Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Halloween

The next Day, William comes home from his trip, going into his office. Elena follows him in there on his coattails, just like she used to. Giving William a slight surprise, one that he likes. It’s been a long time since she has done this.

“Elena my love. What can I do for you?” William says. Seeing her gleaming with happiness.

“I want to take Alex trick or treating,” Elena says.

“Dear you know that can be dangerous. I don’t really like you two going out without me.” William states.

“I will be with the strong vampire hunter. We will be safe. You can even make your wolf Familiar come with us. That way you’re there taking Alex trick or treating as well. You wanted to be more with us. I know you’re going away again. That way your still here, come on.“Elena says pouting at him.

“Well, I don’t know, what to say. I am so happy you’re like the old Elena. I haven’t seen you this way in so long. You’re even somewhat asking my permission.“William says floored.

“Please?” Elena asks.

“Ok, My Familiar will be with you, anything happens, I will be there in five minutes.” William states.

“Ok, That’s fine. I am sure everything will be good. Thank you.“Elena says. Giving him a hug.

One he hasn’t had in years. He just puts his arms around her holding her tight, lost in his thoughts. She lets go, giving him a smile and walks out. William just sits in his chair, not even sure that was Elena.

“Where did that come from? Did she hug me, just to get what she wanted? Using it to get to me?” William asks himself.

William doesn’t get to wonder for too long. Edward comes knocking at his door.

“May I come in?” Edward asks.

“Of course, what do you have to report?” William asks.

“Well, as you can see, she wants to go trick or treating. She took them both out picking costumes. She decorated the place for Halloween. That was all normal. “Edward states.

“She hasn’t been this into anything in a long time. If she wants this place to look tacky go for it. I don’t care what she does. Even though the spider web white crap got all over me as I walked into the door. She got a little happy with that stuff.” William chuckles.

“Yes, her and Eric did it together. She is closer to him than ever before William. They are now kissing. They haven’t gone all the way, as the scent would be in the air. But she is doing more and more with him, without hurting him. She has a lot of her feelings under control. Its why she is going slow.“Edward states.

“Maybe its time for him to go home now. He did his job, she is better. They didn’t complete the bond yet. It would be a good thing. “William states.

“If you ask him to leave, she might go with him. Taking the child with her. Alex calls him daddy.“Edward answers.

William breaks his own control by breaking the glass in his office window.

“She isn’t going anywhere neither is Alex. I will see how she takes it, then adjust. I can always use it to my advantage. I will see what I can do.“William states.

Thinking about the child calling Eric Daddy only lights a fuse under William. He wasn’t very happy with that thought. Or with the thought of Elena leaving him. This isn’t what he wanted, or would let happen. It was bad enough it was under his own roof. No one else needed to know or see what was going on. Not to mention, the hunters would be against this and so would the vampires. They would have many people after to kill them. A Vampire hunter with a purebred vampire? His child would be endangered. He couldn’t have that. He thought, for now, he would shut up. Let her have her Trick or treat.

A few days pass and its Halloween, Elena all filled with smiles. Getting Alex dressed as the pumpkin, Eric coming in dressed as a hunter, Even wearing a hat to complete the look, as Martin wears. Elena just laughing at him.

“Doesn’t it suit me?” Eric chuckles.

“I’m not sure, It’s something to get used to, but you’re wearing it. So it’s fine.“She says.

“Will you take the pumpkin so, I can change?” Elena says.

“Of Course, Me and pumpkin will be waiting downstairs.” Eric answers.

Elena goes into her bedroom and puts on a sexy vampire dress. Long red crushed velour with black details, her hair flowing down her back, and some makeup. No need for fangs since she already had them. She laughed to herself.

When she was done, she headed downstairs to greet her two favorite people. As she is coming down the stairs, Eric’s eyes look up at her. He is just taken back by her beauty. Her shape in the long tight dress. His brain goes into overdrive, just staring at her.

“You like?” Elena asks.

“Yes, very much. He replies back.

“Good, I am your prey for tonight.” Elena answers.

That just made Eric hard, the thought burned him. He tries to think of something bad to calm his erection. Never thinking, she could get him so hard and hot, with just a statement. He controls himself. When he sees William’s Wolf. That pretty much could kill an erection or anything else for that matter.

Elena gets a leash and puts it on the Wolf. The Wolf trying to push it away.

“Now stop that, you have to put this on. We are going to be around Human children. You need a leash.“She says as she rubs his neck and kisses his head.

The wolf licks her and obeys. “Good boy,” Elena says.

“I need to give you a name. I can’t call you William. That will be too suspicious. How about Shadow?” Elena asks.

Eric just watching her interact with William. Seeing she is a bit more tender towards him. Not scared, not hateful. The wolf nods at the name, putting on the leash.

“Ok Shadow is it. Everyone ready?” Elena asks.

” All ready, I have the stroller in case she gets tried. Plus we can put all the candy in the back.” Eric says.

“Good idea.“Elena replies. Shadow just looking up at him. Walking beside them.

The driver takes them into the city where trick or treating is being done. Elena, Eric, and Alex go to each house, getting candy, having fun. Laughing and holding hands, being close to each other. William’s Familiar watching, he now gets to see it himself, up close and personal. He knows that Elena knows it’s him watching them. She doesn’t shy away or hides her feelings. She does every once in awhile Pat the Wolf’s head, being kind to him.

Letting Alex know that Father is here with us. Just in this form. Alex holds Eric’s hand and also the fur from the wolf. Being with both of them. They stay out for an hour and a half, getting two bags of candy. Alex is dead tired from doing her best to go up and down the stairs of each house, they went to. Her little two-year-old legs now tired. They took the stroller but Alex wants Eric to carry her. Which he gladly does, Elena holding his hand, and the leash in her other hand. William just watching, feeling lonely and dead inside. It just brings out his anger more.

Thinking why couldn’t she do this? When she was with me? As a family without Eric. Why is she doing this?

They head to the car, where the driver takes them safely home. They tuck Alex into bed. Then they go through the candy bags making sure everything was ok. For the morning when Ai would get up. Taking a few pieces for themselves. Giggling and being playful with each other. The wolf now staying in Alex’s room on the bed with her.

They head to there own room, Eric remembering her words. That she is his prey for the night. He wanted to take advantage of that, kissing her before she leaves to get ready for bed. He gets in bed and waits for her to come to. Which only takes her a few minutes.

“Did you enjoy tonight?” Elena asks.

“Yes, It was a lot of fun. I think Alex like it also, not sure how the dog liked it.“Eric says with a smirt.

“Now Eric behave. He didn’t do anything tonight, It was nice.” Elena says.

“Whatever, I loved that he had to wear a leash. William in a leash. That was the best thing I ever saw. Not to mention, I got to walk him. He was my pet. That was a screw you to him.” Eric states.

“Your just a naughty boy.” Elena answers.

“Your my prey remember? Eric says.

“You really liked that didn’t you?” Elena asks.

“Yes, It turned me on, I want to touch you.” Eric asks “Will you let me?” Eric adds.

Elena looks into his eyes. “Yes, you may touch me. May I touch you?” Elena asks.

“Of course."

Elena slides her hand across his chest, rubbing his nipples and his chest. Loving the feeling, he slides his hands on her breasts lightly squeezing and rubbing them. His hand slowly goes down her tummy and over to her hard firm ass. That he loves to hold and squeeze. He puts his hand up her nightie to feel more skin.

As Elena Moans and closes her eyes, her hand slowly goes down his PJ pant. Where she finally gets to feel his Erection skin to skin. Feeling how large he really is. Making her body tremble with want. She slowly starts sliding her hand over the tip of his hard member, sliding up and down with her hand.

Eric gives out light moans of his own. The feeling of her hand on him, driving him crazy. He slides his hand down her black lace panty, feeling the heat and wetness. Which only makes him hotter. He kisses her passionately, while he works on her, and she works on him. Bringing each other to climax.

Eric panting and trying to get his composer back. Elena breathing heavy taking in the site and smells. Controlling herself. Laying her hand on his chest. Kissing his chest for the first time. Holding him tight in her arms.

“Elena do you think? Maybe next time we can go all the way?” Eric asks catching his breath.

“Is that what you really want?” Elena asks.

“More then you know. I am ready.” Eric states.

“Ok, I am when you are. Just, please, we will have to take precautions.” Elena comments.

“I am not scared of you. To be honest, I am a little scared of myself. I never felt like this before. My thoughts have gotten worse.” Eric states.

“It’s the vampire in you, It will only get worse. You don’t have to be scared of hurting me. I am no longer a virgin, but you already knew that. I’m not that innocent in it either Eric.” Elena confides.

“Yea, So they keep telling me. I don’t care, so you had sex before. You are married to him. It’s not a big deal.” Eric states.

“Are you sure? I have done a lot of things. I’m not proud of. I let my desire take over. He was my husband so I felt able to share that with him. I didn’t expect him to share that with the world.” Elena admits.

“Look whatever you did with him. I don’t care. You’re with me now. He can go screw himself. I am just not sure, what this will mean for us. I don’t know how this will work.” Eric says.

“Once we are bonded, he can’t take us away from each other. He knows that. The Love bond will be complete. Its before we complete it, He can, But even then. He knows how I get.” Elena states.

“Even when completed. Then what? We stay like this?“Eric asks.

“Maybe, I would like to move away from here, to get our own place. I guess we will just have to wait and see.” Elena comments.

“That’s what scares me.” Eric confesses.

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