming. She now had a cute little shape. She was petite, but with a rocking body. She had at least B size breast and a tight round bottom. That Eric would find himself staring at.

When he would hold her close, when he would feed, he would feel every inch of her, making his body react. Just keeping it to himself Trying not to rattle the boat. First, she was meant to be with William. Second, they grew up together. She was like his little sister. He just didn’t see her that way anymore. He saw so much more. His raging teenage hormones were working in overdrive. He just did his best to control them, not wanting to hurt her in any way. Also feeling she didn’t feel the same for him. She was in love with butt head William. The snobbish Purebred. Who could be sobby, he was rich. He had everything you could imagine. Not to mention, he wasn’t bad on the eyes. He was 6′2 clean cut, with green eyes and black hair, his body was lean with light abs. He made all the girls swoon.

Eric saw Elena stare at him and drool. He knew, she liked him in that way. Eric wasn’t bad on the eyes either. He was now six feet tall, Stunning blue eyes, Silver grey hair that was cut short in the back and layered long on top. Where he would gel it up, giving himself a rough look. He had piercings in one ear, and he would wear jeans with his black leather jacket. He worked out so his body was perfect. He was buff but not overly. It was just right. He could get any girl he wanted. He just didn’t think Elena saw him as anything more than just her brother.

Eric’s personality was way different than William's. Eric was the type to keep to himself. The only person, he didn’t mind being around was Elena. He also wouldn’t put on a show like William. He could care less what others thought of him. He was rough on the outside. Yet, soft and gentle on the inside. Noone knowing that but Elena. She was the only one to see his softer side. Even when he was being a tough sarcastic ass. She saw right through him.

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