Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Control

The next day, William leaves again for work, going away for another week. Feeling that maybe it was a good thing. Since it was getting harder to watch these two. It only hurt him, and he knew, Eric wasn’t leaving anytime soon. Once they would mate, he was here for the long haul. That drove him insane to even think about. Sharing her, with him for his whole life. He could let go, but that would lead to so many problems.

He knows once she would leave him and people would find out, they would talk. It would be the biggest thing that happened in centuries. Then Eric being a once human now vampire, plus Vampire hunter would seal the deal. They would go after him and her for being with him. Making sure they would get revenge for the purebreds. The Organization not being any better than the Vampire Association. It would only lead to bloodshed. One where Elena would be stuck in the middle. Not to mention if They would kill Eric. It would kill her. He would lose her for good. She would never come back from that, knowing it was all her fault. So William would keep things like they are.

Hoping Nothing major would happen to rattle the boat even more than it already was. She would have her playful puppy. That she could play with any time she wanted. That made her so happy. It would keep her tame and under control, At least, for now, William Thought.

Eric and Elena get up, Heading downstairs for breakfast. Knowing that William left and they are alone. Which makes them feel good. It is more comfortable when he isn’t around. Even though they still have Edward eyeing everything they do. They both knew he was his spy.

Ryan was there but in his own world. He was too busy working in the lab. Doing his own thing, to really even care what they did. He didn’t really like the Idea of Eric being there with Elena. Since she was William’s wife, but if William didn’t say anything Then he figured it was alright. Not to mention he was good friends with Elena. He knew how much pain she went through. When William took her here away from her family and Eric. How much she loved him. He wanted her happy, at the same time, he didn’t want to see William hurt. He just knew For Elena to get what she wanted it would hurt William.

It’s a nice fall day and they take Alex outside to play on the swings, pushing her up and down. Elena sits on one and Eric pushes her as well. They have a fun time all afternoon playing outside. Even raking some leaves and playing with them. Making Ai have a good time. When they come in its Nap time for Alex.

“Elena, Tonight I would like if you came to my quarters instead. I would like to cook you dinner.” Eric states.

“I would love that. I use to love when you cooked when we were growing up. You would send the maids away and make us something.” Elena replies.

“Good, Be there at six.” Eric comments.

“We have a date,” Elena replies. With a big smile.

Eric goes to his room and starts cooking. Also getting the table ready with the fancy dinnerware he found in his cabinets. He prepares the food. Then himself. Taking his shower and getting dressed.

When Six rolls around Elena walks down the hall and knocks on Eric’s door.

“Come in,” Eric says answering the door.

Elena wearing a red short tight dress with heels. Looking and smelling great. Eric wearing the birthday outfit Elena bought for him. The dark wash jeans grey sweater and light as air socks.

“I see you like the socks.” Elena laughs.

“Yes, They are my fave,” Eric replies.

“Come have a seat,” Eric adds taking her over to the glass table and wrought iron chairs.

“Thank you. Everything smells wonderful.” Elena says.

“Its Roasted chicken and veggies.” Eric states.

“Oh, my favorite,” Yuki says. As she gets her fork and starts eating.

“It’s delicious Eric,” Elena says.

“Thank you,” Eric replies.

Watching her eat, just taking in her scent. They sit there and eat, talking about general things, just being together. When they are done. Elena helps Eric with the dishes, just like she used to, at Greenhaven.

When they would get into trouble. Elena’s mother would let them wash and dry the dishes. A lot of memories being brought up tonight as they were together. When they are done with the dishes. Eric grabs Elena’s hand, taking her into his bedroom. The Fireplace on, warming the whole room.

Elena just looks into Eric’s eyes as he sits her on the king size bed.

“I want to be with you forever Elena. I want you to claim me, as they keep saying.” Eric states.

“Eric I want you more than anything. But if we are going to do this, you need to listen to me.” Elena answers.

“OK,” Eric replies.

“I won’t be able to do, what I really want to you the first time. I will need you to do everything, so, I can control myself. I don’t want to do anything to harm you. So. I am going to make you be in control. I want you to tie my hands, so, I can’t touch you. YOu only untie me after you are done. Fully Done, not before. Do you hear me?” Elena states.

“Yes, I am not afraid of you,” Eric remarks.

“I know your not, but I am of myself. It’s for our safety. Do you have something to tie me up with?” Elena asks.

“I guess my blue silk tie? Will that works?” Eric asks.

“It Should, tie it tightly. ” Elena states.

Eric just looking at her. First, he turns her around and unzips the red dress, placing kisses on her neck. Down to her shoulder and then her back. Elena giving out light moans of approval. He turns her around, Kissing her breasts and he takes each one of them into his mouth. Sucking and licking them, giving each of them the same treatment. He lightly grabs her hands. moving Elena to the bed laying her down flat, putting her arms above her head.

He ties His blue silk tie around both hands, making a tight knot. Which actually turns him on more. Her laying in his bed in just her red bra and lace panty. He puts himself on top of her, using each of his arms to hold him up, as he kisses and licks her stomach, moving down to her inner thigh. He lightly removes her red lace panty, rubbing his hand over her mound. Making her push herself into his hand. He slides his hand around her lips, spreading them feeling her wetness.

He slides a finger in, letting her moan louder and she grips the sheets. Squeezing them tightly. He slides his finger in and out of her, slowly teasing her. Then pushes it in and out a little faster, as he kisses her breasts. Working his way up to her neck. Where his eyes turn crimson and he needs her blood.

He feels himself coming undone. The chocking in his throat. The same feeling he felt back at Greenhaven. She nods as she knows what he needs. He licks and kisses her neck as he sinks his fangs into her, drinking greedily. Tasting what he needs so badly. The rich thick blood he desires.

Elena is trying her best to control every ounce of herself. Her body moving against his. Her hands tied but gripping and ripping at the sheets. His erection poking at her entrance as he drinks from her neck. He moves himself closer to her, rubbing it up against her outer lips, teasing her. When he is done drinking, he licks her neck. Sliding his hard large erection into her. Making her scream out his name. Tearing at the sheets, as he slides in and out of her warm tight core. He feels the vampire take over him. As he can’t be gentle anymore. He slides her body over, Letting her legs hang off the bed. Her bottom up, head down, and he starts ramming his erection into her hot wet core. In and out, holding onto her Thighs. PUshing himself up into her, then back out. SHe equals his thrusts, as she pushes herself back into him. Getting as rough as he is. The sound of body’s slapping in the quiet. Her nails going through the mattress digging into to. To control herself. But he is just as rough or more so then she would be. So she isn’t holding back too much. She just rams into him, until her body starts to shudder. Her core wrapping tightly around him. The feeling makes him lose Control and let’s go right inside her. His seed warming her whole core. Once he does that, Elena’s control is now under control. His seed was the last of the bonding. She now knows he is her’s her body calms

Eric falling onto the bed right next to her. Not knowing where any of that came from. It's so not like him to be that rough or to act that way. He just knows he couldn’t control himself. He let totally go, and it felt great. He rolls over to Elena kissing her back as her breathing calms down. He unties her hands, Which now have Red Lines, deep in her wrists.

She moves over to him, putting her head on his chest. Kissing it.

“You are now mine,” Elena says.

“And you mine,” Eric replies, with a smile.

“I can now show you, what I want to do to you. I don’t have to worry anymore.” Elena says.

Now sitting on top of Eric, kissing his lips, tugging at his bottom lip then kissing it. She kisses down his neck, Kissing every detail of his birthmark. Licking and sucking lightly. Working her way down to his chest, sucking on each of his nipples and then kissing them. Kissing down his belly, to his shaft that she takes into her hand, rubbing up and down. Her touch gets him hard in an instant, As she licks the underside of his shaft. Sending shivers down his spine. She then licks his head taking it into her mouth. Sucking all the way down, going up and down.

Eric feels like he has gone to heaven. He doesn’t even know what to think, or how to. His brain is in overdrive. All he does think, Is not to let go yet. Which gets harder with each suck. She makes him all wet, from top to base. Then she slides her core down over the top of him, sliding on him slowly. The feeling taking Eric to new heights. His hands go to her breasts and her ass, feeling every part of her. As she slides gently up and down on him, kissing his lips. He grabs her ass helping her go up and down. Now making it faster and harder. Kissing passionately at the same time. Till they both Climax together. Shooting another round of his seed inside her. Each time, her body gets calmer. It knows That Eric is now hers.

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