Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Realizing

Edward smells the arousal in the air, knowing it won’t be much longer till the real act is committed. Knowing she is controlling it. Going slowly, so she doesn’t ravish him. She had more control then any of them thought. William was sure, She was going to break Eric. Which meant, Hurt him be so rough there would leave scars. Making his first time a little rough. Maybe even parts of him broken from the intensity of the desire he causes her. Letting out all her vampire desires out, letting out the animal inside her.

William was hoping that would happen, To scare Eric away. Knowing he wasn’t a full vampire. Eric didn’t know of there ways. Only living with Elena’s parents. Who were always kind to him. Never really seeing the bad side. Only by the one who bit him years ago. Seeing Elena as this uncontrolled animal would surely send him away. But it didn’t seem that was taking place. She might have roughed up William. But she wasn’t doing that to Eric. Her instincts were always to protect him. That was still there very strongly. It took over her other instincts. Which was a good thing for her.

She got out a little frustration. Feeling a little better, but feeling his erection rub against her just made her want him more. She felt more close to him, and he to her. They didn’t mention, what happened that night in the pool. Eric enjoyed it. He didn’t, mind that happening again or even more. He did notice. How she didn’t look up at him. Which he didn’t understand. He would have loved to kiss her in such an intimate setting. He just noticed. She wasn’t trying for that. It did baffle him. Also thinking this was so wrong. Her husband was even home. How could they turn into this? No matter how much Eric thought William was an ass. This wasn’t right. He knew if the tables where turned. He wouldn’t want this to be happening to him.

The rest of the week went pretty normal. They spent more time with Alex. William leaving again for work. Eric loved it when he wasn’t there. They felt more at ease, Not to mention after the pool. Zero felt a little strange around William. He knew this was his wife. He was starting to have intimate situations with. Eric never thought of himself as the other man. It made him feel a little weird at times. Not to mention, he was living in his house, eating his food, taking his money. Then he remembered William, saying, do whatever it takes.

William knew this was going to happen. For some strange reason, he was pushing toward it. Eric didn’t know how much longer this could go on. He knew in time they would make love. He wanted it just as much as she did. But how were they going to be together? This situation was a bad one. What also was bad is when William wasn’t there. They got lost in the happiness. Lost in the moments of just being together like everything was normal and ok. Just like a regular couple. When they were far from it.

He was even playing Daddy to the little girl. Alex got very close to him, Loving to be around him. This wasn’t good. Eric only saw this ending badly. William wasn’t going to just give up his whole life to Eric. First his wife? Then his child? No Way, this wasn’t like William. How could he be sitting back letting all this happen? What was he after? What was his plan? Eric knew something was up. He just couldn’t figure out what?

He knew even Edward told William this was a bad idea. He wasn’t listening. He had to be thinking of something. He would get out of this. Something working to his benefit. It just couldn’t be. Ok maybe making Elena better. But this was just a bit too far. Any other man would have stopped it by now. She is better. She looks great. Back to herself. The more he thought about it. The more lost he got. He enjoyed being with Elena so much. He just pushed his thoughts on the side. Knowing that wasn’t a good thing. But he couldn’t help himself. He just wanted to be with her. He would deal with whatever it does.

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