Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Finding Elena.

Once Home, William walking to his office, still very upset but dealing with it. Having no other choice at the moment.

“William,” Elena says.

“Yes, Elena?” William answers.

“Thank you for letting him stay. I know this is hard on you. I am sorry, I just can’t help how I feel.” Elena replies.

“Just remember the rules, Elena. You are still my wife, and always will be. Our family comes first. Don’t put them in jeopardy.” William states.

” I won’t.” Elena remarks.

Willam goes into this office closing the door behind him.

Elena stares At Eric and they head upstairs to bed. Eric holding her hand. Once they get into there room, Eric wants to talk.

“Elena, why did you run away?” Elena asks.

“Because he had to know, what it would be like if I left. He had to know what it feels like, to lose someone you love. Its the only way he would understand. I am just sorry. I worried you at the same time. Elena states.

“So you play tricks on him?” Eric asks.

“Our relationship has gotten to the point of destruction. Most of it is my fault. Eric, I love you very much. I want to be with you, but I also don’t want to do what William did to me. I don’t want to trap you. Once we seal our bond it is what you will be. So if you don’t want this, now is the time to leave.” Elena says.

“You would let me leave?” Eric says.

“Yes, If its what you truly wanted and makes you happy. Yes, I don’t want you to be here and be miserable. It's bad enough me and William were like that. I made him miserable. He did the same to me. It’s a back and forth thing. It’s terrible. He will never fully let me go. Which means I am bound to him, I will always be his wife. I guess I was so in love. I didn’t see how all this would be so hurting for you. I am so sorry, I don’t want to be selfish like him. Doing only what is best for me. I don’t want that trait from him. I know, I can be just as bad as he is. Sometimes worse. I just don’t want that with you, I want honestly. So far we have that, I want it to stay.“Elena comments.

“I do also, I don’t want to leave. My life would never be the same after this. I could never get you out of my head. Knowing you love me so deeply. I feel the same. I know William is going to be in the way. When isn’t he? As long as you be honest with me. I am willing to do this.” Eric answers.

“I promise you, I always will be. My heart belongs to you.“Elena says.

“What are your feelings towards William? I see a more tender interaction lately.” Eric asks.

“William and I have a history. I still do care for him, I am so sorry that I hurt him as I have. We have a chemistry that is explosive in many ways. We know how to get under the other's skin on purpose. To either make feel good or to hurt. It has been two and a half years since I slept with him. He tries I just push away. After his little trick, I didn’t trust him anymore. I made sure it wouldn’t happen again.“Elena says.

“That he tricked you into having Alex?” Eric asks.

“Yes, He did it on purpose. I know it was my fault as well, but he always took care of things in the past. I didn’t have any reason not to trust him. Once he broke that trust, things were never the same.” Elena states.

“Do you think it ever could be?” Eric asks.

“I am not sure. He would have to build trust. He isn’t one to tell you what’s going on. How he is feeling, any of that. Your just trying to figure out things all the time, It gets old. You get tired. In other ways, he can be very caring Giving. Even sweet at times. It’s complicated.” Elena answers.

“Would you ever leave me?” Eric says.

“No, Never. My true real blood bond is with you. It makes it hard for either of us to leave each other, or to even be apart. Once we mate, It’s for life. Its why I am asking if you really want this before you do it.” Elena says.

“Yes, I only Crave you. I want you in every way. Being near you drives me crazy. I want your blood and your body. As long as I know you can’t leave me, I am willing to do this. That means no matter what he does. He will never fully have you, even if you have to be married to him. Even if in time your with him in others ways. You still will belong to me.” Eric states.

” I am yours always and forever. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Elena remarks.

Eric and Elena lay down to go to bed, holding each other tightly. Eric knows this is going to be a mess but still isn’t willing to let her go. He wants her. All of her. The thought of sharing her with William drives him crazy. Yet, at the same time, he knows, William is sharing her with him. Knowing everything they do with each other. He knows that has to be hard. That this is the most messed up situation ever. Yet, he still doesn’t want to run away. The thought of not being with her makes him crazy.

Eric also knows he needs to step up and complete the bond. That way William can’t take them away from each other. It would make it complete. Which in a way scared Eric, what the hell did complete mean? How much worse could his feelings get? They were already strong in every other way. He couldn’t imagine it stronger, he thought Figuring no matter what, he was going to do it. He wanted to be with her forever. Even forever wasn’t long enough.

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