Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Happy Birthday

The next few days, Elena is busy planning the party, ith Berta’s help. Eric has a little more free time to himself. Which he hasn’t had since he got here. She was always with him. He got very used to it. He didn’t mind, For the first time in his life. He didn’t feel alone. There was an exercise room in the house. Eric figured. He would take advantage of it. He went to exercise while Elena was doing her plans. Keeping his body in tip-top condition. Along with his hunter skills. He knew sooner or later, he would have to go back to the way things where. He just wasn’t in any hurry.

Elena didn’t want to give the party on Eric’s exact birthday. She knew that wouldn’t be a surprise. That he would see that coming. Not to mention, she had another plan. Elena was getting more and more back to herself. Filled with life. Filled with plans. All of them surrounding Eric. He made her life complete. Made her happy and alive. It was great seeing her like this.

Elena goes upstairs to find Eric working out. She just stands in the doorway Looking at his lean hard body. Sweat dripping down his forehead, Making his skin Glisten. She just finds herself watching as each muscle moves as he runs on the treadmill. She finds herself in a trance. Standing there at least 10 minutes. Before Eric says something.

“Are you liking what your watching?” Eric asks.

Elena snapping out of it by Eric’s voice. “Oh, Yea Sorry. I didn’t want to disturb you. I just wanted to tell you, to please dress up for tonight’s dinner.” Elena says. Licking her lips.

“Is that all you wanted? ” Eric says Looking at her.

“Yes. I will let you go back to what you were doing.” Elena says trying to hide her blush.

“Ok,” Eric responds with a chuckle.

Eric knew she was watching him. He found it cute. He knew deep down, she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. He saw the real Elena coming back. The one he grew up with. The cute little girl who was always following him around, when they were little. The who was also always there to make him feel better. Its the one he was happy to see again. Needing her more than he would like to let on.

Later in the day, Its time for dinner. Eric knows Elena is up to something. He knows how she is. He figures. Whatever. He dresses in the new jeans and sweater. She bought him. He even tries the socks. Which are the most wonderful things, he has ever put on his feet. They are like walking on air.

“Good Grief. So this is what a buttload of money buys? Leave it to William to figure out even how to make his feet feel like heaven. That selfish bastard.” Eric says to himself. With a little jealousy in his tone.

While he is getting dressed, there is a knock on his door.

“May I come in?” Elena asks.

“Yes. The door is open.” Eric responds.

Elena walks in wearing a Dark grey dress tight fitting. Showing off every curve she has. Her hair tucked in a bun. With matching high heels. The site of her makes Eric’s body shiver. Feelings go through him, That shouldn’t. He just stares at her. Her beauty taking over him.

“Are you ok Eric? You look really nice in your new set. I was hoping you would wear it. I paired my dress to your sweater.” Elena says.

“You look gorgeous,” Eric responds. Still staring at her. Seeing how she matured into a beautiful woman.

Thank you. Are you ready for dinner?” Elena asks.

“Yes, Thank you for the new clothes. I really do like them.“Eric says.

“You’re most welcome. I am glad you like. How do you like the socks?” Elena says with a giggle.

“They are wonderful. Thank you.” Eric replies.

“I use to steal William’s all the time. He was always wondering where they went.“She remarks with a giggle.

“Your not stealing mine.“Eric comments with a smile.

They both walk down the tall staircase heading to the dining room. Which the door is closed. Which was new, It was always open at Dinner time. Elena’s arm around Eric’s holding on to him as always. She steps back letting Eric open the door. When Eric opens the door. They Say Suprise! The room filled with blue and white balloons, banners that say Happy birthday Eric. A table filled with Sweet Treats. An extra large cake in the shape of 21 in the colors of blue and white. The table all decorated with tableware and flowers. Everything matched and was beautiful. The guests were small. William, Ryan, James, Edward, Joan, Micheal, and Martian. All Wishing Eric a Happy birthday. Being very nice and appropriate.

“Hey There, How do you like being here?” Martin asks.

“It’s been ok. It really wasn’t for guarding. It was to get Elena back on her feet. She was really far gone when I got here.“Eric admits.

“Well, She looks great now. She is so happy. When are you coming back? Martin asks.

“I don’t know. I don’t know how long they are going to let me stay here. She is better, but I don’t want to leave her.“Eric states.

“That’s going to be an issue. She seems very attached to you.” Martian says.

“She is, But I feel the same way. She was in love with me the whole time.“Eric confesses.

“Anyone could of saw that. It’s not a news flash to my boy. I saw it a long time ago before either of you knew.” Martin admits.

“I wish, You would have said something.” Eric states.

“It was something, you both had to figure out yourselves.” Martian comments.

“Yea we did. Just now its more complicated.” Eric says.

“When isn’t love complicated?” Martin remarks. Walking over to get some food.

Joan and Micheal going over to William.

“Its the first time, we have been to your manor since you and our daughter have gotten married. Don’t you think it could have been a little sooner?” Joan states.

“Sorry about that, We are very busy. We don’t really have time to entertain guests. I am never really home either.” William answers.

“That is no excuse. It's funny to see Eric here all of a sudden. They also haven’t seen each other in years. It does look like they have found each other again.” Joan says with an evil smirk.

“She was missing her.....friend. She said She wanted him to come to visit. So we invited him.” William says.

Never letting on the truth of what really was going on. Seeing that Joan was more than happy, with what was taking place. She loved Eric. To see him with Elena made her more than happy. She never really wanted her daughter to marry William. She just did it because her husband said it would be in their best interest.

Joan goes over to Elena watching her and Eric interact with each other. Seeing the love they want and desire. She always saw as they were growing up. She knew it was still there. Happy to no end.

“My child, I would like if you would invite us over more often. I was so glad to get the invite. Not to mention seeing you both together again. I am so proud.” Joan states.

“I think its about time, that you and dad are in our life again. Things are changing around here. I am more comfortable in my life.” Elena states.

” I am so glad you are. Its the way it should be. Staying away from your family this long was a crime. I know it was all his doing. We will forgive it, Just don’t let it happen again.“Joan comments.

“It won’t mother.” Elena answers.

The rest of the Night is a total success. Everyone doing there best to get along. Joan is just happy with the results she saw. Knowing that now she would be in her daughter’s life again. Able to see her granddaughter. Maybe even get, to see Eric and Elena together. Like she always hoped.

As William kept his mouth closed for the evening. Not wanting to let any cats out of the bags. He knew better, He didn’t want her laughing at him. He knew she was an evil bitch. He knew that for a long time. Not being the loving wife, she claimed to be. Knowing a little something that took place between Joan and his father. The real reason why she didn’t want her daughter with him. There was skeletons in everyone’s closet here tonight. William knowing them all.

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