Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20 inner Feelings

Another week goes by, Eric and Elena getting very close to each other. She looks more and more like herself now. Eric gave her blood a few times this week, with it making her look. Incredible. He sees the vampire Elena now. The long flowing brownish blonde hair, Healthy shiny just flowing down her back. Her pretty eyes filled with joy. Her shape fuller than when she was a girl. When they were growing up. She now has a womanly shape. Fuller breasts, fuller bottom. The butt he always liked to stare at back, better than ever.

Still petite and small though. She looks very nice. Eric would stare at her, he couldn’t help himself. He saw the girl, he fell in love with years ago, just even better now. He was enjoying being with her.No longer kids, growing up together. They started to do family things this week. With Alex. Watch tv, eat dinner together. Take her out in the garden to play. Elena would just watch Eric with her. Wishing she was theirs. Wanting to have a child with him. How she yearned for a family with him. Something of his and hers. It just made her want him more. In every way. Seeing how kind and good. He was with Alex. How Alex loved him. He gave her a lot of attention. Something William never did, he didn’t have the time.

He loved Alex and would give her the world. Just he was always away. Elena kept her feelings to herself. Not wanting to frighten Eric. With how much she truly wanted him. Feeling let’s take it slow. Let’s see where this goes. At least, I have him here with me. Still my best friend. She was just happy to look at him. To hold his hand. It meant the world to her.

At the end of the week, William returns. Going straight to his office. Edward going in.

“Anything to report?” William asks.

“Yes, A few things. First Elena took more blood. She is doing very well. She looks fantastic.” Edward states.

“Well, I am glad. She is looking good. What else?” William asks.

“Nothing happened. When she took blood this week. She is holding back and doing her best to control herself. I did find out why though.“Edward reports.

“Why?“William asks.

“Well, it seems that Eric is a Virgin.“Edward reveals.

“You have to be kidding me? Well, I will be damned. Isn’t that driving her more insane? To know, He has never been touched by anyone else. That she will be the first.“William remarks.

“I am sure it is, but she won’t hurt him. She will do everything to control herself. I Don’t think. This is going the way you planned William.” Edward states.

“You mean she won’t break him?“William growls.

“No, I don’t see that happening. She would break herself before doing anything to him. No matter how strong the desire is.“Edward reveals.

“We will see. There isn’t much, I can do now anyway. At least, she is doing better. Does she spend any time with Alex?” William asks.

“Yes, They both do. They did a lot with her this week. Taking her into the garden to play. Eating with her, Putting her to bed. Like a family. They get along very nice William. A little too close. I know, I keep repeating myself. But this is a bad idea.“Edward states.

“I know, Now he even wants to take my child. My wife wasn’t enough!“William barks.

“William your not here. You’re always working, maybe you should spend time with them.” Edward suggests.

“I tried that before. She pushed herself away. I wanted to do things as a family, be with her and the child. She was just so out there. Now he is here. If I tried, she would only run to him and not want to.“William states.

“You need to do something, or he is going to take over her fully. You’re not going to be in her life. You need to try. You need to do something before you lose her altogether!“Edward comments.

“I will see what I can do. Thank you for everything.” William remarks. Sitting down at his desk to have a drink

A few hours later Elena knocks on William’s Door.

“May I speak to you?” Elena asks.

“Of Course My dear. Come in. I am so happy to see you. You look lovely.“William remarks.

“Thank you. I wanted to ask you. What Have you been telling Eric? Why would he think? I would Rape him?“Elena huffs.

“I Just told him the truth, my dear. How you desire him. How badly you truly want him. I thought he should be aware of it.” William states.

“Really? It seems the way you put it, was a way to scare him. Make him think less of me. Try to confuse him?” Elena snaps.

“Well, A real man wouldn’t be Scared. Just be up for the challenge.” William replies with a grin.

“I don’t think that is what you were after. He isn’t like you, William. He isn’t tainted!” Elena shouts.

“Well Thank you, my dear. I never figured you thought I was Tainted. Not when you were the one tearing me apart. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. I Just think it wouldn’t be Eric’s taste.“William answers.

“I wouldn’t do that to him. I don’t want to hurt any part of him.” Elena states.

“You didn’t hurt me. It was your desires coming through. It was Rough, hard and what you wanted. Don’t you think? He can handle it?” William Smirks.

“You bastard,” Elena responds.

William pinning her up against the wall, both hands in his. His warm body up against hers.

“You can’t tell me you don’t feel that? You still have chemistry with me, even though you want to hide or fight it. I am still your Husband! Your real Husband. Not this shit you want to play with Eric.“William barks.

Elena turns her head to the side. Where William kisses down her neck.

“It’s not playing. I love him, William. You will have to get over it.“Elena says. trying to wiggle out of his grip.

“I think, I have been more than generous with making him come here. Watching you play house with him. I know you’re going to Claim that bastard. Making him be part of this freaking family.“He says. Grabbing her tighter.

Elena’s heart beats fast and her desires rise

.“I smell you, Elena. I have lit a fire.“William smirks.

“Get off of me.“Elena huffs.

“If you wish. You will only come to me again. When you’re on fire and he’s not doing a thing to put it out. I know you use me. I don’t care. You’re not getting rid of me, Elena.“William states bluntly.

“Whatever, He is good and kind. I can wait forever longer if he needs.” Elena answers.

“If you say so. I like when you come to me all rattled and yearning. It just makes it hotter.” William sneers.

William letting go of her but not before he kisses her passionately. Working on the passion and desire building from wanting Eric.

Hoping it would set her off. She pushes him away.

“Stop.” She says.

“Saving it all for him? You know that’s a bad idea. How you will just explode if you do.” William states.

“I can control myself, I won’t hurt him.” She says Slamming the door of his office.

William gleaming from ear to ear. He knew he set off a blaze in her. He knew how to work her buttons. They had a very disturbing relationship. The only thing they had most in common was sex. Even when she was using him to try to kill the desires for Eric. It was hot and explosive. He did see she was getting better at controlling her behavers. Maybe Eric could control the beast inside her.

After her conversation with William, Elena knew she was too set off to go anywhere near Eric. She also knew William did it on purpose. She had to control it, or at least try. She goes into the garden, Taking off her Dress and jumping into the pool. Wearing just her Bra and panty. Trying to cool off her body. Inside and out. Trying to get the thoughts of Eric out of her mind.

William might have set her off but it was Eric keeping the flame lit. Eric goes around the house, looking for her, As they were always together. This was the longest, she ever been away from him. He was getting worried. He looked all around not finding her. Till he looked outside into the moonlight garden. He peered outside looking into the lighted pool. To see Elena swimming around in her underwear. Her body just glistening in the moonlight. Her curves all in the right places. His heart skips a beat. As his own desires start to rise.

He walks outside just staring at her.

“Eric. Are you ok?” Elena says trying to contain herself

.“Yes, I was looking for you. I got worried when you didn’t come back.” Eric says.

Taking off his shirt to get into the pool.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you. I just needed to cool off.” Looking at Eric’s chest. Her heart beating faster.

“Eric I don’t know if you being close to me right now is safe,” Elena adds.

Eric moving closer to her in the pool. “I think. I can handle myself,” Eric says

. “Maybe you can, I’m worried. I can’t.” Elena admits.

“I trust you.” Eric answers. Moving closer to her.

Elena swims to the edge of the pool. Holding Eric’s hand. She places him on the edge of the pool, her facing him. She puts her arms around his waist trying to take a deep breath. Her heart jumping out of her chest. Eric puts his arms around her. Her soft warm body up against his, skin to skin. Elena does her best not to look at Eric’s face. As she knows if she kisses him, it will set her off. She won’t be able to control herself. She is trying to control herself in a way that won’t hurt Eric. But only make him feel good. She presses her body close up against his. Her head on his chest, her hands on his back. Eric’s hands can’t control themselves. Landing on her ass, the thing that turns him on the most.

Which makes Elena moan pushing her heat up against his. Grinding into him, his hands stay on her white lace panty pushing her closer to his groin, As he likes the feeling. Elena Notices, he isn’t pushing her away. So she grinds more and harder onto him. Making his member rise. She feels his erection, which almost makes her lose it. She takes a deep breath and holds him tighter just rubbing up against him. Eric closing his eyes from the feelings. Elena lets out small pants as she is getting closer to climax.

She rubs harder and harder as his hands push her closer never leaving her ass. She starts letting out louder moans and her body shutters up against his. He knows he made her cum. Which sets him off, and so does he. Never feeling as hot as he just was. They hold each other close afterward. Not breaking the silence.

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