Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Getting ready.

In A few days, it’s going to be Halloween. It’s something that Elena and Eric celebrated as children. Since Eric was a human Child, Elena’s parents found it cute to do the regular traditions. Elena loved it. She wanted to share the experience with Alex. She wanted her to experience most of what she did as a child. Knowing what it was like. So she never missed anything.

“Eric in a few days it's Halloween, I want to dress up and take Alex trick or treating,” Elena says.

“Really? Aren’t we too old for that stuff?” Eric asks.

“No, Not at all. You are never too old to trick or treat. Let’s go costume shopping. I think Alex will love it.” Elena states.

“It’s way close to Halloween. Will, there even be anything left to choose from?” Eric asks. “We will never know unless we try.” Elena answers.

Elena tells the car to meet them outside. She grabs Alex and Eric’s hand heading to the car, ever So happy. Eric just watches her smile from ear to ear. Which makes him smile as well, they take the little girl to a Halloween Costume store. Which has a few Costumes left. Eric holds Alex in his arms walking around the store. Asking her what she would like to be. First its a bear, Then it's a turtle, then a ladybug, finally, she says a Pumpkin.

“Ok, Are you sure? I mean you keep changing your mind. You need to be really sure about the Pumpkin.“Eric says sweetly.

“Yes, Daddy I want to be a pumpkin. I’m sure.” Alex Answers.

Elena and Eric just look at each other. Elena doesn’t correct the child. She just keeps walking and picks up the Pumpkin Costume. Eric doesn’t know what to say. Daddy? William is going to love this, Eric says to himself. They Try on the costume and the little girl looks adorable. Elena and Eric take pictures. Telling Alex just how cute of a pumpkin she is.

They then go off to find costumes for themselves. Not much left since its really Close to Halloween.

“So What do you think?” Elena says coming out in a Sexy Vampire costume.

Eric laughs. “How original,” Eric says.

“Yea I know, the only ones left are the cutie ones. I was going for sexy. So I figured, I would just go as myself.” Elena says with a smile.

“That works, I think then I will be the Vampire Hunter. To come after you.“Eric smirks.

“Oh, Really, Ok Mr hunter, come to get me if you can,” Elena says Playfully.

They have a great time messing around in the store. Getting there costumes, candy and also decorations for the house. This will be the first time she ever decorated the Manor. She is finally feeling herself to want to do things. To be her old self, free and happy. It feels good to her.

They Get into the car and go for lunch. Stopping at a small cafe. Sitting indoors, since it is very sunny out. No matter, how she tried, she was still a vampire. She had to watch what she did during the day. They sit inside ordering a few sandwiches and sodas. Enjoying there afternoon, kissing here and there when they could. Eric started up the kisses, now Elena wouldn’t leave him alone with them. She kissed him every chance she got. They were not small either, they were passionate long kisses. They lingered on their lips, making both of them wanting more.

After lunch, They went home, Elena putting Alex down for a nap. Then taking all the decorations out, her and Eric putting them up together. Edward just watching, as these two spent the day together, being playful towards each other. He also now noticing the kisses. He takes a step back, seeing how Elena can kiss him and control herself just fine. Making herself as close to him as she could.

Edward knows this is bad, her control is growing. Better then any of them thought. She isn’t is the weak little girl, they were planning on her being. One to give in to her temptations and break down from them. She was in control of them, being so in love with Eric, she wouldn’t have it any other way. She would never hurt him on purpose.

The day goes on and Edward just keeps watching. How when Alex gets up from her nap, they go get her. Letting her help with the outside decorations. How they already started eating candy, they bought at the store. Not even waiting for Halloween. Teasing each other with I got a kit kat. What do you have? Edward just shakes his head. Knowing that William isn’t going to be able to break this as easy as he thinks. Not only did Eric win Elena’s heart, but he also gained the child’s.

Edward heard the child call him Daddy. How no one fixed it or told her otherwise. To Edward that only meant, Elena was planning on Eric to be the child’s father, taking her away from William. Which he would never let happen. This was getting deeper and deeper. Knowing that they are having fun now but Kaname would never let her freely go.

Later in the evening after dinner, It’s time to put Alex to bed. Eric and Elena go into her room to tuck her in.

“Good night my little pumpkin,” Eric says.

“Night Daddy,” Alex says.

Elena looks at Eric, knowing this isn’t fair.

“Alex sweety, I know you like Eric a lot, so do I. We don’t mind you calling him daddy. I just want you to know that William is your real Daddy.” Elena tells the little girl.

“I know. William is Father. Eric is daddy.” Alex responds.

Both Eric and Elena look up at each other and smile.

“Yes, that’s right. Good night my love.” Elena says. Kissing her on her head. Eric tucking her in.

“Good night mommy. Night Daddy.” Alex replies.

Eric and Elena head off to bed, Eric picks her up and carries her to there room, kissing her passionately. He loves the kisses and wants all he can get. Not caring where it leads. He wants her and that’s all that matters to him. He likes this life, Its one he only dreamt could be true. The only problem was, It was someone else’s.

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