Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Agreement.

It's been a few weeks after Halloween, william is home and wants to talk to Elena. He feels it's about time.

“Elena can you come to my office, please. I would like to speak to you.” William asks.

“Sure,” Elena responds.

Heading down to William’s office.

“What would you like to speak about?” Elena asks.

“I would like to speak about Eric. I know you two haven’t completed the bond. I think it's about time he leaves so we can work on our own marriage. Get back to what we had, before all this nonsense took place. Before the bond is created and he is with us forever. We still have time to make things right. “William states.

Elena’s heart falls to her stomach. She moves closer to the armchair in front of William’s desk, to have a seat before, she falls down.

“I don’t want him to leave. William, you can’t make him go.” Elena pleads.

“It’s the best time for it to happen, Elena, before anything else takes place. I think I have been more than excepting of this situation. I want my wife back.“William states.

“Please, You can’t. I won’t let you.” Elena states.

“You need to get this out of your head. We have a life without him. You are better now, he can go.” William states.

“No, Never. I will never let that happen”. Elena answers.

Running out of the office, grabbing her purse and running out the door.

“Elena stop, Get back here,” William shouts.

Eric coming downstairs.

“What the hell happened?” Eric asks.

“I told her you should leave. She got mad and ran out.” William states.

“Ah, I knew that time was coming.” Eric answers.

“Well, don’t you think? It's about time. You didn’t complete the bond. Things could go back to normal now. You did make her better. I want my damn wife back.” William shouts.

“You should have thought about that before turning her into what you did. Keeping her locked up alone.” Eric snaps.

“It wasn’t all my fault, she wanted you. She wouldn’t let it go. SHe married me and wanted you to! Don’t you see it! She wants us both.” William admits.

Eric a little taken back, but this doesn’t surprise him too much. It's pretty much what she had the last few months. It just seemed, she wanted Eric in a different way. She was closer to him. Wanting him in every way she could.

William tries to send out a search team, but no one could find her. It’s now getting late and cold out. William is beside himself, not knowing where she is.

“She is alone, she doesn’t know how to take care of herself. This place gets dark fast at night. There could be people that can hurt her out there.” William says.

“Then maybe you should have shut up.” Eric states.

“Yea, Just keep it like this right? You’re the one getting all the attention. Why would you care? Damn it to hell.“William howls.

“Where the hell would she go?” Eric asks.

“I don’t know, she never did this before. She was always locked away upstairs. I knew where she was, even when she was pissed at me. She would just lock her bedroom door.” William comments.

“She wouldn’t do anything stupid? Would She?” Eric asks.

“Your guess, Is as good as mine. I don’t know her anymore, she changed. It’s like the vampire in her took control. Yet, with you. You tame her, you keep the beast away.“William admits.

“We don’t have a relationship like you two. Yet, I never saw what you have turned into this. She loved you so much.“Eric states.

“Yes. in the beginning. It was wonderful. She always hated my long trips though, me leaving her here alone. I would always take back something for her. To make her smile. Just in time, things changed. She thought more of you, she wanted more. I thought to have a child, would give her something to do. She would have the baby while I was away. It just made her more depressed. It drove her away from me. To the point of what you saw.“William admits.

“I don’t know, What was going through her mind. I just know. She deeply cares for me. I feel the same, I want to be with her. I know this has to be hard for you. This isn’t a normal situation, but you did call me to help. I fixed it, Now you want to take it all away. Do You think she is going to let you?” Eric states.

“I guess, not. I am not giving up on her Eric. I want to make that clear. She is my wife. She will remain my wife. I might have to share her, but I am not giving her up. You will have to deal with this If you intend on staying. Once you make that bond there is no turning back. I am giving you a way out. Before your set in stone.” William states.

“Sharing her with you? You were in my way most of my life. Growing up with her, all I saw was you. I hate it, but I learned to live with it. So, I guess you’re going to have to as well.” Eric admits.

“As long as your sure about this,” William remarks.

The time keeps going by, It gets later and later. William is beside himself, pacing the floor. Eric sees how worried he is. How hurt he is. Eric feels the same, just is hiding it better.

Which is normally the other way around. Eric never Saw William come undone before. The worryment he has for Elena. Is real, he cares. What really went on with these two? He still loves her after all this. She wants another man, or both as William stated it.

“Look, what all do you have on this property? Where could she get lost and hide?” Eric says.

His Hunter skills taking over. “There are many places, we have the gardens, the Tombs, the sheds. The gardens and sheds were checked, no one was there. The tombs are farther out.” William states.

“Maybe we should check there. It would offer her shelter in the cold and dark.” Eric replies.

“Ok, Let’s go.” William answers.

They both head to Eric’s jeep, driving around the grounds. Taking at least 30 minutes to get to the tombs.

“Elena would have had a lot to walk to get here. “Eric says.

“Yes, Its why I didn’t think of it, but then again. She is capable of anything lately.”

Eric drives close to the tombs, getting out. Seeing one of the tomb’s doors is open. He goes in, seeing Elena sleeping on the floor. His heart starts beating normally at the site of her.

“William I found her,” Eric shouts.

Elena waking up. “NO, Eric. DOn’t tell him that, Please. He wants to send you away.” Elena says running to Eric.

“It’s ok, I am not going anywhere,” Eric says.

William walking in.“If you want him to stay there are rules Elena.” William comments.

“And what are those?” Elena answers.

“I want us to have family time, just me you and Alex. We need to work on our family. You need to remember, I am her father.” William insists.

“I understand that, Fine.” Elena answers.

“You still will go to functions with me and do your wifely duty. So no one else knows what is going on in our house. When you two go out in public, There is no affection. He is the hunter taking watch over you. In the house, It’s a different story. You need to let me know where you two are. You will put him, yourself and our child in danger if you don't listen.“William states.

“I understand,” Elena replies.

“Eric do you?” William asks.

“Yes,” Eric replies.

“Good, It’s cold. Let’s get home before the sun rises.” William states

. Getting back in Eric’s jeep. Eric and Elena do the same. Staying quiet the whole trip home.

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