Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Realizing the truth.

As time went on, and they were now 17, Eric cared for Elena very much. Still not telling her anything about his true feelings. Elena was having mixed feelings of her own. When Eric would hold her close, she would close her eyes and take in his scent. Loving how his arms felt around her slender body. Not sure why she was feeling like this, knowing it wasn’t right. She would just keep her feelings to herself as well. Both of them hiding. Thinking the other didn’t feel that way.

One day William comes around letting Joan and Micheal know, it was time for them to let Elena move in with him. That it was time, they spent time together and got ready to be married. Joan and Micheal say that is fine. They both had no problems with Elean being with him. He was very powerful among the vampires. He came from the purest of bloodlines. It would make for a very happy successful marriage.

Elena was torn by the news. Not knowing whether or not to go. She loved William. He was more than anything she could imagine. He treated her very well, Yet, the thought of leaving Eric bothered her very much. A piece of her loved him, she just didn’t want to admit it.

The night before she was to leave, Eric goes to her room.

“Elena are you sure about this? You don’t have to marry him, or be with him. Why leave with him?” Eric states.

“I am meant to marry him. I will do what I need to do. I love him anyway. It’s not bad at all.” Elena replies.

“I just don’t want you to do something you will regret. You know that William isn’t all that you think he is. He comes from an evil family. He will do anything to get what he wants. And at the moment that happens to be you. Think about this.“Eric states.

“I know you mean well. We will be fine.“Elena answers. Hoping that her words are true.

She kisses Eric on his head, looking deep into the sea like eyes. That could take your breath away. Wondering if she is doing the right thing, leaving him here alone.

Its been four years, She has been with William. They went back to Rosewood Manor. A large mansion, owned by the Daniels Family for generations. Passed down to each male successor. It was now William’s. It was Cold dark and eerie If you ask Elena.

While she has been there, she and William have gotten married and had a daughter Alex, who is two. At first, Elena tried really hard, to be all that William wanted. She had a lot to live up to. He was a very successful purebred Vampire. He was nice and would do anything Elena asked. Always trying to keep her safe.

He knew that being with him also brought danger. There were plenty of people who wanted him gone for many reasons. He hid things from her, keeping her in the dark. Yet, she still tried to let him, let her in.

William was dark and cold, as nice as he was, it was hard to reach inside of him. Hard to know what he was feeling or thinking. No matter what was going on, he never showed emotion. Not even showing that he loved Elena. Even when Elena thought, she was getting close to him. Something was always off. He had so many burdens on his shoulders, because of his success and being the purest of vampires. There was a lot of weight on him.

He had a lot to take care of, never showing his opponents that anything got to him. They all called him a cold manipulative bastard. Which he was proud of. It was what he was after.

“Never let them see you sweat.” William's Father Thomas would always tell him.

Both of his parents hidden away so no one could hunt them down. It was the price, they would pay for being who they were. Leaving William to deal with everything. Their company and their enemies, which they had a lot of. William's father also was the type to cause a stir.

The higher ups didn’t like that, Thomas was letting his son marry into a family that thought nothing of being friends with a vampire hunter. Where Thomas didn’t mind. He would work with the hunters on occasion himself. Using anyone he needed for his own sake. He thought it was good to have them on his side.

William would follow the same path. He worked with the Organization. Trying to keep things as calm as he could between humans and vampires. Not to mention, William was the one to give them the lists of the vampires that were going behind there backs. He would use the list to his own purpose. Sometimes just adding in vampires he wanted gone.

They had nothing to do with hurting humans. They were going behind William, getting in the way of his plans. That’s all that mattered. The Organization knew what Thomas and William were doing. To them, they sat back and did whatever they wanted. It gave them the rights to kill vampires. They really didn’t care, if they were good or bad. To them, most vampires were all the same. So they would get rid of a few extras. They saw no harm in it. They knew William and his father Thomas were ones not to screw over. Plus they did work very well together. It worked for both parties, both were very happy with the situation for many years.

William would go away for days or even weeks, going on work trips. William’s family own a huge oil company. He would have to go away often to take care of business, both work related and Vampire related. That often left Elena alone. She only had Ryan to keep her company. Ryan was a family friend. He grew up with Elena and William. He was also a purebred, from a high family.

He would do anything that William told him. As he was a good friend to the family. Ryan was 5′11 with blonde short hair and brown eyes. He was studying to be a doctor. He would walk around the house wearing a white lab coat. He was there to help Elena with her pureblood wifely duties. Anything she needed, she would ask Ryan and he would do it.

For help with all this, William let Ryan use his lab in the basement to study. Also using Ryan whenever William needed his services for any reason. Elena went along with anything William wanted. Even though at times it was a lot for her to bare. This wasn’t what she was used to.

She was used to being at home Carefree with her family. Able to act and do as she pleased. Remembering back at Green Haven how she and Eric would run the grounds. Go to school and just be themselves. She missed that. She missed Eric. More then she would let on. She craved him so much it burned her inside and out. She would think of him all the time. Feelings and emotions filling her head and body. Dreams of him touching her in exotic ways. Elena’s Vampire setting off flames that she couldn’t control.

Remembering how he would hold her when he fed off of her. How his hands touched her body. She would catch herself thinking these things. Then asking her self why? Why am I thinking of him like this? Why now? What changed? He was like my brother. Yet, I am thinking of him as a man. One I have strong feelings for.

She knew it was wrong. How could she think these things? Not only in general, but while being married to William. She loved William. Yet, there was something missing. Her desire for him wasn’t as high or hot as it was for Eric. All of a sudden, Elena never imagining that would be. William’s touch for awhile set her on fire. Knowing that she got what she desired all her teenage years. Then things weren’t the same, all she kept thinking about was Eric. How they would tell each other everything. How at night he would wrap his arms around her, sinking his fangs into her neck. How she missed that.

How she longed for his tongue on her neck. His bite. His hands. She now knew what sex was, knowing how it could feel and what two people shared. At the time, when she was with Eric, she was still very naive in that. Not knowing very much about it, or even about love. Now that she knows, what it feels like, the thoughts drove her mad.

So mad that at first, when she was feeling the urge, she couldn’t control. She would go to William’s room. Having their own separate rooms by her choice. Taking every ounce of heat from her to him. Using him, until she screwed him raw.

William knew something was wrong. This wasn’t his sweet innocent Elena. When he made love to her for the first time. She had no idea of what to do. She was a virgin on their wedding night. She knew nothing about anything in the manner. He showed her. Now she was something to be reckoned with. She let her Vampire desires take over, not trying to hide them anymore.

He noticed when she would bite him, he wasn’t enough for her. There wasn’t the love bond, that was supposed to be there. Bringing them close as it should be. He wasn’t enough for her in bed either. She wanted something more, something else. Something was missing. He knew she gave her blood away to Eric. That pissed him off, he just kept it to himself. Knowing she was always a very helpful person. Knowing now that they were married, he didn’t have to worry about that anymore, or so he thought.

He did feel that offering her blood to Eric changed the dynamic of there love bond. That maybe if she never gave it to Eric, It would have been stronger between the two. He also knew that the love bond wasn’t the only bond for them to have. It was also supposed to be a sex bond. One bringing them to each other. Wanting and needing the other over everyone else. One that would feed there vampire to the highest. He saw that wasn’t there either.

William knew deep down, she loved Eric. He did his best to keep her away from him. He hid Elena away from everyone, even her family. Not letting her talk or bother with her parents. Who would call and he would say she was busy. Doing his best to keep her his. He loved her, he couldn’t lose her. He knew in time something had to give. But now he would just try his best to keep her his. Even after having their daughter, things seem to get worse instead of better. She wasn’t even going to his bedroom to work out her Desires. Something shifted again. It was pulling her further away from him. Instead of bringing them closer.

He was hoping that their daughter would have done that. It’s why he did it on purpose. He knew in the throes of desire, Elena wouldn’t notice anything. There was no protection. He wanted her to have his baby, a purebred. It would make her linked to him for the rest of his life. Or would it? When she first had Alex, she got overly depressed. She didn’t want the child or William. It just made her feel more trapped, then she was already feeling. Not to mention, she had no one. She felt all alone. Missing Eric above everyone else.

He did his best to get her out of the slump, she was in. Moving her towards the child at least. Hoping that in time She would move closer to him as well.

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