Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Surprise.

The party lasts a few hours. Then everyone says their goodbyes. Heading home. William says Happy Birthday and goes off to his office. Edward goes to his room and Ryan back to his lab. Leaving Eric and Elena alone.

“I hope you had a great night,” Elena says.

“It was very nice. I can’t believe William actually was nice. Even giving me a gift, I was a little shocked. When they were those socks. I guess Everyone here thinks they are great huh? Not to mention, he let your parents here and even my father.” Eric chuckles.

“They are nice. William had no other choice, I invited them. I wanted them here, they are our family. Your father was nice but very quiet. He didn’t seem to have much to say. Where my Mother seems to have a lot to say. I also one more surprise for you.” Elena states.

“Elena, you don’t have to do anything more. I am more than happy, with what you already got me. My father never really liked William. He just put up with him because he and his father helped the Organization often. I am sure my father said a lot to yours after they left. Your mother, on the other hand, has been very upset since you left. She preferred you didn’t. “Eric states.

“I know I guess everyone saw it but me. Oh well, I can’t change the past, just the future For now, I am having my fun spoiling you.” Elena replies.

Elena grabs Eric’s hand, taking him outside in front of the house. Eric wondering, where she is taking him now. She heads to one of there garages, telling Eric To open the door. Eric uses the remote to pull up the garage door, to reveal a black Jeep. Brand new with a large red bow on top. “Elena, are you kidding me?” Eric asks.

“Nope, I knew you would love it. It would be great. When you go hunting. It's fast and can go up against anything. It’s so much better then you taking the bus or walking.“Elena admits.

“I don’t know what to say? I never got a present like this before. Are you sure?” Eric says.

“Yes, More than sure. Why don’t you take it for a spin?” Elena says. Handing him the keys.” Sure. Get in.” Eric says.

Backing out of the garage, Eric and Elena go for a test spin. The Manor was huge. They had plenty of space to test drive and go crazy. Going over bumps like it was nothing, going fast. Eric loved it. It turned him on. He never had anything like it. He never gave in to Material Goods, but he sure was now. Even though when he was little living with Elena’s parents they gave him everything. When he as on his own, he stayed simple. Now Elena was spoiling him, he loved it. They spend at least two hours riding the jeep. Eric and Elena’s hair flying in the wind. He looks over at her, she is smiling at him. The happiest he ever saw her. He knew he was doomed, he was more in love with her at this moment, than he ever was. She managed to entwine herself in his heart. Even more then she did when she was a girl. He saw the goodness in her, the love she truly had for him. It was special. It was real.

They head back to the house. Parking the jeep back into the garage. Heading to the Kitchen, they sneak a piece of birthday cake. Sharing it, Giggling and talking Just him and her.

“I had a great time tonight. Thank you for making my birthday great. It would have never been that way. If it wasn’t for you.” Eric admits.

“Anything for you, I wouldn’t be here at all If it wasn’t for you. You’re my white knight.” Elena says looking into his eyes.

“I am glad, I could have helped with that.” Eric answers. As they both smile at each other.

They head upstairs and get ready for bed. Eric filled with happiness, something he hasn’t really felt before. It was new. He always felt out of place no matter how much Elena’s parents were good to him. He wanted his own, just never having them. It finally felt good.

Eric gets into bed waiting for Elena. She comes in, wearing a white satin nightie. No longer too big, now fitting just right. Hugging each curve of her body. Showing off, her round ass and perky breasts. Eric just looks, feeling himself get aroused.

She slides into bed, up close against him. Her head on his chest, arms around his waist. He rubs her back, feeling the satin nightie on his skin. Elena can sense his arousal. She gets her thigh and rubs it against his erection. Taking Eric’s breath away. She rubs up and down, using her thigh like a hand. At the same time rubbing her own heat up against his thigh. He can feel her wetness. Which only increases his own desire. He notices, she still tries to keep her hands to herself and also her mouth. Which he desperately wants to kiss her.

“Elena look up at me.“Eric says in a low voice.

Elena shakes her head no, looking down into his stomach.

“Elena. Look up.” Eric repeats.

She does as he asks, her eyes Red with desire. Trying to keep herself in control. Looking at his face just makes her want him more. He pulls her up towards him, aiming to kiss her.

“Eric, please, If you kiss me. I am not sure, I can contain myself. It might let all my control go.“Elena says shaking.

“I trust you, I want to kiss you. I dreamed about it for so long. I want to taste your lips on mine.” Eric says. His heart beating fast.

She can’t deny him, as she feels the same. Dreaming of the same thing. Her body coming unglued in his arms. He pulls her closer and kisses her tenderly. Her eyes close, taking in the softness of his lips.

The taste she licks his lips before passionately kissing him. His hands roaming her body as she presses herself up against him. She moans lightly into his mouth, as she feels his erection move and presses against her heat. She rubs harder and faster, he keeps up with it. Getting harder as he feels himself getting ready to explode. His hand grabs her ass pushing her closer to him. He feels her shudder on top of him, moaning into his mouth as they kiss so passionately, they can hardly breathe.

He knows he got her to cum. He feels her wetness through her panties. He lets himself go, her eyes turn redder, at the scent of his Seed. It’s like her body knows and yearns for it. She tries to stay still and not react. She feels it on her thigh, the warmth of it. The sicky feeling speading on her. She wants more, but she knows she needs to behave. She closes her eyes, to let her body calm at the smell of him. It’s driving her mad. Eric notices, that after he let go, she froze up. He just wasn’t sure why. She lays on top of him, not breaking there bond. Just trying to keep herself calm.

“What’s wrong? ” Eric asks.

“Nothing, you feel so good.” Elena answers.

“What happened after i...let go. You seem to change.” Eric asks.

“The smell of your seed, It sets me off. It’s like a calling card. Making me want you more. Your seed seals the bond.” Elena admits.

“Oh, I thought I did something wrong.” Eric says.

“No! Not at all. It was great.” Elena admits.

“You know you don’t have to curb yourself. I am not scared of you. You can let go.” Eric says.

“No, Not yet. I do have to curb myself. I don’t want to do anything to hurt you. I want to enjoy you and you me. We will get there, I promise. I really do enjoy your kisses. God, they felt so good, better then I imaged.“Elena confesses.

“Me too, So now we don’t have to stop those right?” Eric asks.

“No, I want a lot more of them Please,” Elena says.

“Good, So do I,” Eric says. Getting off the bed to clean up, since the smell sets her off. He goes to wash up, just thinking if this is so intense. What will the real action be like? He has never felt so hot, so much yearning before. He thinks he is getting ready to finally do it the right way. He wants so much more of her. He doesn’t know if he can wait.

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